#RedNation Rising / Star Coaches TRUMP BUS TOUR

DANNY HAMILTON, owner of Star Coaches, one of the nation’s leading rock & roll bus companies, supported DONALD TRUMP from the day he announced he was running for President of the United Stated of America..

In early August 2016, he decided that in the middle of peak touring season, he would take one of his coaches off the schedules and create his own campaign to help elect DONALD TRUMP!

Completely self funded, and without accepting a single penny, the Star Coaches / Red Nation Rising Trump Bus rolled throughout Georgia for nearly 70 days…Danny not only talked the talk, he walked the walk by putting his money where his mouth was…

We worked with our great friend MARK ROWE of Adnormous Graphics for assistance in the exterior wrap design, and we thank them for all their hard work and exceptional quality of work!

Danny was offered thousands of dollars to advertise various companies on the side of the bus…  All were declined…
Joined by DONNA FIDUCIA, WALLACE MATHIS, myself and a host of other hard working Trump supporters, Danny touched every mile of interstate in Georgia, stopping in over 50 cities…  The reception we received was phenomenal!
We also would like to thank all of the Red Nation Rising State Chapter Reps for their dedication and hard work in promoting our travels and destinations throughout our tour…  Invaluable!
In addition, we would like to thank all of the Red Nation Rising Radio Hosts that helped and supported us with interviews and announcements…  Thank you!
We consistently attracted much larger crowds that Hillary’s VP Candidate Tim Kaine could draw!  And many times, crowds larger than would attend a Hillary event…
Over these past two months, we met tens of thousands of great Americans…
Americans that Washington, DC had forgotten…
Americans that politicians and the mainstream media mocked, ridiculed, attacked and labeled as “racists”…
This was our journey… This is the SILENT MAJORITY
“Give Me Back My America” – JOHN BERRY
“Made In America” – TOBY KEITH
“Star Spangled Banner” – MADISON RISING

The Star Coaches / Red Nation Rising Trump Bus

Many of you may know that my full time job is that of Senior Vice President for Star Coaches, Inc., a rock & roll bus company located in Atlanta, GA.

Well, a few months ago, the owner of Star Coaches, Danny Hamilton, came to me with an idea…  Basically, he said:  “Pull one of our coaches off your schedules…  I want to wrap it with a full exterior promotional wrap with Donald Trump for President – Make America Great Again!”


Now, I knew Danny was a “YUGE” Trump supporter, but we are in the middle of peak touring season…  I’m sold out most of June, July, August, September and October…  There are no buses!!  On average, I am currently turning down between 10-20 clients a day…

Danny said, “Figure it out…  Figure out how to free up one coach, and I’m making it a Trump Bus until Election Day!”  So I did just that.

So after flipping my schedules up and down, inside and out, I was able to free up a coach that would be “The Trump Bus”.


The next step was to design the exterior wrap for a 45 foot long, almost 13 foot tall bus.  For that job, we went to our “go to” guy for all of our bus wraps, Mark Rowe, owner of Adnormous Graphics out of Smyrna, GA.  Mark’s team of designers dug in, and created an awesome design!

At one point during the wrap design, Danny said: “Let’s add Red Nation Rising to the design!”  Twist my arm, right?  I was elated!

While we probably didn’t “need” to obtain permission from the Trump camp, we were adamant that we would only move forward if we did receive permission.  Through Donna’s connections within the Trump camp, this took all of about 30 minutes…


I should note that the Star Coaches / Red Nation Rising Trump Bus in no way affiliated with any political candidate, any political campaign, or any political committee.  This is one guy, Danny Hamilton, who is a true American Patriot…  who wants to make America great again…  who is willing to invest his own money and time to make this happen.  He wants nothing from Donald Trump, except to do what he say he will do:  “Make America Great Again!”


Once we dealt with that formality, we were off and running!

We went through about 4 versions of the design until we landed on the one that was perfect.  Mark Rowe, his team of designers and installers worked at break neck speed to get this completed ahead of schedule.  Hat tip:  Adnormous Graphics!

On Friday, October 2, 2016, the Star Coaches / Red Nation Rising Trump Bus made its debut down Peachtree Street in Atlanta, GA, and for the next 68 days, until Election Day, we will roll the bus all over the state of Georgia to do our part to help “Make America Great Again”!


The Red Nation Rising Radio Hosts have been exceptional with their support of this project!  Many thanks to those who discuss the Star Coaches / Red Nation Rising Trump Bus on your shows!

The Red Nation Rising State Representatives are amazing!  Thank you for your strong promotion of the Star Coaches / Red Nation Rising Trump Bus on social media!

And now for the response after less than two weeks of rolling around Georgia…  AMAZING!!


I cannot tell you how many “thumbs up” we get as we roll down the road…  Not matter where we park the bus, people flock to it to take photos, and most importantly, to discuss how important it is that we RESTORE AMERICA!

We have met so many wonderful people…  People that Hillary Clinton has labeled “deplorable”…  People that the mainstream media mock and make fun of on a nightly basis…


It has been very inspiring to meet so many young (or as Donna would say ‘YOOTS’) people that support Trump…  These millennials are politically astute and they are fully behind Donald Trump!

If you listen to the mainstream media, you’d think that the only Black Americans voting for Donald Trump are Red Nation Rising Radio show hosts:  Kevin Jackson, Stanley Levy, Wayne Dupree, Larry Stevenson and Ken McClenton…  Complete B.S.!  The support for Trump from Black Americans is awesome!


Same holds true for Hispanic Americans…  Asian Americans…  And the support from America’s Veterans is overwhelming!  The support from Law Enforcement has been unbelievable!

Now, don’t get me wrong…  We have had our share of “the middle finger” displayed in our general direction…  Mostly by young Liberal pukes who look like they play video games in their parent basements seven days a week!


As I said before, until Election Day, we are rolling the Star Coaches / Red Nation Rising Trump Bus all over the state of Georgia.  We will appear at public events, festivals, malls, sporting events and of course we will be there for any Trump / Pence events in Georgia!

We are posting in both Twitter and Facebook as to our locations and stop points, so we hope if you are around, that you will come visit with us!

If you have any events in Georgia that you would like to have the Star Coaches / Red Nation Rising Trump Bus be a part of, please email us at:  CowboyLogicRadio@gmail.com with all the details, and we will do our best to fit that into our tour schedule!


Those who take photos next to the bus, please remember to use the hashtag #RedNationRising when you post them to social media!

Let’s just get after it people!