Breitbart News Daily: Trump’s New General

On the Tuesday edition of Breitbart News Daily, broadcast live on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 from 6AM to 9AM Eastern, Breitbart Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle will continue our discussion of President Trump’s first 100 days. Lindsay Walters, the Deputy White House Press Secretary, will discuss Trump’s choice of Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as his new National Security Advisor. Breitbart National Security Editor Frances Martel will also weigh in on McMaster, as well as a study showing that Venezuelans have lost an average of 19 lbs. over the past year due to the lack of food. Legal analyst Philip Holloway will discuss ICE enforcement and how Trump’s new immigration executive order might look. Holloway is a former prosecutor and police officer and founder of the Holloway Law Group, which focuses on criminal law, police law, and civil and administrative litigation. Eric Wertheim, a defense consultant and author of The Naval Institute Guide to Combat Fleets of the World, will discuss the Russian intelligence ship patrolling 30 miles off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia. Live from London, Rome, and Jerusalem, Breitbart correspondents will provide updates on the latest international news. Breitbart News Daily is the first live, conservative radio enterprise to

Iran Buying War Torn Syria Real Estate, Pipelines Abound

Damascus, Syria is known as the city of Jasmine. It is rich in religious history including Christians, Jews and Muslims. If there is any question about how Iran is advancing their power in the region to include Syria and eventually erasing history, then read on. Now?  AFP BEIRUT: Syrian government forces fired rockets at a […]

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Ron Boat & Andrew Nagorski go Nazi Hunting…. Trip 1

In the course of my work I’m fortunate to meet, and work with, some fabulous people. Interesting people with diverse backgrounds, lives of accomplishment, even intrigue. Over the last couple of years I’ve had the chance to interact with such a person – Andrew Nagorski. One of the most fascinating people I’ve ever talked with. [You can read his more complete bio is HERE.]

In light of today’s ongoing journalistic fiasco with the media, I present this interview, as it shows what takes place in the process of reporting world events, and the lengths that a good reporter will go to in order to get a true, in-depth and honest story for his readers.

Andrew Nagorski is an award-winning journalist and author who spent more than three decades as a foreign correspondent and editor for Newsweek.

From January 2000 to July 2008, Nagorski served as senior editor for Newsweek International, handling the editorial cooperation between the parent magazine and its expanding network of foreign language editions, launched during his tenure. Newsweek Arabic in 2000; Newsweek Polska, in 2001; Newsweek Russia in 2004; and Newsweek Argentina in 2006. Nagorski has been honored three times by the Overseas Press Club for his reporting.

He was Berlin bureau chief from 1996 to 1999, providing in-depth reporting about Germany. From Berlin, Nagorski also covered Central Europe, taking advantage of his long experience in the region and his knowledge of Polish, Russian, and German.

From 1990 to 1994, he served as Newsweek’s Warsaw bureau chief, and he served two tours as Newsweek’s Moscow bureau chief. In 1982, he gained international notoriety when the Soviet government, angry about his enterprising reporting, expelled him from the country. After spending the next two and a half years as Rome bureau chief, he became Bonn bureau chief.

From 1978 to 1980, Nagorski was the Hong Kong-based Asian regional editor for Newsweek International and then as Hong Kong Bureau Chief.

In 2009, Poland’s Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski presented Nagorski with the newly created Bene Merito award for his reporting from Poland about the Solidarity movement in the 1980s. In 2011, Poland’s President Bronislaw Komorowski awarded him the Cavalry Cross for the same reason. In 2014, Poland’s former President and Solidarity leader Lech Walesa presented the “Lech Walesa Media Award” to Nagorski “for dedication to the cause of freedom and writing about Poland’s history and culture.”

In our discussions, I had an opportunity to delve into some background as well as talk about his most recent book, “The Nazi Hunters,” a detailed account of the worldwide search for those who tortured, maimed and massacred in the name of the German Fatherland. You’ll find his book here on Amazon.

This is the first of two parts on our interview journey.

RB – So many of us go to school, learn a trade or follow in family footsteps, finding a comfortable path of interest, but rarely do people venture out, following another route to more exciting careers. What motivated you to step out and take the course you did?

AN – First, for me it was part of what my father did. He was a risk taker, brought up in Poland, studied law and then Germany attacked Poland in ’39. As a soldier, he and other Polish soldiers were ordered to report to POW camps. He escaped instead, traveling by foot with others and eventually winding up in Paris then Britain. After the war when I was born, my parents came to the United States as political refugees. He started a small news service focusing on life behind the Iron Curtain, and then joined the U.S. foreign service. When I was growing up we lived in Cairo, Seoul and Paris. So I was exposed to many places and cultures, and hearing a lot about the war and history. I also grew up bilingual, since my parents made sure that we spoke Polish at home.

It was probably only natural that I majored in history in college and then was attracted to journalism as a profession. Right after college I spent three years teaching high school social studies. But I then jumped at the opportunity to do a “try out” at Newsweek that developed into a full time job.

RB – And did writing books then naturally follow as an extension of your reporting?

AN – In my case, it did. Writing for a magazine or a newspaper, you’re forced to compress your stories and leave out some of things you find really interesting. You leave out the back story and wish you had more space to develop it. In the back of my mind I always wanted to write a book. In ’82 I was expelled from the Soviet Union because the Kremlin didn’t like my reporting; as a result I became the story as sometimes happens with reporters. I was disappointed not to stay but saw an opportunity to write a first-person account of my impressions of the Soviet Union and that became my first book.

My next book focused on the transformation of Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary after the collapse of communism, something I also witnessed firsthand as a reporter.

But living in places like Moscow, Berlin, Bonn and Warsaw, I was also constantly confronted with the legacy of the war and the Holocaust and the question of how Germany could ever have been taken over by Hitler and his Nazi movement. I still had the opportunity to interview many people who had lived through that era, and I began writing books on those subjects.

RB – In your positions you’ve seen many events that shaped the world, met many people that participated in, watched the growth or destruction of societies. From Steven Spielberg to Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, tennis legend Boris Becker to Kurt Waldheim. In their presence, did you get a true look into their political and societal soul, or were they so influenced by their positions, politics and affiliations that the true person wasn’t doing the interview?

AN – It’s always a challenge to interview major figures, since they are usually careful about how they answer your questions. They can appear very scripted. But if you got to know someone before they rose to a top position, you have a better chance of breaking through the talking points. For instance, I interviewed Lech Walesa, when the Solidarity movement he led was still struggling against repression. When it triumphed in 1989 and he became Poland’s first freely elected president, I could still talk to him more informally than others could who were interviewing him for the first time. The same was true of Vaclav Havel, the dissident playwright who led the “Velvet Revolution” in Czechoslovakia

It’s also interesting to do interviews with rising starts in other fields.

In Monte Carlo I interviewed Boris Becker when he was 19; he was already the number 2 ranked tennis player in the world and it was easy to forget how young he still was. When I completed our interview, he stretched his arms and I could see that he had been sweating. I realized that he had been more nervous about the interview than I was, although he was the star and I just the journalist. He could go out and beat the best tennis players in the world, but he was still a kid and nervous about talking to a representative of a major news organization.

RB – During your time in the field for Newsweek and others, you certainly had your time behind a desk, researching and writing. But when those assignments demanded the more involved, clandestine, even dangerous times; being followed by the KGB, or shedding the watchful eye of the government police intent on denying you a secret interview with Bujak, the leader of the Polish underground; did you feel the intrigue, the threats, the dangers, or were you so focused on the story as the centerpiece of your thinking?

AN – You always want to get the story but part of the story is getting the interview, and you can’t help but be affected by the tension surrounding it. Ron, you mentioned the meeting with the leader of the underground Solidarity movement, Zbigniew Bujak, who was the most wanted man in Poland at the time. They had imposed martial law and he was on the run.

I was approached by Solidarity activists and asked if I wanted an interview with Bujak; I said sure but I don’t want to bring the secret police to his door and have him arrested. They said don’t worry about that – be at this corner at 6 pm and someone will come by and give you a signal and you follow them. We went through a courtyard and out a door, jumped in a car that pulled up, drove around the city, got out again and went through another courtyard and into another car, and so forth until they were sure no one could be tailing us. We wound up at an apartment building on the outskirts of Warsaw and I was brought to an upper floor apartment and had a 3 hour interview with Bujak. I was excited and a bit nervous, but mainly because I did not want to endanger Bujak.

In part 2 we’ll hunt Adolf Eichmann in South America, travel with Pope John Paul II and touch on the ISIS/Nazi connection.

My thanks to Andrew for his friendship and taking an extra amount of time to talk about an extraordinary life filled with adventure, history and intrigue.

In pursuit of good reading from quality research, I’m confident you would enjoy a view of history from Andrew Nagorski. A real-life review from the ground where it all happened.


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

George Santayana, 1863-1952 / The Life of Reason: The Phases of Human Progress  (Cir. 1905)




NBC’s Tur to GOP Rep Rooney: ‘I Don’t Know What You’re Referring To’ With Obama Promising Russia ‘More Flexibility’

UPDATE: After the show, Tur addressed the moment on Twitter, saying, “To be fair, I didnt [sic] touch politics in 2012. I almost exclusively covered fires and shootings in NYC area.” She added, “And I’d rather be honest about what I know and don’t know in the moment. Got off air, did the research, then talked about it at 5pm on MTPD.” Tur did reference the “flexibility” comments while hosting “MTP Daily” later in the day. During an interview with Representative Francis Rooney on Monday’s “MSNBC Live,” host Katy Tur stated that she didn’t know what Rooney was referring to when he referenced (with an incorrect retelling of which Russian Obama was speaking to) President Obama telling Russia, “After my election, I have more flexibility.” Rooney said that we’ll have to see what President Trump “does, not just what he says.” And that Putin is “a serious character” that “we need to deal forcefully with.” He later predicted that Trump would be “firm” with Russia. Rooney added that he didn’t know what Trump meant with his comments that the US has killers as well, and “I definitely think we need to protect the Baltics, and some of the talk of moving

The JPOA, Billions Given by Obama to Iran Results in Huge Profits

Remember, Barack Obama and John Kerry gave billions to Iran, which is to say to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Two companies owned and controlled by the Supreme leader are Setad and Bonyad Mostazafan.   For the full summary investigation performed by Reuters, go here. Iran Irony: IRGC And State Firms Are Benefiting From JCPOA […]

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Russian Spy Operations History in the U.S.

In 2015: The FBI announced on Monday that it had busted a Russian spy ring that was allegedly focused on obtaining economic information including details about US markets and sanctions on Russian banks. According to a federal complaint filed by FBI special agent Gregory Monaghan in a Manhattan federal court on Friday, an alleged spy, Evgeny […]

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Tillerson Approves North Korea Visit to DC?

Washington prepares to bring North Koreans to U.S. for talks: report Reuters: Preparations are under way to bring senior North Korean officials to the United States for talks with former U.S. officials, the first such meeting in more than five years, The Washington Post reported on Sunday. The talks would be the clearest indication yet […]

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Ron Boat Interviews……

In my writings over the last few years, I’ve been fortunate to have interviewed some very interesting people. News makers and news breakers who have an inside track to political and societal happenings that intrigue and fascinate us.

I can’t take the space to recount their whole interviews but I wanted to pass on some passages of our interaction as we observe the perception of our country’s state of well being. Even from a few years ago, their words still ring true with truth and relevance in the subjects of journalism, race, immigration and American values.

Editor and Chief Executive Office of World Net Daily – better known to many as – Mr. Joseph Farah.

RB – As you look at today’s journalistic scene, what percentage of legitimate media are doing the American public and service, or disservice in their reporting?

JF – “I’d say less than 1 percent of the press is doing its job. And what is that job? What is the central role of a free press in a free society? To serve as a watchdog on government and other powerful institutions. There is no other answer that is legitimate.

And why? The free press was literally birthed in colonial America. It had never existed previously. Yet, the founding fathers in their wisdom recognized the inherent, inalienable right for a free press for the first time in history and enshrined special protections within the First Amendment of the Constitution. They did that because they believe in lots of checks and balances on government power. That’s why we have a free press in America.

It wasn’t because the founders believed in an inherent, unalienable right to publish pornography. It wasn’t because they wanted to ensure ‘deflate-gate’ would be exposed so as not to tarnish the Super Bowl. It wasn’t because they wanted to provide a forum for celebrity news. It was because they knew government and other powerful institutions would strangle liberty if they got the chance.

