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RNR_Site_Square_LargeRed Nation Rising started from a single Tweet using a hashtag.  There is, in fact, a time and place for everything.  And now it's our time.

Red Nation Rising has grown to what many well-pedigreed authorities describe as the largest grassroots organization in the country.  Maybe we are.  We are certainly up for the challenge.

Red Nation Rising is approaching TWENTY (20) BILLION Social Media Impressions.  To put that into perspective, a big brand organization might spend tens of millions of dollars to make that impact.  Even if they did, it would not be grassroots and organic.  We are.

Our Main Twitter Account thrives.  There are 50 State Accounts crushing it.  The hashtag normally generates 5,000 Tweets per day... and we don't use bots.  Our Vine recently hit one million loops.  The Facebook Team is putting out truly insightful posts.  The Social Community contributes some of the best memes you see.  

We are humbled by the "Red Nation Rising Effect."  The narrative HAS changed.  Social media is where it's at and we're cutting that edge so the biased mainstream media LOSES their stranglehold.  This is it.  Keep rising.

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