Red Nation Rising recognizes the value of an informed electorate.  It is an absolute prerequisite for maintaining our freedom.  After nearly 50 years of leftist, progressive rot and federal control of our educational system, our society is woefully uninformed about history, our Constitution, our system of government, economics, philosophy, and civics.  Many lack the necessary critical thinking skills to discern the rampant propaganda which often masquerades as fact in the media today. 
At Red Nation Rising we are committed to reversing this trend.  The following pages include the best resources available for learning all the basics necessary to have a strong understanding of our country and its foundation, as well as honing the critical thinking skills needed to engage in logical debate.  We encourage you to take some time and check out our extensive collection of excellent links.  Even those who are well-read are sure to find something of interest to enjoy.  Many of the recommended books are older, written before the modern era of political correctness and agenda-driven textbooks.