Unfortunately, the American press has given those powerful institutions that chance. In fact, too much of the press is owned by such powerful institutions.”

RB – Are we really dealing with so many “low information voters” that the real truth no longer matters, only the messages of “what’s free, what’s in it for me socially, financially, occupationally, politically?”

JF – “The public school system has indeed – I believe with intent – dumbed down the populace. The press plays a role in this too. Too many in the press today are disinformation artists rather than real journalists passionate about the truth.”

Dennis Michael Lynch (or DML as he prefers) is an American businessman, documentary film maker, and conservative political commentator. He often appeared as a guest on Fox News, The Kelly File, and The Blaze.

He has captured America’s eye and focused it on such subjects as the growing immigration problem with successful films such as “THEY COME TO AMERICA”, “WE RIDE TO DC,” and “FIGHTING FOR AMERICA.” 

RB –  Having witnessed 9/11 first hand, it must have been such a life changing impression. You started with shorter, simpler, more commercially appealing films, but did you find the goal pretty quickly to start your pursuit of telling the important stories or did that take time to evolve during your studies?

DML –  “After living 9/11 and seeing my fellow Americans jump from 80 stories, and after seeing what 19 people could do to the most powerful country on Earth, I decided to make a change.  I no longer desired to continue as a CEO and chase money, but instead chase my dream of making films.  And during the making of my first film “King of the Hamptons’, which includes many Hollywood stars, I met a man who protests against illegal immigration each and every day.  He does this because he lost his ability to earn a living because of the illegal aliens who undercut his prices (he’s a contractor).  And so he protests on the corner of a 7-Eleven where dishonest contractors come to pick up the illegal aliens who stand there each morning looking for work.  After speaking with the guy (Tom), I decided to make a film about illegal immigration and its impact on America.”

RB – When you started your quest for immigration research and documentation, did you ever imagine the many stories of incidents like San Francisco’s Kate Steinle, or the Kansas City woman kidnapped at knife point, repeatedly raped and driven to New York by an illegal, two Virginia girls killed by the illegal Alfredo Ramos driving drunk or our own Arizona police officer killed by an illegal drunk driver? Add to these the hundreds, no thousands of crimes committed by first time and returning illegals?

DML – “I had NO IDEA about the amount of crime generated by illegal aliens.  Most people have no idea how bad it is, unless of course you’re one of the victims, or a loved-one of a victim.

I receive gifts and letters in the mail each week, and some of them make me cry.  Example. I had a veteran send me his medal from Vietnam and ask, “Please don’t stop doing what you do, my son was killed by an illegal alien.”  I mean WOW, how do I not continue on with the next film?”

RB –   Immigration was the first main theme of your released films, then you moved to exposing the liberal media and then a more in depth look at Obama’s transformation of America earlier this year. Do you have a long term “pattern” or “route” in mind when picking your subjects?

DML –  “The media film is called WE RIDE TO DC.  And I didn’t plan on making it.  About 8-months earlier I was asked by producers if I would provide an exclusive to The Kelly File.  Meaning, I would appear only on Megyn’s show and to go out and shoot the sort of eye-opening video my films offer.  I agreed to try it, and in doing so I was exposed to various events, and I captured so much on camera.   I also got a real look at the media, and the bias that exists within it.”

Kevin Jackson is a nationally recognized rising star among young conservative thinkers, writers, and political commentators. A Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, he’s a highly sought-after speaker offering a rare blend of intellect and humor.

Kevin is a father, author, and conservative talk-radio host of “The Black Sphere” heard here on Red Nation Rising. He’s authored the bestselling books The BIG Black Lie, and Race Pimping, and takes a no holds barred approach to politics and current race relations in this country.

RB – As we got older, we saw that others have control over our jobs and lives. Character started to matter more, but we’re constantly pulled back to race. Why is that?

KJ –   “I’m not sure, but the problem with life is control. When we control our destiny, government is small and relatively meaningless in our lives. When we work for others, we find government growing, and a bigger part (a nuisance) in our lives. This is why government hates entrepreneurs, ergo small business. They act like they like it, but they don’t. Government like big business, as they are (1) too big to fail, and (2) easier to extort. Business in America is no longer about capitalism and free enterprise, but about social engineering for the “greater good.”

RB – Society is more and more at a racial crossroads like we haven’t seen in 50 years. People who aren’t even racist are confronted with making daily judgments, possibly decisions, based on situations of race which… affects them. What responsibility do leaders like Obama, Holder, Reid and others bear for the current distrust, violence and growing problems?

KJ –  “First, Obama, et al are not leaders. These people are charlatans of the highest order. Obama could have quelled racial tension early on by telling black Liberals that his election doesn’t allow for lawlessness. That blacks will be expected to be BETTER, and he will provide the inspiration and tools for such. Instead, he gave black Liberals a pass, and they have taken it. More ignorance today in the black community than in a decade of the 1950s. Lawlessness, Godlessness, combined with little to no initiative to better oneself. The least safest place for a black baby is in a black woman’s womb, and the least safe place for black people is around other black people.”

RB – Do the “reverends” Jackson and Sharpton diminish the connection between a good productive life and the perception or the role of the church?

KJ –  “Those two have hurt the church, but not enough to say they destroyed religion in blacks. That said, black people are not nearly as religious as we once were. Black Liberals are religious frauds. They go to church, but ignore the teachings of the Bible, and denigrate themselves, ergo God.”

Erik Rush is a Columnist and speaker, FOX Contributor and Author“Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal ~ America’s Racial Obsession,”

RB – What do you suggest and how do you feel about our REAL short and long term future as a free country, economic powerhouse in the world, and a beacon for real growth and potential?

ER – “Being a person of faith, I have to remind myself and others that all this isn’t ultimately in our hands. That said, I think that things will continue to decline as long as this administration [Obama] is in power. Unless we come to a realization as a nation that the policies of the left are singularly destructive and reverse course, it will continue even beyond that. If Obama and the soft socialists in our government (some of whom are in the GOP, by the way) are allowed to continue this evolution toward their oligarchical collectivist model, then America’s days as a dominant economic concern are over.”

RB –  [asked in 2013] Is the role of government in our “personal” lives reaching the point of overbearing and therefore hampering the quality of life in our country and the real state of the union?

ER –  “Absolutely; it has been increasing incrementally for decades as we gravitate (regress) away from a model of governance, toward a model of ruling. The Founders knew that it was the nature of government to behave in this manner; that’s why they put provisions in the Constitution to prevent it. Through abysmal education and propaganda, the political left has succeeded in removing, ignoring, or superseding those provisions because the public no longer knows any better.’

Throughout my talks with political leaders, authors and media pundits, there are always overwhelming themes of patriotism, religion and true concern and caring for our country.

As a country we’ll survive but without the rule of law, reason and truth we’ll travel the path of other civilizations that have given up on reality and chosen tyranny, socialism and lies.

The Trump Revolution Will Not Be Televised

From Trevor Loudon's News Feed:

By: Lloyd Marcus

Folks, take a deep breath. That unusual faint sweet aroma in the air is called “freedom.” It is coming back folks. For 8 years, even those who are politically clueless subconsciously felt their freedoms slipping away. Americans instinctively knew publicly expressing religious beliefs, principles and traditional norms once considered mainstream could cost them everything today.

My wife Mary’s mentor, the late Mary Kay Ash of MK Cosmetics said, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.” In other words, the leader sets the tone.

Unarguably, President Obama set a you-had-better-keep-your-mouth-shut and go-along-with-political-correctness tone for America. We all knew and felt it. Obama used the IRS, DOJ and EPA to economically and politically beat the crap out of and even jail anyone with the cojones to oppose him leading the Left’s mission to fundamentally transform America.

This is the reason why the Left is losing their minds over Trump winning the presidency. Freedom folks! The Left thought they would have us in mental and emotional chains for at least four more years under President Hillary.

Trump’s election ushered in a new tone for America. Feeling emboldened, people are pushing back against the tyranny of political correctness by just saying, “no”. However, you will not hear this widely reported in the Leftist controlled mainstream media. Panicked, the Left is desperately and frantically working to keep us believing that their extreme ideas are mainstream majority opinions.

This is why for the next 4 years, half a dozen protesters showing up to oppose Trump or his policies will be treated like a major news event by the media. Relentlessly, the Left will sell us their lie that Americans hate Trump and what he is doing. Therefore, the Trump revolution will not be televised.

Meanwhile, Americans have begun restoring our country’s greatness.

Note the glaring disparity in the media coverage of these two January events in Washington DC. The Leftist Women’s March which celebrated vulgarity and depravity received widespread media praise and coverage. The largest March for Life rally in history received very little coverage. Our revolution will not be televised.

I bet few of you know that Americans boycotting Target for irresponsibly allowing burly men in restrooms with our moms, sisters, wives and daughters cost Target $10 billion. Our revolution will not be televised.

I suspect a majority does not know Trump undid Obama’s ban, clearing the way for construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline and the Dakota access pipeline. Can you say more jobs boys and girls?

Oh, I forgot that Leftist schools have decreed that teachers should no longer address students as “boys and girls” on the grounds that gender distinctions are hateful, derogatory, insensitive, intolerant, bigoted and mean. I’m confident that Americans tolerating such nonsense has come to an end. Our revolution will not be televised.

Succinctly, years ago I was invited to a screening of the documentary, “Waiting for Superman” which exposed the corruption of our educational system. Unfortunately, with Leftists controlling the WH, the media and our schools, nothing changed. Our new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos said, “If a school is troubled, or unsafe, or not a good fit for a child…we should support a parent’s right to enroll their child in a high-quality alternative…” Them’s fightin’ words to Leftists.

Note DeVos said the parent’s child rather than the federal government’s child. For years, Leftists have been allowed to confiscated our kids for indoctrination. This explains the Left’s intense efforts to criminalize home-schooling; arresting parents and seizing their kids. Meanwhile, the fake news media is despicably portraying DeVos as a religious nut. Our revolution will not be televised.

The internet is abuzz over singer Joy Villa courageously wearing a dress to the Grammy Awards that boldly read, “Make America Great Again”. As expected, Leftists have viciously trashed Villa calling her a hater. Leftists calling love for ones country hate testifies to their perverse thinking. Meanwhile, Villa’s record sales have shot through the roof. Clearly, a large number of Americans agree with Villa.

President Trump has ushered in a new tone for America; a revolution of patriotism, pride and freedom. Do not expect to see this truth reflected in the media; quite the opposite. Our revolution will not be televised.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Author: “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.”
Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist

#StandWithCaleb: Student Caleb O’Neil suspended for filming professor’s anti-Trump tirade

From Trevor Loudon's News Feed:

Orange Coast College students, including those in the Feminist Club, rally in support of instructor Olga Perez Stable Cox during a campus rally in Costa Mesa, California, December 12, 2016. A video clip of Cox telling her human sexuality class that electing Trump was an act of terrorism has gone viral. A student said the teacher asked all Trump supporters to stand up so she could, “Show the class who to watch out for” (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Professor Olga Perez Stable Cox called Donald Trump a “white supremacist,” Mike Pence “the most anti-gay human being in the country,” and said “the election of Donald Trump was an act of terrorism.” A student said the teacher asked all Trump supporters to stand up so she could, “Show the class who to watch out for.”

But it is a student in her class, Caleb O’Neil, who was suspended for daring to record the Human Sexuality teacher’s unsolicited and over-the-top political propaganda.

The professor claims that she was a victim who received mean messages on social media after the video aired on the Bill O’Reilly show on Fox News.

As reported by the Washington Post,

“Her inbox and voice mail were filled with hundreds of threatening messages that referred to her as ‘libtard,’ ‘Marxist,’ ‘nutcase,’ ‘vile leftist filth’ and a ‘satanic cult member.’

The Orange Coast College “…ruled that they would be suspending Caleb for one full semester and one summer semester. Caleb will also have to write a 3 page essay on everything that happened with a separate apology letter for the professor, and if he returns to campus he will be put on Disciplinary Probation for a semester” according to a press release by Freedom X, who is representing Caleb in his appeal.

Read the appeal here. 

Caleb is FIGHTING BACK and needs your help for his legal defense. If you cannot help with a small/large donation to Caleb’s GoFundMe page, please use social media to spread the word and please let the campus know how you feel in a respectful manner (contact details below).

Caleb O’Neil (center) with attorney Bill Becker from Freedom X (right).

