Ron Boat says Happy Mother’s Day

OK, maybe it’s a given that everyone should express and enjoy a holiday such as this or Father’s Day. But not everyone has the opportunity to do so, Having recently lost my father, I know the impact it will have come June 18th. And while I still have my mother, many don’t.

To remember and celebrate our family is paramount in a civil society. In Asian cultures, generations of ancestors are remembered and revered. Taking a day out to expressly honor a parent is part of who we are.

And maybe this is part of a bigger problem as we move toward the continuing development of our society. How many don’t even know their fathers, or mothers through whatever process of abandonment, neglect, death etc.? Without a cohesive family unit binding our nation together, we are a collection of lost souls randomly wondering through life alone without the glue of love and support that helps all of us to grow and develop.

This has long been the discussion of the black community where nearly 74% of kids are born out of a marriage unit and that has led to societal ramifications of crime, incarceration, dysfunction, welfare, and generational shortcomings and missed opportunities. All races have their problems but in general, aiding and promoting the proper and desired quality of a family unit is paramount to the long term survival and betterment of our country.

And to those of the gay community that feel a day such as this slights their position of a “parent?” ¬†GROW UP. Not everything in life is about you. If there are 2 daddies or mommies…. then celebrate twice but don’t try to diminish our traditions to change the world to your ideology of uniqueness, diversity and difference. There’re well founded reasons and a place for established societal customs.

Here’s wishing everyone a day of relaxation, peace, love and joy in their family settings whether expressed in person, or through a medium less personal – yet just as meaningful.



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Ron Boat

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