Election Rigging and Blue Dem Double Standards

At this point in American history, Democrats have trademarked hypocrisy and double standards. This has manifested in a plethora of ways from name calling to refusing to accept the results of the election and so on. Leftists have now reached a new low by suggesting that Putin and the Russians rigged the election in President Elect Trump’s favor while vehemently disregarding any claims of election tampering prior to Mr. Trump’s victory.

During the election, Mr. Trump suggested that potential fraud existed in Mrs. Clinton’s favor. When you consider that dead people are registered to vote and election machines are altering votes from Trump/Pence to Clinton/Kaine, the allegation holds precedence. However, Democrats completely dismissed the issue and labeled Mr. Trump as fear mongering and delusional.

While campaigning at a Hillary For America event in Miami Gardens, Florida, President Obama said the following: “When you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people’s mind about the legitimacy of our elections, that undermines our democracy. Then you are doing the work of our adversaries for them.” It is most unfortunate that Mr. Obama does not hold this same view after seeing his party crash and burn on November 8th.

Fast forward a month and a half later and the rhetoric of the Left has utterly contrasted. The same President who lectured about “sowing seeds of doubt about the legitimacy of elections,” also stated that the United States would “retaliate” against Russians for “meddling in the election.” There’s never been a situation more fitting for the phrase “sour grapes.”

In an Oprah interview, Michelle Obama said, “We’re feeling what not having hope feels like.” I, along with my fellow Patriots, beg to differ. We do feel hope. We feel more hope than we’ve felt in eight years. We feel hope that our current President-Elect will reverse the damaging policies that have caused taxes to skyrocket, home ownership rates to plummet, and food stamp recipients to increase. Democrats really believed that they were going to easily win this election. They were beaten big league and now their heads are exploding.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time that the Left has used Putin and the Russians as a scapegoat when things were not going in their direction. At the second Presidential debate, Mrs. Clinton implied that Wikileaks were a result of Russian hackers. This has been proven to be false by Craig Murray, a Wikileaks operative, who revealed that appalled Democrats were behind the leaks, not the Russians.

Interestingly enough, when Republicans lose elections, unlike Democrats, we don’t throw tantrums. When Obama won in 2008 and 2012, we didn’t riot, make false claims of hate crimes, or claim that a foreign leader rigged the elections. We accepted the results like mature adults and went to work the next day.

Leftists still fail to grasp that they are responsible for their loss. A Muslim woman was recently arrested for lying about being the victim of a hate crime perpetrated by Trump supporters. Hollywood actress, Lisa Edelstein used Alan Thicke’s death to take a classless shot at the President-Elect. “Seems everyone’s checking out before the Trumpocalypse,” she tweeted. This nonsense is what millions of Americans voted against. As long as the Blue Dems promote racism, division, hatred, and fear mongering, they will always lose.

Gabrielle Seunagal is a young, outspoken conservative woman.  Passionate about politics and currently residing in Alpharetta, Georgia, Gabrielle is a Republitarian/Constitutionalist Red Nation Rising Contributor and writes editorial/opinion articles.  On Twitter she is @ClassySnobbb.


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Gabrielle Seunagal

Gabrielle Seunagal is a young, outspoken conservative woman. Passionate about politics and currently residing in Alpharetta, Georgia, Gabrielle is a Republitarian/Constitutionalist Red Nation Rising Contributor and writes editorial/opinion articles. On Twitter she is @ClassySnobbb.