Here are ways to help:

  • Donate to Caleb’s GoFundMe here.
  • Support the work of FREEDOM X by sending a tax-deductible donation here: 11500 Olympic Blvd., Suite 400 | Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • Contact the campus and provide respectful input:
    • OCC President Dennis Harkins
    • Dean of Student Services Dr. Derek Vergara
    • Olga’s Union President Rob Schneiderman
  • Share Caleb’s story on social media. Please use the hashtag #StandWithCaleb.
  • Ask your local news/newspapers/talk shows/radio shows / mainstream news outlets to REPORT THIS STORY!

Here is the video:

Congress to Formally Investigate Spooky Dude, Soros

When it comes to left-wing political objectives, none other than George Soros is part of the discussion. The Obama White House hosted Soros and Tom Steyer often to pursue funding of climate change initiatives. Soros had access to the Obama operatives on a whim. The internet is full of posts, articles and documents regarding Soros […]

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What’s Going On In The Intelligence Community?

With Clare Lopez, Ingrid Carlqvist, Dr. Peter Pry and Bill Gertz

CLARE LOPEZ, Former CIA clandestine officer, Vice President for Research & Analysis at the Center for Security Policy:

  • Past and present intelligence officials’ war on the Trump administration
  • Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin as the next National Security Advisor

INGRID CARLQVIST, Journalist and author based in Sweden:

  • Migrant violence in Sweden
  • The “Swedish Spring”
  • President Trump’s executive order affecting 7 Muslim-majority countries
  • President Donald Trump’s ascension is crucial for Europe’s counter-jihad

DR. PETER PRY, Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and Director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum:

  • North Korea’s EMP capability
  • Cyber threats to the U.S. electric grid
  • Corruption at the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee (FERC) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)
  • The Critical Infrastructure Protection Act

BILL GERTZ, Senior Editor at the Washington Free Beacon, Author of iWar: War and Peace in the Information Age:

  • The unprecedented takedown of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn
  • Why Russia’s honeymoon with the Trump administration may be over
  • The demise of Kim Jong Nam
  • China’s MIRV missile technology

America’s Next National Security Advisor


Donald Trump is under assault from all quarters. Intelligence community leaders. The left. The Islamists. The media. The establishment Republicans. They are piling on with mutually reinforcing narratives accusing his new administration of selling out to the Russians, untrustworthiness, incompetence and dysfunctionality.

Having taken out National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, such forces are now working hard to destroy others close to the President and, in due course, the Commander-in-Chief, himself.

We dodged a bullet yesterday when Admiral Bob Harward apparently demanded a free hand, as Gen. Flynn’s successor, to staff the National Security Council with even those openly hostile to Mr. Trump. Thank heavens, that didn’t fly.

Mr. Trump and America need as our National Security Advisor an individual of unquestioned integrity, competence, vision, loyalty and success in the worst of fire-fights. Heroic retired Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin fits the bill.

The Trump Presidency: Four Weeks Down, 412 To Go?

From Trevor Loudon's News Feed:

By: Roger Aronoff | Accuracy in Media

The media think they’ve found their Watergate, and it only took them three weeks to get there. The truth may be something altogether different. With retired General Mike Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama, and former National Security Advisor under President Donald Trump, now gone from the administration, many questions remain. The media have seized on, “What did Trump know and when did he know it?” It has a nice Watergate ring to it. Daniel Henninger of The Wall Street Journal doesn’t think that we’re quite to that point.

But because the media have maxed out their outrage meter on everything from Dr. Ben Carson’s qualifications to be the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, to the size of the inauguration day crowd, to Kellyanne Conway’s careless but lighthearted remark about plugging Ivanka Trump’s line of merchandise, the questions on the Flynn matter could potentially disappear in the same blizzard of daily outrage. Or, these questions could grow like a cancer on the Trump presidency, in the midst of congressional hearings and a media obsessed with bringing Trump down.

After all, the media spent eight years pretending the Obama administration was scandal free, that Obama never lied to them, that he always acted in a Constitutional manner. We have documented many of his scandals, and the fact that the Supreme Court unanimously overruled his Justice Department a record 44 times. Overall, Obama had the worst record by far of any president of the last half century when it comes to the number of cases lost at the Supreme Court level. Yet when the Trump administration loses one appeal at the Circuit Court level, it is treated as proof that Trump is shredding the Constitution.

The media also acted as though Hillary Clinton’s actions did not rise to the level of scandal, including her use of an unsecured server to traffic in classified material for four years as secretary of state; her pay for play financial dealings benefiting her family fortune, often, ironically enough, benefiting Russia; and of course Benghazi.

The unproven offense by the Trump administration is that Flynn may have told the Russians to hold off on reacting to Obama’s new sanctions imposed on them in his final month in office, as well as the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats. This appears to have been a highly politicized move to bolster the case of his political appointees in the intelligence community (IC) that that Russians hacked the U.S. presidential election with the goal of tipping the scales for Trump, although their report proved nothing of the sort. Obama even claimed that he was aware of this Russian hacking at least a month before the election, but kept his mouth shut because he didn’t want to appear to be trying to overtly help Hillary get elected.

Writing for National Review, Andrew McCarthy has done an outstanding job examining the possible scenarios involving Flynn, and urging Trump to release the tape of Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador. It will eventually come out anyway. In a parting interview shortly before his resignation, Flynn insisted that he crossed no legal lines in his conversations, and urged an investigation into the leaks about him, which he called a “criminal act.”

As to the possible Logan Act violation, i.e., negotiating foreign policy with a foreign power by a private citizen not authorized by the current government, we frankly don’t know at this point. No one has ever been prosecuted under that 1798 law. But what about Obama’s overture to Iran in 2008, in which he sent Ambassador William Miller to tell the Ayatollahs not to make a deal with President George W. Bush, but to wait for his presidency, when Iran would be able to get a better deal? Where was the outrage—and the investigation—when that became known?

And what about the January 23 story in The Washington Post, pointing out that the FBI had picked up Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador? “The FBI in late December reviewed intercepts of communications between the Russian ambassador to the United States and retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn—national security adviser to then-President-elect Trump—but has not found any evidence of wrongdoing or illicit ties to the Russian government, U.S. officials said.” Was the FBI lying back then, still investigating, or what?

And despite a provocative title of The New York Times’ much talked about article this week, “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence,” the article states that the intelligence agencies “sought to learn whether the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians on the hacking or other efforts to influence the election,” but according to the officials they spoke with, “so far, they had seen no evidence of such cooperation.”

Michelle Malkin reminds us of several Obama appointees who were forced to withdraw before moving into their appointed positions for a variety of improprieties.

I began writing about politics in 1968, covering the Democratic convention in Chicago and the demonstrations inside and outside the hall for a weekly Jewish newspaper in Texas. I spent the summer of 1972 in Miami Beach, covering both the Democrat and Republican conventions, as well as the demonstrations in the streets that extended throughout the summer. Is this déjà vu all over again?

Nixon, like Trump, was hated by the news media and the left in general. While the left had been actively protesting against Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey over Vietnam, it was nothing compared to how it was amped up after the ’68 election. In 1972, the Democrats nominated George McGovern, a liberal, anti-Vietnam War candidate, who nonetheless had been a distinguished World War II fighter pilot, and unlike Hillary Clinton, had been free of corruption and scandal. Nixon won 301 electoral votes in 1968 to defeat Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace, a Democrat turned independent who won five Southern states. Nixon, in 1972, won the Electoral College vote by a margin of 520 to 17, with McGovern winning only Massachusetts and Washington D.C.

This is Trump’s fourth week in office. If you look at the Tweets of Michael Moore, and comments from other members of the radical left, they smell blood and think this could already be the moment to try to impeach Trump. Dan Rather, the disgraced former CBS News anchor, is comparing this moment to Watergate. The New York Times’ Tom Friedman is comparing Trump’s election to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. The left may get one chance at impeaching Trump, but if they don’t succeed, he will be stronger, and most likely continue on for another 412 weeks. The Republicans have such a favorable lay of the land for 2018—there are 25 Democratic senators up for re-election and only eight Republicans—that if Trump gains his footing, and gets past all of these rookie mistakes, and isn’t dragged down by some genuine scandal, the GOP could end up with a filibuster-proof Senate, and head into 2020 with a great chance for a landslide re-election.

The left is once again overplaying their hand. They can’t help themselves. Michael Wolff seemed to agree in the pages of Newsweek: “The media believes that it speaks for Hillary Clinton’s national ballot box majority, for the millions who have now marched against Trump, for the demographically expanding left wing (although not in the right-wing states) and, as well, for obvious common sense. And the media believes that everybody believes what it believes. How could they not? It’s Donald Trump!

Obama and his operatives are reportedly pulling the strings, attempting to overwhelm the system and shut down the Trump presidency. This is unprecedented by a former president against a sitting president, and should be another area of investigation. The same political forces that swept Trump to victory in 2016 will likely come out again—perhaps in greater numbers—in spite of the riots and protests in the streets, the outrage from most of the news media, and from the likes of Madonna, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, Bruce Springsteen, Chelsea Handler and the Obamas. Not only is Trump in good position to win re-election, but next time it could be a real electoral landslide.

Roger Aronoff is the Editor of Accuracy in Media, and a member of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi. He can be contacted at View the complete archives from Roger Aronoff.

The “Permanent State” Has A Press Office

From Trevor Loudon's News Feed:

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media

President Donald Trump’s controversial complaint that the intelligence community was using police-state tactics against him has been confirmed in the forced resignation of his national security adviser Michael T. Flynn. When Trump made his complaint, he was referring to leaks of potentially damaging information about him from an unverified dossier. In the Flynn case, several commentators have noted the use of surveillance techniques that are probably illegal.

A Wall Street Journal editorial wonders if “the spooks” who were listening to Flynn obeyed the law, and what legal justification they had for their eavesdropping. The paper added, “If Mr. Flynn was under U.S. intelligence surveillance, then Mr. Trump should know why, and at this point so should the American public. Maybe there’s an innocent explanation, but the Trump White House needs to know what’s going on with Mr. Flynn and U.S. spies.”

In “The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn,” Eli Lake writes about the highly controversial tactic of using “government-monitored communications of U.S. citizens” against Flynn and leaking them to the press. He added, “Normally intercepts of U.S. officials and citizens are some of the most tightly held government secrets. This is for good reason. Selectively disclosing details of private conversations monitored by the FBI or NSA gives the permanent state the power to destroy reputations from the cloak of anonymity. This is what police states do.”

In a column entitled, “Why you should fear the leaks that felled Mike Flynn,” John Podhoretz writes, “No joke, people—if they can do it to Mike Flynn, they can do it to you.” He said that “unelected bureaucrats with access to career-destroying materials clearly made the decision that what Flynn did or who Flynn was merited their intervention—and took their concerns to the press.”

Why was Flynn targeted? Lake writes that Flynn had “cultivated a reputation as a reformer and a fierce critic of the intelligence community leaders he once served with when he was the director the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama. Flynn was working to reform the intelligence-industrial complex, something that threatened the bureaucratic prerogatives of his rivals.” Podhoretz says Flynn “had an antagonistic relationship with America’s intelligence agencies” and was their “potential adversary.”

That Flynn wanted to reform the intelligence community is true. But the more serious concern about Flynn from the perspective of the intelligence community is that he was opposed to the Obama policy, carried out by John Brennan’s CIA, of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terrorists in the Middle East. He had been outspoken about this since leaving the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Flynn’s links to Russia and the conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador are minor compared to the disasters in the Middle East that Flynn was exposing. The proxy war the Obama administration waged in the Middle East produced debacles in Egypt, Libya and Syria. In Egypt, the military rescued the country from a Muslim Brotherhood takeover engineered by Obama’s CIA. Libya is still in shambles, and Syria has been lost to the Russians and Iranians. The result in Syria alone is 500,000 dead and millions of refugees.

As documented extensively by AIM’s Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, the U.S. under Obama switched sides in the war on terror, in favor of the terrorists. There were, of course, terrorists on the other side as well. In Syria, the Russian/Iranian/Syrian axis employed terrorist tactics to drive back the U.S.-supported terrorists. That produced a humanitarian disaster that is still unfolding.

Trump has inherited this disaster, and he and Flynn were trying to do something about it. But Trump’s proposal for vetting refugees from failed states has been struck down by liberal judges, and Trump has unfortunately accepted their jurisdiction in the case.

