The Obamacare Hustle: An Unconvincing Justification for Failure


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Political Doublespeak

I have long warned that we are surrounded by healthcare propaganda. A case in point occurred recently when Fox Business host and Fox News contributor Stuart Varney interviewed Obamacare architect and Ivy League physician Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm. (By the way, Emanuel never practiced medicine a day in his life.)

In the interview with Varney, Emanuel demonstrated again what most of us already know: that he is no different – or more honest – than was Jonathan Gruber.

Because of that, his interview with Varney went about as badly for Emanuel as one would expect.

When Varney cornered Emanuel with the broken Obamacare promise to keep healthcare costs from rising, Emanuel admitted that healthcare costs are in fact rising. He explained, however, that whether they are rising isn’t the question. Rather, the question is how fast costs are rising.


Similarly, when Varney reminded Emanuel of their promise to lower healthcare costs, Emanuel claimed they never promised to lower healthcare costs, but rather to control them.

Right. In fact, you did promise to lower costs.

But I’m feeling generous, so bygones. Water under the . . .

Hey, wait! Do you call THIS “cost control,” Emanuel??? Have you looked at a hospital bill lately?

When asked about the high deductibles that are preventing good, insurance-purchasing and taxpaying Americans from obtaining care, Emanuel retorted that high deductible plans “are a conservative idea.”



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An Economic Deception

Just wait. It gets worse.

Business Insider contributor Bob Bryan covered the development in an article published earlier this week.

From the article: “If you didn’t know better, it would appear that healthcare costs are skyrocketing.” (No. Really???)

The article concludes that “prices for healthcare aren’t exactly ballooning.” (Really? I think the American people—me included—see it differently.)

At least Bryan took the time to include a fancy graph charting how “Health Care Services Notably Affect Core PCE Inflation.”

What’s “PCE Inflation,” you ask? Why, it’s “personal consumption expenditure,” you silly goose. (Trust me. I have a graph. It’s even in color. ‘Nuff said.)

Surely you can see how that clears things right up.

You don’t see it? Don’t worry: Neither do I.

Because as long as you and I are paying more money for less benefit, I—in my blissful ignorance of economic science—will continue to call that rising prices and inflation. I will also call it a very bad deal. And as long as the federal government both controls the system and reports its supposed think-tank findings, I will continue to simply look around me for the answers—simple though they may be—that I know to be true in the real world as opposed to the paper world of charts, graphs, and projections.

Like that if you pay more for less, then prices are, most likely, going up. Call me crazy.

All that folks like Emanuel, Gruber, and Bryan are handing us are lies. All of the graphs and economic formulas, and all of the Ivy League education (which, by the way, I have as well) in the world can’t change that.


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Fool me once . . .

This is more of the same Gruber-inspired gobbledygook and economic and political doublespeak that gave you Obamacare in the first place.

Or, as I like to think of it, it is more of the same lies.

You know what they say: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Will you be fooled a second (or third or fourth or fifty-seventh) time?

I certainly hope not. For all our sakes.

Oh, and welcome to Obamacare. I’m sure you’re going to hate it.

Those are my thoughts. Please let me know yours.



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