Ron Boat chats with Suzanne Shattuck – Part 1

A while back I was wondering though different shows here on RNR and was struck by one very strong and passionate personality. In a world of men dominated radio hosts, Suzanne Shattuck puts forth such energy and strength that others could learn a lesson from her.

She spoke of views, ideas and ideals that aligned with mine, and I had not heard many express on the open airwaves. I’m not easily impressed, but after talking with her, I found her to be an exceptional lady of great experience with a strong love for this country, life and putting forth the truth.

This is part 1 of 2 segments discussing the important considerations of our time and where America might, or might not be headed. And what can we do about it.


RB – Suzanne, you certainly had a middle American start on life growing up on a farm in Virginia with middle America lifestyle and values. Did that form a basis for your thinking and conservative direction, or did it really develop later on? Did family and faith play a part in your conservative thinking or did you become disgusted over time as you grew up? And has that hunger for truth always been a part of your inner core?

SS – Most definitely, my growing up on a farm had everything to do with my more conservative way of thinking, as well as my family’s strong faith in God. My childhood, for the most part was spent on my grandparent’s farm since my parents built a home on the end of their property. More days than not, I would be hiking in the woods and through the fields many times ending up at my grandparent’s home and not being allowed to leave until I ate something!

I can remember working in the garden, hay field, or potato patch and looking forward to the dinner break, which was usually served around 1-2 o’clock in the afternoon. My grandmother was an awesome cook and added at least 1 ½ cups of sugar to every pitcher of iced tea. Often while eating, my grandfather would reach up and flick the radio on to Rush Limbaugh. Rush made a lasting impression on me as I remember listening to him regularly for over twenty-two years.

My family was always involved in church. Later, when I was in middle-school, my parents switched from a Brethren to an Independent Baptist church. This new church actually had people carrying their Bibles into the worship center and studied them intensely on Sunday morning and night, then again on Wednesdays. It was quite a change, but I found myself coming into a more personal relationship with Jesus at that time. It would turn out to be a good thing for me as it was also about that time I was experimenting with partying and alcohol in high school.

Thankfully my parents saw that I needed a little help in making wiser decisions and abruptly placed me in the Christian school associated with the church. It was there that I found some great friends and learned you can have fun in high school without getting in trouble and drinking alcohol. Instead, many of my new friends loved to scope out our teachers’ or other friends’ homes to decorate with toilet paper. We got pretty creative and always did a superb job. It also helped that one of my friends was the janitor/night security at a large business. He used to donate heavily to our paper products required for these missions. That friend continues to work at this same company and to this day I believe he is one of the executives.

RB –   Being a military wife and having the opportunity to experience that living and working environment, did you see a strong patriotic dedication over the years? Were there changes in the way the military, that you were exposed to, that indicated a social influence or did the enlisted and officer corps show more patriotism than compliance with some “social” agenda? How would you compare it to the last few years of our military command under Obama?

SS – Again, I must credit my parents for setting the tone for my patriotism that has been strong for as long as I have memories. They taught my brothers, sister and myself; love of freedom, respect for our founding fathers, honesty, forgiveness, hard work, and a desire for the truth. There was frequent talk of current events and politics of the day. Most all of my immediate and extended family were Republicans and hardworking individuals, because they took care of farms as well as having other jobs in the community. I can remember going to Republican Dinners and listening to speeches from local elected officials, even standing in line to see Dan Quayle come through the little city’s airport where I grew up. I am blessed to say I had a wonderful childhood.

Being a military wife increased my understanding of how this small section of the population sacrifices their lives in numerous ways to keep America free. I must say much of the sacrifice is given by the children of those in active duty as they never really experience being able to sink roots down anywhere, thus being denied a feeling of grounding and solidity. Being a military wife enabled me to be around so many Americans who respected our freedom enough to dedicate their lives to the protection of it. I have many vivid memories of driving on Army posts when “Retreat” would play over the loud speakers. This indicated the flag was being lowered. It is custom to stop your car, even in the middle of the street, get out, place your hand over your heart while facing the direction of the flagpole. You were to remain silent for the remainder of the playing of “To the Colors.” It was always a reminder of what that flag stood for. My children remember that as well, and it is something that will never be taken from them.

