The Tim Preuss Podcast


TimWisconsin’s #1 Libertarian Podcast – Lovers of liberty and haters of political correctness have found their podcast!

Tim Preuss is a 20-something year old political commentator, blogger, talker, musician, bookworm, and weight lifter. Although lacking a formal college degree (something he boasts about), Preuss’ strange brain contains a wealth of knowledge of economics, political science, and philosophy.

Though it was once just a quirky dream of an average young Wisconsinite, the Tim Preuss Podcast finally came into existence in early 2015. Following the recording of a number of solo “test” monologues, Tim released his thoughts out into the world.

The Team

The Preuss Podcast Team has seen new growth in the spring of 2016. Here’s the snippet of the who’s-who –

TimTim Preuss is the founder and host of the Tim Preuss Podcast. He started the show, posts all of the podcast, and is the lead mind behind the direction of the podcast. The Podcast has become an official “LLC”, and Tim is the CEO. Tim is at the top of the chain and the buck stops at his desk.



Mike Burbie was brought on as producer after over a year of recording. In concert with Tim, Mike provides direction for the podcast; offering support for input in the overall product to the listener, as well as the being the manager of Preuss Media LLC.



Ande Macpherson has been a guest of the podcast multiple times, and part-time economics analyst for Preuss Media, but with recent personnel changes, was brought on as the Sunday Morning Co-Host.

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