As we explained in a previous column, in a review of Flynn’s book, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency “thinks that the administration he served, headed by Barack Obama, tried to accommodate our enemies, selling out American interests in the process.” This is the world that President Trump faces and is trying to rectify.

We said at the time that “if Flynn wants to turn things around, he will have to lead a purge of the Clinton and Obama agents in the Pentagon and other agencies who have been deliberately withholding information about the nature of the threats and how our lives are in peril from an ‘enemy alliance’ that Obama has been supporting as President of the United States.”

It now appears that Flynn, or rather Trump, didn’t move fast enough, and that these special interests from the swamp have struck first, nailing Flynn’s scalp to the wall.

The media know that the Obama administration helped to produce the humanitarian disasters in countries like Syria and Libya. They ran stories about CIA arms shipments to terrorists in the region through countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. But when Flynn got into a position of power and was able to do something about exposing these dirty wars, he became the target. He became a target of surveillance and was tripped up about what he said and remembered about discussions with the Russian Ambassador.

On Capitol Hill, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), seems to be one of the few legislators concerned about the illegal leaks that drove Flynn from his job. He is even quoted as saying that the leakers “belong in jail.”

The American people have a right to know whether there is a “permanent state,” as Eli Lake says, and what role it is playing. But since the major media have been complicit in the intelligence community’s assault on Flynn, there is no reason to believe the media will want to get to the bottom of this subversion of our democratic system of government. Their hands are dirty, too.

It looks like the permanent state has a press office.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.

The Deep State

With Adam Kredo, Richard Pollock, Fred Fleitz and Bruce Bechtol

ADAM KREDO, Senior Writer for the Washington Free Beacon:

  • The role of Obama loyalists in the takedown of Michael Flynn
  • Iran warns the Trump administration in order to prevent disclosure of secret side deals
  • Admiral Bob Harward’s potential appointment as National Security Advisor

RICHARD POLLOCK, Senior Investigative Reporter for The Daily Caller:

  • Spymasters have turned their statecraft against the White House
  • Michael Flynn’s post-resignation defiance
  • Will President Trump drain the swamp in the intelligence community?

FRED FLEITZ, Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs at the Center for Security Policy:

  • What is the “deep state”?
  • The abuse of classified information
  • Protecting sources and methods
  • Wall Street Journal Report that intelligence agencies are withholding information from Trump

BRUCE BECHTOL, Professor at Angelo State University, President of the International Council on Korean Studies:

  • The assassination of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother
  • Pyongyang’s state sponsorship of terror
  • North Korea’s advancement in missile technology

Ron Boat warns of the Shadow Government

When you turn on the lights, the roaches scatter. But some will stand and fight, willing to be exposed because they don’t care and in fact even love a good confrontation.

In the old days, we heard of smoked filled back room deals, people behind the scenes, foreign involvements, Communists running rampant in Hollywood and in general an underbelly of sedition, even treason winding through our society.

But now it’s fashionable, it’s in the light, out in the open, above board, even boasted and blatant. Those who seek to disrupt society and even bring down this country open store fronts, put up fancy websites with glowing verbiage of hope and trust, call themselves fancy compassionate names and proclaim to work for the betterment of the downtrodden, the underprivileged, the disadvantaged, the unjustly served masses of humanity.

This openness is not only arrogant, but encouragement. A promotion and endorsement of acts illegal, controversial, subversive, ignored and usually even forgiven. The truths of life are no longer truth but targets, challenges to get away with anything you can for personal back room profits or agenda driven purposes.

The most immediate and relevant revelation of this concept is the recent activities surrounding the election and the General Flynn affair. People think nothing of running down their coworkers, exposing secrets, cheating debates and stealing the soul of a process or the public.

The acts of Hillary’s emails, the openness of “nothing wrong,” ignorance, and forgiving transgressions which in fact could and still might have devastating effects on our country should be appalling. The crime is no longer important, it’s the revelation of the crime that is the crime. When Podesta writes disparaging remakes about his team, and his boss, the act of disrespect and dissidence is not the issue, but the fact that someone released their private information – no matter what its contents or intent.

The scenario of General Flynn’s unfounded, unproven, (and irrelevant) transgressions proves another point. Not only to expose an opponent, to bring out the possible worst in a new president and his choices, but the willingness to blatantly break the law and put the country at further risk.

June 6, 2013: file photo shows an aerial view of the NSA’s Utah Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah. Electrical failures are complicated the opening of the National Security Agencyís largest data storage center. The Army Corps of Engineers says it discovered the problem during tests ahead the fall opening of the $1.7 billion facility located south of Salt Lake City on a National Guard base. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

The actual act of listening in, recording, documenting and archiving Americans’ private lives was exposed by Edward Snowden. The power overreach of governmental agencies has become more and more in focus over the few years as we see photos of  the $1.7B Utah based data complexes, we get information that should be reserved for a few, not a few million, and we see how that info is used and abused.

While Flynn was probably not targeted as an ordinary citizen before reentering governmental service, he was caught up when the FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, DHS, or some alphabet group monitored Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. All governments know this activity goes on but the question of who, when, from where and how much is not always understood.

The fallacy of some Obama hangover who leaked VERY sensitive communication for obviously political purpose is not just a problem exposing Flynn, but a furtherance of the hatred the CIA has for Flynn given his criticisms and an indication of the length that traitors will go to defeat us. And a reaffirmation of the long term goals of an anti-American socialist.

It also exposes the presence, length and depth of our capabilities to foreign governments which have since started to dump cell phones, rewire offices, change out email servers and check previous methods of communication for fear of further discovery.

And action such as this are all part of a larger scheme – the shadow government of B Hussein Obama, who sees himself as the ongoing patriarch of social change for the world. This narcissistic ambassador of ACORN, the SDS and Alinski school of progressive thought and social justice feels above any rule of law prohibiting restricted activities especially after leaving the oval office. He continues his pursuit of ultimate control, legitimacy and historical relevance.

We know that during his reign, the IRS was used against political enemies of the state, the perceived political opponents and conservative groups attempting to further freedom and right. Even reporter James Rosen AND his parents were brought under the boot of investigation. Yes, Americans are at risk for retribution and destruction from the underlying, hidden activities of the shadow government.

Devin Nunes, Republican chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, says that he saw the leaks about Flynn’s conversations with Kislyak as part of a pattern. “There does appear to be a well-orchestrated effort to attack Flynn and others in the administration,” he said. “From the leaking of phone calls between the president and foreign leaders to what appears to be high-level FISA Court information, to the leaking of American citizens being denied security clearances, it looks like a pattern.”

When the president can’t be sure of who’s listening, when officials can’t have a confidence of privacy from their own administration’s activities, when holdover agitators and dissidents from previous admins are inclined to bring down a president and his people for personal or political purposes, the concept of a renegade government behind the scenes isn’t any longer obscured by a smoke filled environment.

Our country is at risk, as the subversives don’t always wear a Russian ushanka or wave a black and white ISIS flag. They wear suits, they run organizations called OFA, they steal us blind through retirement plans, union donations, agency contributions and captured secret emails and phone calls.

President Trump needs to immediately open an investigation. The number of people with high level access to intercepts and recordings can’t be that large and they could quickly determine who, when, and how- we know the why. Then a quick trial and a public hanging for traitors of the republic. Hey, we used to do it when we were far less sophisticated and at risk.

It’s a shame we all have to live with a constant look over our shoulder for the shadow behind us but the destructors don’t always work in the light and the unprepared vicar can become the unfortunate victim.

A reminder – Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.



Are US Intelligence Agencies Withholding Intelligence From President Trump?

According to a front page Wall Street Journal article today, U.S. intelligence officials have withheld sensitive intelligence from President Donald Trump because they are concerned it could be leaked or compromised.  The Journal story cited former and current intelligence officials.  If true, this would be a dangerous and unprecedented act of defiance by unelected intelligence officers.  The acting Director of National Intelligence denied this report.

I suspect this story is only partly true for several reasons.  While I believe there are a handful of Obama appointees who are making such claims, most intelligence officers would  never do this because they know they work for the president and such behavior would cost them their jobs.  I also question whether any intelligence officials who have had actual contact with the White House did this.  I believe this story is being driven by a blogger and former intelligence officer who, although he has a wide following, has a history of making far-fetched and conspiratorial claims.

What this story does represent is the urgency that the Trump administration get its appointees in place in intelligence agencies to ensure they perform their mission to provide the president with the intelligence he needs to keep our nation safe.  Trump officials also are urgently needed at State and the Pentagon.

Once Trump officials are in place and assert control over the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, CIA, DIA, State and DOD, there should be a sharp reduction in leaks and anti-Trump press stories like today’s Wall Street Journal article.

Sanctions Against Venezuelan Vice-President: Great First Step Against Venezuela’s Rogue Regime

Finally, we are seeing movement and leadership on the part of the U.S government to isolate a Venezuelan leadership that for almost two decades has led, within Latin America, an anti-democratic movement mixed with drug trafficking and alliances with rogue elements.

The Venezuelan Vice-President, Tareck El Aissami has been added to the list of those sanctioned by the U.S government on the grounds of international narcotics trafficking. El Aissami, as well as other associates who served as front men for him, have assets estimated at 3 billion dollars, including property bought in South Florida, a product of money laundry. The U.S Treasury froze all of their assets.

This action is the work of a meticulous investigation carried out by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the agency in charge of enforcing U.S. sanctions.

The Treasury Department accuses El Aissami of facilitating the shipment of narcotics from Venezuela and personal oversight of more than 1,000 kilograms of narcotics to Mexico and the U.S. Thus, El Aissami worked with large scale drug traffickers and facilitated their operations. He had relations with Venezuelan drug kingpin Walid Makled, who was captured by Colombia but was extradited to Venezuela where he was protected. Makled is a top cocaine dealer who had information revealed to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) implicating top military Venezuelan officers in drug trafficking and connections with Hezbollah. It is not clear why the Obama Administration refused to extradite him to the U.S. It sounds like Makled was too much of hot potato. This would have inevitably led to a confrontation with Venezuela, a confrontation Obama tried to avoid at all costs.

The problem is not only that the Venezuelan regime is corrupt or criminal. The regime is also associated with Iran and Hezbollah. Mr. El Aissami was one of the key connections to the Islamic Republic, and its proxy Hezbollah.

As we pointed out in this article from last month, El Aissami, as head of the office of Immigration (ONIDEX) and Minister of Interior, provided passports to individuals from the Middle East; mainly Iranians. Iranian presence in Venezuela includes Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guards are training soldiers of the revolution in camps in Venezuela, as well as in the ALBA school, located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Likewise, many Venezuelans and presumably other Latin American revolutionaries received training in Lebanon.

A 2014 report by the Center for a Secure Free Society noted that when Al Aissami was Minister of Interior, almost 200 Venezuelan passports were issued, mainly but not only, to individuals with ties to Iran. The Venezuelan Embassy in Baghdad also sold passports. It can be assumed that chances are members of ISIS have also purchased Venezuelan passports.

The Venezuelan regime continues to repress its citizens, incarcerating political opponents, maintaining ties with rogue elements, and starving its population.

So far, the U.S government has not had any solid security or human rights policy.

These two are pillars for regional and American security.

Obama applied sanctions to a handful of individuals under heavy pressure from Congress. These sanctions are insignificant and ineffective.

Targeting El Aissami and his closes associates should be the first step. The U.S also must target the entire Venezuelan political, military, and security elite on grounds of human rights violations, drug trafficking, and cooperation with terrorist organizations. At this point, I see no reason why we need to wait for a long investigation of another suspect. Sanctions, freezing of assets, and other types of pressure must be applied carried in coordination with other regional partners. Political and economic means must be applied systematically and thoughtfully in order to isolate the regime and ultimately restore a democratic order in Venezuela, and consequently in the region too.

This action becomes even more relevant as Ecuador, another pro-Venezuela regime with a serious record of rights violations and drug trafficking, faces elections next Sunday. The pro-Venezuela government of Rafael Correa will try to secure his candidate Lenin Moreno in order to perpetuate the rule of his party, Alianza Pais.

Firm action by the Trump Administration on Venezuela can send a clear message that this kind of regime will no longer be tolerated in the region.


Ron Boat warns of CIVIL WAR

Baltimore, Ferguson, NYC, Chicago were the combat zones of the past – Is America the future battleground?

Trump’s desire to change America is already creating battles.

