The Creation of Red Nation Rising Radio

On February 26, 2016, excitement was in the air!

Months of planning for CPAC was about to turn into a reality.  For the first time in history, numerous talk radio show hosts from Red State Talk Radio were about to converge on Washington, DC in a unified manner to make a huge presence at the big convention.

The artwork was all complete.  Hotel reservations had been made.  Flights had been booked.  Thousands of dollars had been spent on a highly visible RSTR booth that would provide as the “command post” for no less than a dozen show hosts to work out of to promote the network and their shows.  And we were going to broadcast live from CPAC for three hours each day!  We were ready to ROCK!

Then…  On February 27, 2016, one day later, I received the news that my dear friend and partner with Red State Talk Radio, Premo Mondone had suddenly passed away of heart attack.  I was completely numb.

For nearly a year, Premo and I had worked together, day in and day out, to develop Red State Talk Radio into what was rapidly becoming the “dominant force in Conservative Internet talk radio.”

When we flipped the switch and merged our two networks in June 2015, the two of us were putting in a combined 90 hours a week with programming, production, promotion, social media, and management of the network.  And in a blink of an eye, Premo was gone.

The loss of my friend was devastating.  The loss of my partner at RSTR was overwhelming.  It was impossible for me to assume both roles and maintain my career at the same time.

Needless to say, three days later, when we arrived at CPAC, the excitement was no longer in the air.  Would we be able to continue the network?  Did we want to?  And when could I slow down long enough to mourn the loss of my friend?

The collective decision was made at CPAC to add new individuals to the management team to assume the responsibilities that Premo had been handling.  Sadly, due to severe differences with the new members of the management team, Donna and I resigned from RSTR on April 12, 2016.

Shortly after our resignation, quite a few show hosts departed RSTR in what could be described as a “mass exodus”.

At that point, Donna and I made the firm decision that the only way we would remain in talk radio was if we were able to continue and bring back integrity to the legacy of Premo Mondone.  We also had many conversations with Premo’s daughters, who also desired the legacy of their father to be carried on with love and integrity.

Then came the phone call from Gene Berardelli, host of Behind Enemy Lines, and one of the many casualties after our resignation from RSTR.

Gene wanted to hold a conference with me, Donna, Scott James (WDDQ / WJHC / WSFB), and a guy named Jim Lysaght (Red Nation Rising).  The purpose of the conference call was to discuss the possibilities of creating a new Internet based Conservative talk radio network that would be directly linked to the social media phenomenon #RedNationRising.

After about 15 minutes into the conversation, I knew I was interested in participating.  The enthusiasm was there…  The excitement was there…  The quality people were there…  And most importantly, the most frequently used word was “WE”, not “ME” or “I”…  It was “WE”!  That told me that this could be a true team!  I was all for it!

But there was a seriously critical player that was missing from this team…  The person that would hold the reigns just like Premo did…  A program manager…  An operations manager…  I knew the perfect guy for the role!  Ron Phillips..

I had met Ron shortly after Premo’s death, and had the chance to get to know him well after our resignation from RSTR.  His work ethic was second to none.  His commitment to excellence was second to none.  And he had integrity!

After we unanimously decide to add Ron to the team, we all took off running!  Red Nation Rising Radio was born!

So much had to be accomplished in so little time…  With a July 4th launch date, we only had a matter of months to accomplish an enormous amount of work.

I cannot count the number of conference calls that took place discussing logistics, technical issues, programming, website creation, artwork, promotional videos, it was a monumental undertaking to say the least!

The support of the Red Nation Rising community and the hardworking RNR state representatives has been invaluable…  You all are truly amazing, and I am honored to be a part of your world and I am grateful for the warm welcome you have each extended to Donna and me…  Thank you!

As I am writing this post, the launch will take place in 4 short hours…

I look back at the hundreds of phone conversations, all the planning, the implementation, the problem solving, the revisions after revisions after revisions to “make it just right” for you, our audience, and I sit here proud to have been a part of what I will refer to as “the NEW dominant force in Conservative Internet Talk Radio”  –  Red Nation Rising Radio!

Ladies and Gentlemen, you really would not believe the massive amount of work that went in to creating and launching this network and website for you.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy all that we have done, and will continue to do, to help restore America from the destruction that is taking place.

Please spread the word about Red Nation Rising Radio.  Please use the educational side of the website.  And remember…

Every Tweet you make…  Every post your make…  Every blog you write…  Include #RedNationRising…

Now, what ya say we just get after it!  Let’s ROCK!!

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Toni Hampton