Red State Town Hall – Encore

From Ron Phillips –  Owner and Operations Manager for Red Nation Rising Radio.

As many of you know, in February 2016, many of the hosts and principals here on Red Nation Rising Radio lost a dear friend, business partner, mentor and colleague… Mr. Premo Mondone.

At the request of his daughters, Adriana, Laura and Christina, and in keeping with our commitment to carrying the torch, all of us at Red Nation Rising Radio would like to honor his legacy with a weekly replay of his radio show, Red State Town Hall.

Red Nation Rising Radio is proud to continue that legacy and it is a great honor that we present to you these encore presentations of Red State Town Hall, run in their entirety, with Promo Mondone and longtime co-host Ken Brown.

Join hosts Premo Mondone and Ken Brown for a look at the world from a decidedly Red State point of view.

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