After that November 9th morning when the final numbers came in and Trump won the final states, he had a view of the country, but did he see the real battles brewing?

Some say Donald Trump was destined to lead, to make a difference, to correct years of corruption, deceit, inefficiency, hatred and rioting; to put the ship of state on a new, productive course. But the battle is not just the past. It’s the future.

It’s tough enough to fight world problems, keep us safe in good times, develop a plan to bring back our economy and  do all the things required to put the right people in place. But when you’re also fighting a deliberate force that is out to destroy America…. it only adds to the fray and wastes time – and people.

Being a businessman instead of a politician, Trump is accustomed to fighting competition, but not subversion. Dealing with corruption and building codes has its own challenges, but fighting against thousands trained to disrupt your efforts, fighting against anti-American forces, pushing back against groups determined to make sure you’re a failure in your patriotic direction is a whole new game.

Trump knows and practices reason. But groups bent on bringing down America at any cost, ranting, raving and rioting thugs creating chaos are not productive but a calamitous, pernicious force in need of banishment on a grand scale.

If you thought that president B Hussein was out of office, you were wrong. He’s only moved down the street; his presence, influence and goals still evident through the thousands he’s training to bring his message of hate for America to the streets.

His group, Organizing for Action, is a movement for violence, rioting, destruction. Their motto is “Organizing for Action is a movement of millions of Americans, coming together to fight for real, lasting change.” when in fact it should be “Organizing for Action is a movement of millions of Americans, coming together to fight.” And don’t think otherwise. They purport to come in peace wanting nothing more than equality, opportunity and fairness. [Visit their site and count the number of times “fight” is used. Not “work toward,” “develop,” “improve,” or “create,” but fight.]

If you think about it, OFA, Organizing for America could have a positive inclination, but when you “Organize for Action” and you’re an Alinsky socialist, gang of community organizers directed to cause property damage, personal injury, possibly deaths, to disrupt the message of growth, productive and positive goals, your agenda is not good for anyone except yourselves – and your minions of mistrust, marchers of maliciousness, and directors of disorder.

OFA says “That kind of progress is never easy. But we’re not here for the easy fights.” Again, the word “fights” has diverse meaning because they have already trained through organized, hands-on courses THOUSANDS of people – teaching them how to organize, how to demonstrate to disrupt and be the opposition of truth and reason. Yes, Alinsky is alive and well and living in the dimly lit cracks and crevices of OFA offices.

New courses set for March have another 25,000 lined up for training and indoctrination. They boast 250 local chapters and claim 5,000,000 leftist lemmings “who’ve taken action with OFA as part of a long line of people who stand up and take on the big fights for social justice,” They proclaim “We aren’t the first to fight for progressive change and we won’t be the last.” [again, “fight fight fight.”]


The roots of a blatant, conscious and intentional chaotic firestorm of social power began with the anti-establishment advocates of long ago. If you think that black vs white, rich vs poor, socialists vs capitalists, peace vs. civil unrest are in remission and are either in the past or the very far distant future – you’re mistaken. The undercurrent of violence, racism, fascism and anarchy are just around the corner. And B. Hussein and traitor G. Soros have their fingerprints on every aspect of the force being culled and advanced to bring down America.


The erroneously justified battles of race, income, welfare, justice, equality are being waged against reasonable people who just seek to live their lives, work hard and raise their families, enjoy normalcy. But for the progressives, it’s an ongoing agenda of hate and disparagement, criticism and calamity fought on the battlefields of American streets occupied with black power brokers like the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and groups of ACORN, Socialists, and anarchical advancement.

It’s not a discussion of reasonable people seeking answers to right vs. wrong vs. alternatives, but a push back on law and order, an ignorance of reason and appropriateness. People with too much free time supported by people with too much money and a will to disperse it across the violent landscape of social justice.

Trump knows how to build a building. Can he rebuild a country? He appears to have the best of intentions to bring back our freedoms, our economy, our value and worth as the greatest country in the history of the world – but is he prepared and willing to fight a much bigger, bloodier battle… the personal and national survival of right, reason and righteousness?

2017 may tell us.


Nordstrom Made A Yuge Mistake

Well, it is no secret Nordstrom recently dropped Ivanka Tump’s line from their stores, but was it the right move? Liberals claiming to shop at the department store started a nationwide campaign for Nordstrom to drop the brand, though, at first, Nordstrom seemed to be holding its stance and not choosing a side. However, after pressure applied via social media, Nordstrom folded and stated they were dropping Ivanka’s line due to sales.

Now could it be true? Sure, but let’s be real, there are a few brands at Nordstrom that could have also received the boot that did not. Unfortunately, when you side with a group that is very good at claiming to be victimized by something so simple, you can’t predict their next target. Just a couple days ago Nordstrom announced its nonprofit partner for 2017, YWCAUSA.

YWCAUSA mission statement:

  • We seek to increase the equal protections and equal opportunities of people of color.
  • We work to increase economic opportunities for women and girls of color, recognizing the importance of addressing the race and gender inequities that exist for this historically and contemporarily marginalized community. 
  •  We strive to improve the often disproportionately negative health and safety outcomes for women and girls of color by making sure they have access to high-quality health and safety resources and support systems.


Interesting, drop the President’s daughter, and then announce partner that could be considered anti-Trump. YWCAUSA tweets almost hourly about how much they despise everything the Trump administration is doing, right down to his choice in cabinet members.

Lets be honest, staying quiet and not choosing a side until the storm passed would have had an effect on sales for maybe a month, if that, who knows if those boycotting actually shopped at the department store? Today’s protestors move with the so called movement, so the next target is a trendy tweet away. I believe Nordstrom made two mistakes. Mistake one, whomever orchestrated the boycott have made Nordstrom their donkey. At any point, they can claim Nordstrom is discriminating against customers or not hiring enough black people and begin a boycott tomorrow. Keep in mind Al Sharpton made a career out of pulling the race card against corporations, ask Macy’s. Mistake two, those not looking to shop somewhere that gets involved in politics, and of course Trump supporters, will walk away. Might I mention, depending on Ivanka’s contract with Nordstrom, if she finds that she was dropped due to boycott, as a woman, she too could claim discrimination and file a lawsuit.

In a nutshell, Nordstrom better pray they made the right choice, oh wait, they chose the side that doesn’t get involved in prayer.

A Litany Of ER Abuses

A Litany Of ER Abuses


In a recent column, I discussed the forthcoming closure of the Cook Medical Center ER and why it shouldn’t be happening. Unexpectedly, at least to me, that column appears to have gone “viral.” Of the tens of thousands of people reached, surprisingly, I received only three negative responses – all of which I found rather amusing. One person referred to me as “anti-Christian” (really?). Another stated that “grouping people into groups” was wrong (self-explanatory). And, yet, a third explained how aghast she became when she discovered that her primary care physician required payment for service (the nerve!).

In spite of the negative tone, these comments offered something beyond mere entertainment value – that is, proof that with regard to the dire circumstances facing Georgia’s and America’s ERs, some people just don’t get it. So, in response to these misinformed types, I gladly offer a few examples for purposes of enlightenment. If you are a taxpayer, prepare to be angry.

I once had a patient present to the ER complaining of “stiff hair” (I’m not making this up). It turns out, she had placed a straightener on her hair and, later that night, around 1:00AM, showed up asking if we had something that would remove the straightener – and all at taxpayer expense.

“Baby’s first picture” is a common scam. It works this way – young pregnant females wait until around 20 weeks gestation. Then, they call 911 complaining of pelvic pain and leaking fluid (which, of course, is a fabrication). This gets them a free ride to the ER and a complete work-up including trans-abdominal ultrasound during which the ultrasonographer captures images of the developing fetus for the medical record. The patient then asks for copies of these images which she later displays to her friends and family as “baby’s first picture” – and all at taxpayer expense.

For many years, the most shoplifted items in America were home pregnancy tests, that is, until these shoplifters discovered they could acquire them for free at ERs. So, nowadays, the scenario goes like this…Patient: “I’m eight weeks pregnant and I need a pregnancy test.” Triage nurse: “Have you been to your doctor for an exam?” Patient: “No, I need a pregnancy test first so I can get my Medicaid started.” Nurse: “Have you taken a home pregnancy test?” Patient: “No, I don’t have the money,” after which she gets a free pregnancy test – and all at taxpayer expense.

Opiate addicts frequent ERs complaining of various pain syndromes in attempts to acquire prescriptions for narcotics. A common scam follows: an addict presents complaining of flank pain from kidney stones because he knows the treatment often includes narcotics.  The doctor orders a urinalysis to evaluate for the presence of blood in the urine – no blood often means no kidney stones which often means no narcotic prescription. Of course, the addict knows this and comes prepared – he has acquired a lancet from a diabetic relative or friend and, when he goes into the bathroom to provide a urine sample, he pricks his finger with the lancet, sticks his finger into the sample and, voila, blood in the urine which likely means a prescription for narcotics – and all at taxpayer expense.

For additional perspective, consider an all too common scenario: A patient with a history of high blood pressure and diabetes calls 911 at 2:00AM complaining of right knee pain. He gives these answers to the following questions: How long has your knee been hurting? “Three months.” What have you taken for pain? “Nothing.” Did you injure your knee at work? “I don’t work.” Have you seen your doctor about your knee pain? “I ain’t got no doctor.” Who writes your prescriptions for your blood pressure and diabetes medication? “I go to the ER.” How will you get home when we are finished? “My family, they’re in the lobby” (having followed the ambulance to the hospital). So he gets an x-ray, is diagnosed with mild osteoarthritis (which, of course, isn’t an emergency and doesn’t justify ambulance transport), receives an injection for pain and a prescription, and goes on his way – and all at taxpayer expense.

Ah, and the ER scams go on and on and on…the person who calls 911 complaining of chest pain in order to get a ride to town; the alcoholic who drank his enter Social Security check and comes to the ER to get medication to manage his withdrawal symptoms; the weekend partier who presents on Sunday night seeking a work excuse in anticipation of a Monday morning hangover; members of the Friday Night Gun and Knife Club who shoot and stab each other over real or perceived slights and then get dropped off by friends in the ER parking lot or ambulance bay; the Sunday lunch crowd who, amazingly, never seem to get sick during church services but somehow manage to become acutely ill at the conclusion of the sermon; and the people who visit the ER instead of their doctor because their doctor charges a co-pay or they just don’t have time to make an appointment or they just don’t like waiting in the doctor’s office or whatever, whatever, whatever – and all at taxpayer expense.

Alt-right is NOT Synonymous to Republicans

The alternative right, more commonly known  as the alt right, is a far right ideology that rejects traditional ideas of American conservatism. The self-proclaimed focus of the alt right is the preservation of the white race and “white” countries. The alt right is regularly criticized for derogatory slurs towards Jewish people, minorities, mixed race couples, and others. The philosophy of the Alt-right is connected to fascism and Nazism as a result of their flagrant support for Hitler and astounding denial of the Holocaust.

The Alt-right is pernicious to the Republican Party because they provide ammunition for leftists to brand conservative Americans as racist and bigoted. These labels are quite fitting for the Alt-right, but not for conservative men and women in this great nation. The Republican Party is the party of principles, patriotism, and innovation; the Alt-right morphs principles into exclusion, patriotism into discrimination, and innovation into regression. Followers of the Alt-right have boldly expressed their feelings of disdain for non white Americans. One woman even went as far as to state that she wants “non-whites” to be dead.  This is NOT what conservatism represents. This is NOT what the Republican Party stands for. The dogma of the Alt-right is insidious and evil. President Trump disavowed the Alt-right, stating that they are not a group that he wants to energize.

The most ironic aspect of the Alt-right is their proclaimed loathing for social justice warriors. The Alt-right is the right wing, mirror image of social justice warriors. Like a plethora of other racists and fascists, the Alt-right is the embodiment of their supposed opposition. Social justice warriors and the Alt-right both judge people based on exterior qualities such as race. An interesting theory known as the horseshoe theory is applicable between social justice warriors and the Alt-right. The horseshoe theory states that the far left and far right are actually identical, rather than polar opposites, as most would believe them to be. This notion holds true. Communism and fascism are considered to be on opposing sides of the political spectrum, yet when you study both regimes, you discover the overwhelming amount of parallels between them. Familiarity truly does breed contempt.

