Red Nation Rising

JAMES “JIM” LYSAGHT is the founder and creator of Twitter’s Red Nation Rising, more specifically, #RedNationRising.

Red Nation Rising started four days after Obama”s re-election in 2012 from a single Tweet using the #RedNationRising hashtag and three weeks later that was the Number One Twitter trend in the entire World.

24 BILLION Social Media Impressions later, Red Nation Rising is a viral Internet and Social Media phenomenon which has transitioned to serious and effective national, grassroots organization.

There is a libertarian and conservative communications revolution happening on new, digital, social media and it”s happening from the bottom up, grassroots, organically.  These can be dark and depressing times, but Main Street USA finally has a competitive voice to traditional mainstream media outlets and it’s screaming at all hours, twenty-four seven, “We want our country back!”

With Red Nation Rising”s highly influential Twitter and Facebook presence through its social community, plus a platform which extends beyond the social networks through effective Red Red Nation Rising Chapter Leaders, we have a growing credibility which routinely results in media credentials at major events.

We love working with other groups to wake people up and take back America.

Little did he know his single tweet would inspire a Red Nation Rising movement.  With almost 24 BILLION organic Social Media Impressions since that first tweet, Red Nation Rising continues to grow with 100,000+ contributors.

James is both humbled and thrilled by the Red Nation Rising grassroots army of Social Warriors dominating social channels.

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