Ron Boat is Miffed, Pissed & Waiting

I’ve generally been known as an easy going, fun loving, accepting and understanding guy. I try not to get overly passionate about worrying over many things as there’s generally nothing you can do and it’s easier to be aware and go along with the flow until something is really an emergency.

But I’m reaching that point where it’s time that our government’s representatives and senators and other leaders really took our lives seriously and did their job.

I could have added disappointed to the title above but to be be disappointed you have to have expectations and I’ve given up expecting anything efficient or positive from these people – only hoping that I might be surprised.

For eight years they sit whining about BarryCare and then when the time comes, they can’t pass a great replacement putting it off from a first attempt to last week. ¬†Another half-hearted attempt at leading with a slim vote of 217 – 213. Even 20 Republicans didn’t go along and of course for pretty much partisan reasons, 100% of the Dimms didn’t.

You’d think people would come together to lead with the best interest of the public in mind but instead lean on party ideology to rule their actions.

I guess the overall process of the government has become tainted to most Americans as we see little being done, no responsibility for inaction, no rhyme or reason for their thinking other than personal or party selfishness, no long term plan, only wasted time spent on things that should be more obviously addressed.

I know that President Trump is no Savior, no Messiah come from the hills to save us from our political plight, and yet, at least he’s trying to get things done, move forward and make a difference. He’s taking action and unfortunately is lacking the support of even his own party.

There’s too much wishy washy going on. Paul Ryan is a joke. He rallies against Trump during the election, He supports then backs off then winds up leading the charge for new healthcare. I’m not sure where he stands on things and I never trust people that smile too much.

We need serious people that care about their job, think and make a difference – not sit around collecting nice paychecks, retirement options and benefits. Congress was never meant to be a career or pathway to riches. But it’s happening at our expensive expense.

So, this is my rant for this week as I consider the direction of this country and the real, truthful efforts being made on our behalf by those who wear the pins. We wasting time when we could be making progress in many areas of technology, medicine, our economy and life long pursuits.

Until I see real progress from Congress, till I see real work and dedication to their chosen “career”, I’ll just remain miffed, pissed and waiting.



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Ron Boat

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