America must know that Alt-right values are dissimilar and contrasting to conservative ones. Conservatives do not engage in divisive and race baiting tactics. As a woman of color, I am conservative because the ideology coincides with who I am. I support small government, low taxes, legal immigration, and the value of American grit over welfare. Any American can succeed as long as he or she is willing to work for it. Each American must decide to make something of themselves. The Alt-right believes that success and greatness belongs to one group. Alt-right doctrines are NOT synonymous to Republicans or conservatives, which is why they are the alternativeright.

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Climate Change Is Out, Police Reform

Every year it seems the left comes up with a buzz word or two to act as if the problem isn’t what we all know it to be.

For instance, Police Reform places blame on the police for all criminal behavior. Stating because the police do not have a better relationship with the community, there is a ton of crime and killings. I don’t even think my 9 year old stepdaughter would buy this insertion. A lot of this starts at home. A good upbringing and family structure goes a long way. Did you know 78% of high school dropouts are raised in a home where the father is absent? Notice I did not say black homes? This is not a race issue, this is a daddy issue.

According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, those from a fatherless home are more likely to go to prison, more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, 7 times more likely to become pregnant as a teen, more likely to commit a crime, and the list of negatives go on. So it isn’t surprising that in a predominantly black community, so much crime is taking place. 79% of black children live in a fatherless home. It isn’t rocket science, its just not what people want to hear. Democrats like to cater to feelings, and the general feeling is there must be someone to blame. So who is taking the wrap? Not the fathers abandoning their children, the police.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some strong single mothers keeping their children on the straight and narrow. There are some mothers working 3 jobs to make ends meet, and just can’t possibly keep a watchful eye at all times. Of course, there a few that could just care less and love the fact that they can blame others for their poor parenting. My question, do the police need reform? Or do Police Commissioners need to be held responsible for their “bad apples”? I guarantee if you told a chief his job is on the line for any hate crime committed by any officer on their force, we would see a drastic change. Should police make an effort to build a trusting relationship with the residents on their beat? Absolutely, so many more cases would be solved. But to send police into communities to build these relationships without respect for their lives, well in some areas, that is downright dangerous. Respect for our men and women in blue is at an all time low. Perhaps we should build a trusting relationship on both ends.

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Ron Boat warns: ANARCHY AHEAD

anarchy and riots

Isn’t freedom of speech wonderful? The right to assemble peacefully, express your views, share common ideas and promote positive feelings of societal harmony?


We’ve learned over time that America is accepting in that the voice of dissent is welcome, even encouraged for shared discussions. Exchanges of bettering society, expressing our views on opposing ideas and actions and bringing to light the alternative ways of living. Shared debate over the positives and negatives of any subject from military intervention to local school board appointments.

In war time, there are those who want American forces to stay out of foreign affairs and protect us here. And in years past, there were those who marched in peaceful expression of social values with “love beads and flowers” the accouterments of the day.

But let’s face facts. It’s no longer just the expression of thought, but the obliteration of your opponent; the annihilation of opposing view which is most important and, part of all that is the growing need to make your statement with violence and destruction.

Not content to just sing in peaceful unison, carrying a sign and waving an American flag, now it’s incumbent on the participants (or social warriors if you will) to destroy. The American symbol of freedom has become fuel for ferocity, encouraging the ruin of public and private property, instigation of physical violence against those who oppose, to light fires, loot, use private and police vehicles as a platform of your appearance, and yes…make the biggest and brightest statement possible to…… well, not just to express but to “activate.”

Isn’t it wonderful that whenever a “spontaneous” group expression breaks out, there must be a print shop nearby to print up all those nice-looking signs? Or, as in the announcement of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, you bring your generic graphic poster and then fill in the last minute name of the target of your protest as it’s announced – how efficient can we get.

murderous anarchy of CharlotteDeaths are not only the “motive du jour” but the result of misguided participants who feel guns are appropriate trappings for the exciting get-together. Justin Carr was the victim at the Charlotte, NC when crowds felt it necessary to act without thinking, march and destroy without consideration of the true consequences of their irresponsibility.

Riots against candidate Trump in Chicago were not voices of disagreement, but planned, paid for uprisings of insurrection. Protests of rebellion compensated for by those with the money to support those with the time to show up and cause of unrest.

The art of rioting and protesting isn’t just making a statement, exercising freedom of disagreement anymore, it’s a sponsored army of insurgents paid for by people with goals far outreaching the purpose at hand. The Soros’ of the world delight in contributing millions to make their socialistic, fascist, anti-America point in hopes of provocative.

It’s no longer practicable to make a statement of dissension, but fashionable to turn an opinion into an opportunity for insurgency, chaos and anarchy.

Anarchy  –
  1. A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.
  2. Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

Anarchy grows in Berkeley

As the colors of pride and acceptance light the background, the fire of destruction illuminates the Berkeley battleground of discord.  In the recent campus disturbance, students, teachers and outsiders were allowed to run rampant leaving the campus’ guest speaker (someone with opposing, non-violent verbal views of their own) to fend for himself without benefit of police authority to dispel the destruction. Fires, rocks thrown through windows, barriers destroyed and… only one arrest to show some minor presence of law.

anarchy in Baltimore

From behind a mask, from the roof of a car, from the safety of an anonymous bank account, all are meant to make society a playground for goons, thugs and disruption. If you don’t see the anarchy growing, and worse yet being allowed in today’s America…. You’re not watching the news.

Ron Boat sees Whiners Galore!

Whine anyone? For those of us who have been around a while, we remember the America of the 50’s and 60’s when our families were relaxed. Our lives were simple and the biggest decisions of the week were “who’s coming over for dinner after church on Sunday” or “who am I going to the movies with Saturday night.”

But now America has changed. The world has changed. People have changed.

People in general were concerned and worked toward relationships, family and friends. Even when times were tough, we cared about each other and enjoyed a happy and optimistic feeling in life. BUT NOW…. People are involved with movements, concerned and working toward agendas and causes, and there’s a feeling of negativity and worry – especially the last eight years.

I mean really… in the 50’s and 60’s the biggest thing was practicing storm and air raid drills in the Quonset hut we used for school. The last few years we hear about the government buying coffins and guillotines by the dozens and trains with chains for transporting political prisoners.  True or not, it’s part of internet news.

And who hasn’t been exposed to the massive reporting of FEMA camps to house us “deplorables” when the time comes AFTER they’ve taken all our guns away. America has made it through bad money times before as we saw in ’06 – ‘10. But it was the social upheaval, distrust and social propaganda that fostered the fear of obliteration.

And the worst thing is the change in people. Whiny whiny people. Supported with seemingly unlimited sources of manipulative money from the depths of social hell that comes pouring in from donors like Soros, a Jewish traitor against his own people, who is set to destroy America by any means. And his accomplices are the whining uninformed, the easily led, the uneducated, the lazy and those in need of social causes and personal acceptance.

Actors have become activists. Politicians have become puppets. The lazy have become the led, and the wimpy are the willing in the fight for….. well, they’re not really sure.

All they know is that they are expected – or paid – to WHINE. Cry about this and that, make a scene, disrupt society, complain and grumble about how bad things are… for themselves and everyone.

Women whine about free birth control, people who can’t even spell Muslim are worried about their extinction because they aren’t allowed in the country till they are vetted. They want to occupy Wall Street, Main Street, or any college space that will allow them searching for their cause, their play-dough, cuddly puppies and caring candles.

Our leaders are whining and crying in public with compassionate crocodile tears of understanding to garner support from those gullible groups bent on “belonging” and overly willing to be led somewhere…anywhere.

Popular musicians and the elite portray themselves as societal spokesmen of sympathy to make a point and show how bad America is, how unstable Trump is, how unreasonable our governmental actions are – even though there is an attempt to save this country from itself, to protect us from evil, to control our destiny and not leave it to the whims of destructors willing to invade and attack us.

Remember when your mom would say “stop whining?”  Where are these people’s mother now? At least we probably had something to whine about but we weren’t out to get more free stuff, protect people who hate us while blindly following the dictates of deceit.

We’re overrun with the media, Hollywood, politicians, community organizers and social agenda ACLUs.  You can’t swing a democrat or dead cat in a room without hitting someone wanting to control your life, gain your participation to change the world to their definition of decency and acceptance. Everywhere they go it’s a stage to spout their ridiculous rhetoric of disorder.

They whine and complain about things that haven’t even happened yet, and promise with their dying breath to leave the country rather than stay and be a contributing counterpart to help but alas…. Elections come and go and they’re still here….. if only to buy a few more Guccis or savor sushi at Urasawa.

We whine about the way we’re being treated and we’re deplorable, racist and petty. They whine and crowds gather for the fracas and freebies.

When will America grow up again? When will America again become a land of self-sufficient, responsible productive citizens wanting to help, not hinder; contribute not conspire; improve not impair?

I wonder if Orson Welles meant to say “We will have no whine before its time?” Probably not.



Ron Boat sees a spade as a spade

Truth – it’s such a fleeting thing when people choose to ignore, deny or twist it. And yet… truth, in its “truest” form, is fact.  It’s been defined as:

  1. The quality or state of being true.
  2. That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.
  3. A fact or belief that is accepted as true.

For many of us, speaking the truth, promoting the truth, living the truth day to day is a part of life, if not a passion. And certainly, it has its benefits.

In the world of politics, telling the truth – calling it what “it” is – is paramount to the act of communicating correctly to those you wish to lead. Unless of course you choose to lie deliberately for the purpose to mislead, manipulate, deceive or confuse for personal gain.

And when you’re caught bypassing the truth, skimming over it like a pothole in a better path, people might call you out on it. Calling a spade a spade, as it were, to make it known “your truth” is not reality, not based on fact.

Whoops… was I racist there? Did I interject a pejorative indented to bespeak hate and degradation for a particular group? NO, I think not. Again, the truth of the phrase has its meaning far before the modern implications assigned by those who would choose and promote it as a venomous means of bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination. And there’s a lesson to be learned in all this.

First, to “call a spade a spade” is a figurative expression. An idiom originating in the classical Greek of Plutarch’s Apophthegmata Laconica, (sometime before 120 A.D.) and was introduced into the English language in 1542 in Nicolas Udall’s translation of the Apophthegmes, where Erasmus, the renowned humanist and classical scholar, had seemingly replaced Plutarch’s images of “trough” and “fig” with the more familiar “spade.”

If you read even early American writing, you see that people spoke in relative simple terms, easy to understand ideas so as NOT to be misunderstood. So, when saying a rock “is” a rock, a tree “is” a tree, a spade “is” a spade, then those are facts and not to be disputed; as used by Oscar Wilde in “The Importance of Being Earnest”, in 1895:



“Do you suggest, Miss Fairfax, that I entrapped Ernest into an engagement? How dare you? This is no time for wearing the shallow mask of manners. When I see a spade I call it a spade.”

And Gwendolen’s response to Cecily could, or might, certainly be reinterpreted in our “modern society”


“I am glad to say that I have never seen a spade. It is obvious that our social spheres have been widely different.”

Languages are always changing, adapting to their time and place and yet, socially changing the meaning of a word or phrase can have unintended (or intended), alarming and deleterious consequences. It was in the early 20th century that a more racial tone was ascribed to this particular phrase.

Why bring up this history lesson? Because in today’s political arena, the lions have been having the masses of citizenry for lunch with their verbal banter. Garnering support from those with no individual intellect to understand “truth”, no desire to seek wisdom or capacity to realize they are sheep on the flower laden path to their own destruction. Promoting some to riot, destroy, even kill. Lemmings of the left.

Over the last eight years there were so many lies told by our “leaders” (to use the term very loosely) that “keeping your doctor or your plan” was in no way related to being a spade.  When the president said, there wasn’t “a hint of scandal”, there were no garden tools of honesty and reality in that statement.

And yet for eight long, misleading years, a lot of people either ignored or bought into the lies, the deceptions, the corruption of verbal abuse spewed on them, as long as it met their daily needs of rent checks, free this and that and personal mental security.

It’s incumbent on all of us to be aware, to listen and discern what is being told to us for our own good and stable futures. People are human and make mistakes, and even President Trump will falter and stumble as have all the great leaders but…. and this is a HUGE but…. there must be a realization and questioning – Was it a mistake or an attempt to present that mere rusty spade as a golden rod, or maybe a true warning of a tough pill to swallow for our own good. Is the misspoken truth meant to deceive, or accidental?

As participants in our society, we must take a more educated role in the management of our country by electing hard working, qualified and truthful leaders. We must vote on issues with all the facts on the table. And not being misled and distracted by all the chocolate covered or gold plated carrots of promise that are dangled every 2 or 4 years for our amusement and enjoyment.