As a military wife of an officer, I probably had more opportunity appreciate a growing political correctness towards the end of my former husband’s career. I think this also was more apparent to me as I was becoming well read in the area of the Global Islamic movement and more specifically with the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood here in America. I definitely witnessed the deference to the women in the military and a sharp rise in sexual harassment cases within the ranks which lead to sensitivity training, the same kind of training that is going on now for transgender and other minority groups. It is sad to see the decline of morale in the military largely due to the social experiment it has turned into.

RB – You just recently entered the world of radio broadcasting?

SS – Yes, I just started broadcasting my show called, “Wide Awake” on The name comes from my website, “I’m Wide Awake” at I chose the name as a way of letting our enemies know that what they are doing in plain sight isn’t fooling me. Many of our elected officials, Hollywood, MSM, the Left, and Islamic leaders continue to attempt to lull Americans back to sleep so they can continue chipping away at our freedoms. The name of my show and those who listen to me aren’t going to fall for it. In addition before anyone moves to protect freedom they have to wake up to what is going on.

Don Neuen was very instrumental in bringing me out of my shell and offering and encouraging me to write, to speak. It was he and his wife, Donna Fiducia, who gave me the opportunity at radio. I really never planned on doing any of this, but doors kept opening to me and I trusted God to walk through them.

I don’t feel like I have anything special to offer. I am simply filling a void that exists because so many are silent about what threatens our liberties here at home. And one of those main threats is the Islamic movement. It exists here in this country though because Americans have lost their identity. Many fail to remember our roots, grounded in not just freedom, but God-given freedom.  We are not passing that on to the children, which over time is showing us vulnerable. America is not too big to fall. It took the lives of many to purchase the freedom we enjoy, and we cannot expect to keep it without fighting to preserve it.

RB –  And what pushed you into such an arena of ever changing, competitive verbal dog fights and exhaustive energy to keep up with shifting political landscape?

SS – I always think about Rush talking about how healthy it is to have a free exchange of ideas. Growing up, I remember debating a lot with my grandfather on my father’s side. He grew up in New York, actually in the city during the Great Depression. He loved to discuss religion and politics all day long. So, he was also a big influence in my desire to find the truth and to openly question and ponder issues both past and present.

RB –  As we discussed, I first ran into you by finding your show here on Red Nation Rising, and felt I had to connect with you because you exhibited such passion and drive for your subjects. Where did all this drive and craving for truth develop from?

SS – I believe ultimate truth is of God, so I believe searching for it is a drive He places in your heart. In regards to my subject, I went to a gathering in 2010, down on River Street in Savannah, Georgia where Ralph Reed was going to speak. Somewhere in the lineup was a wife of an Army Ranger who also had 4 children. She spoke with much passion and her topic was the Islamic movement. This sparked my interest because ever since 9/11 I was curious about who these terrorists were and what made them attack us. I ended up becoming friends with her and another local lady who also was passionate about educating others as to this growing threat in our country.

RB – Because you have such energy for your views, do you find push back from other media, friends or listeners because you’re so steadfast in your beliefs and truth laden topics?

SS –  Yes, in fact my intensity probably is off putting to some who literally have no idea of the seriousness of this issue. It can seem very foreign when you first start to understand it. I am very active on Facebook and find occasionally some who vociferously disagree with me. I am fine with anyone wanting to debate the facts, and I don’t consider myself an expert so I am willing to learn from others who can back up their arguments with facts. What I do not tolerate is name calling and shooting the messenger type tactics. Usually those are the left leaning folks whose arguments are based in emotion.


Next time, we’ll talk about day-to-day politics, General Mattis, Trump, the Qur’an  and more. Don’t miss her show here on Red Nation Rising, Sundays at 7 EST on the Justice network.

Thanks to Suzanne for sharing her views.



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