How to Listen

How to Listen to Red Nation Rising Radio

It's easy to listen from both your computer (Mac or PC) or from your smartphone (iPhone and Android).

TuneInRed Nation Rising Radio is also available via TuneIn using the website or the TuneIn app for smartphones. Simply search for "Red Nation Rising" and each stream will be available.

Listening On Your Computer

To Listen on your computer, follow the below images and instructions.

Listening On Your Mobile Device

The RNRR player can act as an application for smart devices as well. Scroll down to get more information on using your smart device to listen to the stations.

Visit the Red Nation Rising Radio website at:

Computer and Online Listening

The Red Nation Rising Radio Network utilizes a unique player.  This player can be used in multiple ways.  We'll first describe using this simple player via the Red Nation Rising website.

Once on the site, you'll see a common header logo and the Listen Live logo.


Click on the Listen Live logo.

Listen Live

Upon clicking on the logo, a pop-up window will appear with the Red Nation Rising Radio player included.  This is what it will look like.  Note: Clicking on the logo should bring up the player automatically.  Pop-up blocking software should not affect this action.


Several items of note:

  • The player will NOT begin playing automatically.
  • There are several buttons and logos on the player that will be described in this help text.
  • There are other icons in the bottom right that will allow a user to use another player to listen to the stream.

The player will likely start on the last channel that you listened to. The channel name is in the logo.  To select a new channel, simply click on the menu stack in the top right.  Drop down the menu and click the new channel.  The CURRENT channel will be bright, any other channel will be dimmed or subdued.


Once a new channel has been chosen, you'll need to click on the START arrow to begin playing that station.

Reminder: No station will begin playing automatically.


To post the currently playing show to your social media accounts (Facebook and/or Twitter), simply click on the show's logo.


Click on the chosen icon to bring up the post dialog.


Adjust the comment as you see fit and then click the button to submit.


Listening With Your Mobile Device

Listening to Red Nation Rising Radio with your mobile device is easy!  The player can double as an app that resides on your device's home screen.

On your mobile device's browser, go to  The player will automatically appear in the browser. This is the same player as described above in the Computer and Online instructions.  All functions are exactly the same.


To switch to a different stream/channel, tap the menu stack in the top right.  A drop-down menu of channels will appear. Choose the new channel.


Note: The CURRENT channel name in the drop-down will be highlighted. All other channels will be dim. Additionally, the CURRENT channel name will be in the logo in the top left.


To share what you're listening to on social media, tap the logo of the show.  You'll receive a Facebook and a Twitter icon.


Tap on either icon.  You'll receive the submit screen for your account (in this case, Twitter).  Edit the information and tap the button to send it on its way.


To add an icon for the player to your mobile device's home screen (iPhone in this case), tap the SHARE menu icon in the middle bottom of the browser window, then choose ADD TO HOME SCREEN.


The browser will then provide you with an icon and the ability to change the name to whatever you like.  In the image below, the name was changed to RNRR Radio.  Once complete, tap the ADD in the top right.


From this point forward, it's as easy as tapping the Red Nation Rising Radio player icon on your home screen to fire up the player and begin listening.