Is a spade a spade? Usually. Because truth is truth, facts are facts as in the old adage, “You’re either pregnant or you’re not.” There’s no in-between when it comes to keeping your doctor or finding a scandal…. or realizing the true reality of your future.

In considering truth, I would leave you this admonition from Geoffrey Chaucer in “The Cook’s Tale”, 1390:

But yet I pray thee be not wroth for game; A man may say full sooth [the truth] in game and play.

Or Shakespeare later came closer to our contemporary version of the expression in “King Lear”, 1605:

Many a true word hath been spoken in jest.

Are we getting the truth? Are we really hearing and understanding the truth? Or is it wrapped in a joke or a lie? Could it be an “inconvenient truth?”

Discern carefully my friends, and be warned.


Another Rural ER Bites The Dust

Tift Regional Health Center recently announced that its affiliate, Cook Medical Center in Adel, will close its emergency department next month. This action will leave the citizens of Adel and Cook County without immediate access to emergency department services. And it didn’t have to happen.

The reason for the forthcoming closure isn’t mismanagement on the part of administration or declining utilization or even a bad economy. The reason, actually, is a dirty little secret that the general public isn’t aware of and that those on the Left refuse to acknowledge…overutilization of emergency services by “self-pay” patients. Why the quotation marks around the term “self-pay?” Because, in the medical community, self-pay is a euphemism for “no-pay” as the vast majority of self-pay patients ultimately don’t pay their medical bills.

How do I know this? Because I am an emergency medicine physician and I once practiced in the emergency department at Cook Medical Center. While working there, I noted that the administrative and medical staff were excellent – caring, capable, and committed to patient care. Adel and Cook County, it seemed, had a good thing going with regard to its emergency department. But it was doomed, and I knew it. It was only a matter of time, and I said so, often. And now that time has come.

In addition to practicing medicine, I hold an MBA in management/finance and I can attest to the fact that there is no such thing as a successful business model in which a business loses more in revenue than it earns. That applies to hospitals as well – yet another fact the Left refuses to accept.

During my first shift at Cook, I treated a patient who had been to the ER 63 times that year already – it was only March – and he never paid a dime. On several occasions, he made multiple visits to the ER in the same day – on one occasion, six visits in 24 hours, all by ambulance. His objective, which he readily explained to me after I questioned the frequency of his visits, was that he had applied for disability and was told he was more likely to win his case if he had multiple ER visits in his medical record. When I brought this up to administration, I received the universal palms up sign along with the statement, “There is nothing we can do.”

A simple, if only partial, solution to this problem is known as a medical screening examination (MSE) in which patients are evaluated by the ER physician and if their complaints are deemed non-emergent, these patients are referred to their primary care provider or local clinic. In this regard, most hospital administrators are at fault for not establishing MSE programs due, they argue, to concerns over litigation.

The other dirty little secret is that federal and state lawmakers could pass legislation to correct these abuses but choose not to in an effort to avoid being seen as insensitive. By implication, these legislators would prefer a rural hospital close and deny services to an entire community rather than run the risk of being seen as denying coverage to a certain segment of the population – that is, the no-payers.

Maybe when all of Georgia’s rural hospitals close, legislators will finally heed the call to real action. My impression, based upon experience, is that this is merely wishful thinking. The recent effort to solve the financial shortfall by offering tax incentives to encourage businesses to donate money to rural hospitals, though well-intentioned, has little to no chance of succeeding. Why? Because this plan avoids the fundamental problem of refusing to place responsibility on those responsible – that is, on the no-payers. Don’t believe me? Wait and see. Of course, improved insurance reimbursement rates would help some, but this does nothing to address the reality that rural ERs are being abused and that those in a position to do something about it aren’t doing anything about it. The lack of state and federal leadership with regard to Georgia’s and America’s failing rural hospitals is at best a travesty and, at worst, a dereliction of duty by those holding public legislative office. To save these hospitals requires strength of character on the part of our legislators – that is to say, the strength to tell people when they choose to visit a rural ER that they should be prepared to pay their bill and not expect someone else to pay it for them.

Why President Trump’s Inaugural Address Gave Me Hope

I have never felt prouder to be an American than I was while watching President Donald John Trump be sworn into office. He is a bold, indomitable leader and he will be an exceptional President. President Trump will do what many past Presidents have failed to do and take on the establishment on both sides of the aisle. He will repeal and replace Obamacare and terminate illegal immigration. His Inaugural address was very promising.

One of the first points of his address was removing power from Washington and restoring power to American citizens. This act is crucial for the success of this great nation. History has repeatedly proven that an all powerful government is catastrophic. The government was never created to hold power over the people. When our Founding Fathers wrote the laws of America, they always intended for the citizens to have the power. We the people elect those in office. We the people elect senators to represent us. We are in charge and for so long the American people have elected leaders who did not share this belief. No more.

President Trump went on to discuss the significance of putting Americans first. He talked about the unity of our nation and providing opportunities for all Americans to succeed. We will support the American military, restore America’s borders, and secure the American infrastructure. President Trump will get people off of welfare and put them back to work. This will add to the economy and taxpayers will no longer be forced to pay for those who do not want to work. All of these practices lead to a great and prosperous nation. Our new President will restore wealth, greatness, strength, and prosperity in America. Our new President understands the importance of upholding the law, buying American products, and hiring American people. A nation that puts itself first is a nation that shines and sets a fine example for others.

I admire President Trump’s love for America. His patriotism and support of Americans is exemplary. United we stand, divided we fall. Throughout President Trump’s Inaugural address, he spoke with high energy, vigilance, and passion. His faith in America is evidenced through his bold and positive convictions. President Trump wants what is best for this country. His speech was genuine and came directly from the heart.

It is the beginning of a new era. The Trump years are among us. From this point forward, America will be a country that rewards success and hard work. We, the American people, finally have a President who values our country enough to put our best interests first. I look forward with great anticipation to the changes that will be made.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Written By: Gabrielle Seunagal

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WI Road House Road Trippers See Trump in DC

Last Thursday, January 19. at approximately 6 pm cst. seventeen hours before Donald Trump’s Inauguration, Wisconsin’s David Fuller is hanging at home with his cousin Matt.  Out of nowhere, Matt says “Hey.  Let’s go to D.C.  to see Trump sworn in.  ROAD TRIP!”  

Just like that, David and Matt set off from outside Milwaukee (David as @RNRWisconsin helped turn WI from Blue to Red) to see the transition of power from Blue Dem Obama to America’s President — the man who turned all those counties conservative Red, baby, RED — Donald Trump!

Other than their highway route and an address of a DC Metro train station, these fellas had no plans.  Basically, eight hundred (800) miles in the car overnight, park, short train ride, then the one mile walk.  Sounds like the Blues Brothers, but they’re conservative red-blooded patriots, all the way.  Their mission? Be present for Donald Trump’s Inauguration to witness the rebirth of America.

By midnight our guys were making good time.  Six hours plus drive time and these RNR boys had passed Toledo, Ohio.  Wisconsin warriors braving the Ohio Turnpike in the formerly blue and now red again Buckeye state.

Oh-Hi-O!  A great midwestern state, truly unique in America, Ohio played the pendulum President Trump needed to turn America’s tide from liberal, destructive Blue to positive, conservative Red.  He did it.  Thus, David and Matt wanted to say, “#ThankYouTrump!”

At 8 am est Friday, January 20th, 2017, David and Matt arrived at the parking garage in the DC area.  They readied themselves to reclaim America from the grassroots.  On the street in our capitol.  Together with hundreds of thousands of other good, decent Americans who caught the Metro D.C. line that morning (that really WAS the #TrumpTrain) they’d cross town and walk a mile to the National Mall.

Were David and Matt photographed from above by the NY Times while they were there?  Who cares?  The two guys were part of an undeniably large crowd.  How large?  Well, the total audience set records!  The Inauguration of Donald Trump was the largest audience to witness a Presidential Inauguration ever.  (Sean Spicer told the truth!)  David, a Navy veteran, and his cousin Matt care.  That’s why they went.

That day the men canvassed their surroundings for about an hour and a half before making their way past — and giving fist bumps to — the heavy security of military blockades and personnel guarding the area.

With all the helicopters flying above, David felt like he was back in Iraq, fighting a different dictatorial Hussein… Blue Dem Barry.  But it was twenty six years after his service in Iraq, and while David will never stop fighting the never ending battle to bring bad regimes to swift end, it was surreal for David to be answering the call — again — to help see good capture bad here in America.  David was in Washington, DC for the reclamation of our country.

With his loyal and patriotic cousin Matt, both troops stood ready.  They were fully prepared to participate in any further actions needed in defense of Country, Constitution, and Family.  To fulfill the oath which NEVER ends.

It got closer to noon, when Trump would be officially sworn in as America’s 45th President.  The most powerful man in the world.  Meanwhile, on the ground, the Milwaukee Boys ran into quite a group of different types of people also in DC.   Of course there was Trump supporters.  There was also a dark cult wearing black robes marching to the beat of a single bongo drum led by a head wizard.  Plus, women’s rights protesters, BLM, and most every other freak show group you might imagine.  All together assembled with David and Matt and other American Patriots.  What a battle we are fighting… what a trip!

Presented with the opportunity to engage in person with such characters, David and Matt merged in to watch the event unfold.  What a setting to be a part of American history.  There on the National Mall, gritting their teeth as the leftist morons jeered a hallmark of our political process, the peaceful transition of power, David and Matt cheered and clapped!

They laughed off the “mean” mugs from the disruptors surrounding them.  They cheered even louder.  David and Matt stood their ground.  Soon, others in the crowd felt inspired to get loud in support of Trump too.  It felt nice knowing you were not alone.  Because David and Matt refused to back down, because they got louder and louder with their positive messages, others broke their silence and applauded our new President.

Win for the boyos!  Win for the Trump supporters in that section and watching at home or work.  We are not alone.  We have a President.  The winning spreads and it’s time us regular folk start piling up victories again.

Matt wore an American flag scarf type thing around his neck with pride that day and night.  To the both of them, a new mission emerged.  Protect that flag wrapped around Matt’s neck in other sections of the city.

After the Inauguration David and Matt walked around for a bit.  Soon they found a nice strip of bars in the U Street Corridor.  For them it was the perfect spot to imbibe and battle the haters.  They’d educate, defend that American flag, and stand ground as proud Trump supporters in our nation’s capitol over some drinks in an area they felt was swarming with Big Govt Blue Dem liberals.  For David, at times it  felt like he was back overseas in enemy territory.  He was part of a team of two soldiers on a mission where they had to have each other’s six at all times.

It was fun for a guy with life experiences including military combat service and some Patrick Swayze type Road House stuff.  A freaking blast.  He and Matt found themselves in the highest of spirits.  The two dudes tried to hit every bar on U Street, and seen as conservatives they were surely charged a premium for those liquid spirits!

David and Matt rose.  They made the most of it.  Yes, they often felt shipwrecked on an island of liberal, progressive natives.  But they adapted and turned it into an adventure to take in and celebrate the great occasion.  While we may not yet be in a safe harbor, it sure feels like we are no longer a nation in distress.

On Twitter, David volunteers his time and manages @RNRWisconsin plus his personal handle @dwfictus.  Cousin Matt goes to work everyday to take care of his kids. On Twitter he is @mattv04.

Keep rising like David and Matt!

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A Tale of Two Sides

So I went to the Trump inauguration, despite any argument over crowd size I will tell you it was packed. Not as full as the Obama 2008 inauguration which holds the record but it was still a full and lively crowd. Some would say the celebration of tradition, history and Constitutional process was far more important than whether who was being sworn in.

I’d disagree. For the first time the man being sworn in as President actually sided with the people of the country than the politicians seated behind him. That takes courage. Say what you want about Trump he is direct and did not hold back on holding the Washington elite behind him on the stage both Democrats and Republicans, accountable for what has happened to our country.

The proof will be in his actions not his rhetoric. What I have seen in his actions this first week tells me he is doing what he promised the people he would do and won’t prevaricate like most politicians.

I know not everyone is happy. Many are angry or maybe the anger is just a symptom of being frightened or worried about the changes Trump will make. I know the feeling. I had the same dread for the eight years of the Obama Administration. I feared the worst and I complained. It wasn’t as cataclysmic as I expected. I survived and so will those who despise, hate or just don’t like Trump and his promised agenda.

The difference between conservatives who complained about Obama for the last eight years and the liberal progressives today is stark however. You won’t remember violent protests against Obama because essentially there were none. You won’t remember threats against Obama or his supporters because essentially there were none.

You have every right to complain and even peaceably protest IF you voted for someone other than Trump. If you didn’t vote, sit down and shut up. If you did vote you don’t have the right to infringe on other people’s rights during your protest.

Despite closing streets down for most of Washington DC there were violent protests on Thursday before the inauguration and on the Friday of the inauguration. 217 protesters will now face the possibility of felony charges including over ten years in prison and up to $25,000 in fine. Frankly, that’s a well-deserved punishment. Breaking windows of Starbucks which publicly supported Hillary and Bernie by the way, assaulting others and burning cars is not a peaceable protest.

I ended up walking with the crowds of people on Saturday for the Women’s March. It was indeed a peaceable protest from everything we saw, as we walked for eleven miles around Washington DC. Much of the language and many signs were incredibly inappropriate for the children and young folk who were either attending the March or still in town celebrating the inauguration (hotels forced 3 day bookings by the way which accounted for huge numbers of people, ourselves included still using the Metro and walking the Mall)

Many of the protesters had no clear answer when asked what they were marching for. Most just retorted with Trump is a…(pick your expletive). Critical thinking skills were apparently lacking for many who obviously were incapable of explaining what they were being denied, how they were discriminated against or what they were being forced into doing. There are indeed problems, learn how to talk about them.

There is a huge division in the country today. I would encourage those who are unhappy to at the very least find a way to express your fears, anger and dissatisfaction in a peaceful and thoughtful manner and respect the rights of those you disagree with.

Ron Boat questions: Hating America?

Sorry, Obama was NOT a nice guy.

Trump has taken over the news scene with his businesslike steamroller of leadership. He’s making good on his promises, he’s achieving things, he’s appointing quality, experienced, successful people. After a few days in office…he’s making a positive impact on our view of the future.

The imposing Obama influence will fade and the bashing will subside but reflection is oft required. One thing I was tired of hearing over the last 8 years were all the pundits – even the conservative/moderate ones – on how “they don’t agree with Obama’s policies but he’s a good father, a guy to have a beer with, in general a nice guy.”

Sorry, but you’ll never find my name on the Obama accepting, adoration, adulation love fest list of lemmings. And there’s an easy reason. He wasn’t a nice guy.

As president of the country, a world leader, an elected example of what leadership and success should be, you act accordingly. You work for the people who elected you – not against them. You look out for them and their best interests. You promote the betterment of the electorate through everything you do.

You do not:

Increase the nation’s debt more than 43 presidents ahead of you. We’re at an unsustainable level and even though Trump has some efficient, job creating ideas, the debt will still increase till the economy catches up…and $19,960,500,000,000 is not an ideal starting line for the race against financial ruin.

You don’t divide the country through racial strife by taking the side of a black professor who was lawfully detained by Cambridge police, accusing their actions as stupid, or taking the side of a black thug in FL who attacked a citizen and wound up dead by making the absurd comment that if you had a son he’d look like Trayvon.  What? Laying in the dirt with a bullet hole? Or sending in your justice dept. to support another black brute in Ferguson who strong-arms a store owner then winds up dead after attacking a police officer.  These and many other cases where race entered the national discourse and only further inflamed the African America race and emboldened hateful attitudes on whites and others.

You don’t make the borders a geographic sieve and open that door with a welcome FREE STUFF sign, ignoring federal laws to allow anyone in who can make it across a river or the desert, and then spreading them around the country supported by taxpayers’ money for housing, food, medical, education, transportation and who knows how many more bennies.

You don’t open the immigration corral for a Trojan horse to prance in potentially filled with “refugees” requesting asylum while plotting and planning our demise, putting us in harm’s way for Islamic terrorist actions. Claimants sucking Americans dry taking billions for all the comforts of home through monthly checks and benefits while American families suffer, vets go homeless and in need of services, and American businesses burdened to pay more in taxes to support the “complicit crime of compassion” for the world’s downtrodden masses.

You don’t take a quick moment out of your golf game to acknowledge the beheading of American citizen, James Foley, then after an obligatory “sorry about that” head back out to stroke on the next hole.

You don’t go hiding when American heroes and an ambassador are in danger’s path and then fly off to a fundraiser ignoring America’s need for facts and truth, and the involvement of the person in charge who should be spearheading a swift and devastating response.

You don’t lie for weeks to Americans and an international audience at the UN about that “internet video” that caused the Benghazi riots knowing that you had intel during the violent action that disputed your perception of the facts. But then again, what serves your upcoming election serves the moment.

You don’t continually lie, lie, and lie again to the American public about keeping your doctor or your health plan with the new BarryCare, knowing that it was deliberately conceived out of a socialistic falsehood to mislead and control the citizenry.

And you don’t release nearly two hundred radical Islamic terrorists from prison, of which 30% have returned to fight against us on the battlefield if you really cared about America’s safety.

You don’t allow a plan to be developed allowing the world’s worst sponsor of terror the ability to grow their weapons systems and get the bomb by paying $1.7 billion, the first of which was paid in cash stacked on pallets in an unmarked plane. Iran may have also received an additional $33.6 billion in cash and gold between ’14 – ’16.

And you don’t walk out the door on your last day in office throwing the keys to the country in the air while smiling about the secret $221 million you just gave to Palestine,  bypassing congress’ wishes along with another $11.25 million for UN organizations, climate change and foreign affairs spending.

My point? These have nothing to do with the security, stability and sanctity of the country. None of these benefit the country or its people. But are personal decisions loosely founded on socialistic, ideological tenets of a person bent on making his social, and potentially religious, agenda more important than reason, logic or the welfare of the citizens.

So if nothing benefits the country, and in fact tends to hurt the sovereignty and security of the country, while having no basis other than a wonderful ideological wet dream for a narcissistic, pathological fascist… then it’s personal.

Add these and many more actions falling short of sound thinking, patriotic and reasonable responses to our national problems and sorry… it does not make you a nice person.



Imam’s Involvement Not Fitting For National Prayer Service

How did a well-known Muslim Brotherhood-connected Imam receive an invitation to speak at President Trump’s prayer service at the National Cathedral? The only explanation is that a rat must be in the inner circle.

It is no secret, at least to those who understand the threat of the Islamic movement in the United States, who Imam Mohamad Majid is and what his connections are. All the more alarming is his position as head Imam of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) as well as the president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

The ADAMS Center is one of the most Sharia adherent Mosques in the country and according to US District Court documents, ISNA was involved in funding terrorism.

ISNA is the largest Islamic organization in North America. In 2008 they requested to have their name removed from a list of unindicted co-conspirators from the biggest terrorism financing trial in the history of our country, The Holy Land Foundation trials. Thankfully the motion was rejected.

The United States District Court response to ISNA’s motion for equitable relief said this:

“Even if their filing were timely, which it is not, Petitioners’ motion would be moot. During last year’s trial, numerous exhibits were entered into evidence establishing both ISNA’s and NAIT’s intimate relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestine Committee, and the defendants in this case. Accordingly, there is no possible basis for petitioner’s “expungement” from the Government’s list of co-conspirators and joint venturers. Even sealing the co-conspirator list at this juncture would be futile – the evidence has been appropriately introduced during the course of a public trial.”

Yet despite this man’s shady involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood who is HAMAS, Majid was appointed to the Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Violent Extremism Working Group by Obama. And according to Discover the Networks,

“Magid was authorized to train and advise personnel affiliated with the FBI and other federal agencies. He soon became a regular visitor to the White House, and merged as perhaps the most influential and sought-after Muslim authority in the United States.”

So, not only was Imam Majid given access to our national security apparatus, but a leadership role directing how our law enforcement would be trained to fight Islamic terrorism. You really can’t make this stuff up, and as many have said before me it is a case of the fox guarding the henhouse.

After understanding just a little of this man’s background and involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood, a group seeking to undermine our Constitution in order to establish the Caliphate through Sharia Law, one could appreciate the anger of seeing him praying in the National Cathedral last Saturday.

According to Center for Security Policy,

“A new group, Faith Leaders for America (FLA), has just issued a strong statement opposing Imam Mohamed Magid’s inclusion in the service attended by the President and Vice President this morning at the National Cathedral.”

The FLA presented their concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood in America the day before President Trump’s inauguration. Their statement to Trump follows,

“We want you to know you have our prayerful support as you begin to counter jihad and protect Americans from Islamic terrorism. When you label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, we support you.”

More importantly, who invited and vetted this Imam in order for him to participate in a prayer service for our country and newly elected President Trump? This is troubling when you consider President Trump vowed the day before in his inaugural address to rid the world of radical Islamic terrorism.

Only two angles are possible here, either the person making those executive decisions within the transition team is ignorant of this very real threat to our Constitution by the insidious Muslim Brotherhood or they are complicit in their goals. Either way, someone should answer for it, and Imam Majid should not be given one iota of access to President Trump.

We are in a battle for the heart of our country in many areas. One of those is an Islamic infiltration of our government in the form of The Muslim Brotherhood/HAMAS front organizations. The war cannot be won against Islamic ideology if we allow the heads of those groups to have leadership and prominent positions in our national security sectors and be given time to speak and “pray” over our new President and his administration.

President Trump gave the government back to We the People, so we need to demand that it be free of the influence of our enemies. The best way forward is to have the Secretary of State declare The Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

This declaration would free our law enforcement to pull those members out not only of sensitive areas in our government, but from Mosques throughout this country who continue to preach hate towards Western Civilization as well as encourage jihad on our soil.

It is up to us to make America great again. This cannot happen if we continue to shelter the enemy, and allow people to grant the Muslim Brotherhood protected status in Trump’s new administration.

*Incidentally the ADAMS center just purchased land to build a 22,400 square foot Mosque in Prince William County, Virginia.

Gays Wanted Acceptance, Now Reject Society

In 2015 the Supreme Court decided to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Yet, we have seen many in the LGBTQ community reject the idea that they must accept the President elected by all 50 states.

That’s funny, there were many objecting to the law, yet it was completely forced on the entire country. If you disagreed aloud you were considered a homophobe. It never occurred to the supporters that some of us had a few questions on how it could affect the future. Could this be the beginning of the government forcing what most believe to be immoral upon the country? Next I knew everyone wanted to use the same bathroom. Are the women’s restroom lines not long enough as it is?

This is the classic, “give them an inch, they take a yard” scenario. It went from equality and tolerance to totalitarian . If we are sympathizing with people’s feelings, shouldn’t we have to sympathize across the board? We can’t teach God in schools any longer, but same-sex marriage has been added to textbooks. Perhaps you have parents against gay rights just as much as some parents are against my man Jesus?

Just this past weekend we witnessed the Women’s March claim to be an inclusive get together of solidarity. However, if you are pro life or pro Trump, yeah the President of the United States, you weren’t invited. I am a firm believer that the rule of law is very important. Changing laws to make someone feel like they are a part of a team, that they later don’t want to be a part of, seems silly. I personally am not bothered by gay rights, though, I am fearful of this road of “tolerance” we seem to be on.

At this rate we will make one big circle to conservative views, or we will have another Civil War. If I were a snowflake against the right to bear arms, I would chill.


Ron Boat considers: The Trump Effect

Trump’s triumphant win has already, and will continue to change America.

First, I must express my honor and pleasure at joining the contributing team here at RNR. A group of patriotic, insightful writers who add to our daily lives with realities not rhetoric, specifics not speculation, and information not fabrication.

To the Trump Effect: Initially, was Trump my choice? Not 100% at first for I considered many things I read, heard, and experienced in thinking of the all-important, much needed BHO replacement.

His mannerism, speech, persona exhibited someone that many weren’t comfortable with. Over the course of my years of serving national and international clients, I’ve had a few billionaires and many millionaires on the list and the reality is… they are different.

They think and speak differently. And while they think about what they say (most the time), they’re usually 10-15 minutes – or months – ahead of the conversation, thinking about ramifications, alternatives, consequences, liabilities, and the all-important rewards of what they’re saying and involved with. They see the world in terms of profits, losses, logic, reason – RESULTS. After all, they’re worth a billion dollars and we’re not.

Trump – the Henry Ford of our times? In court when opposing lawyers attempted to prove Ford’s incompetence, and lack of substantial required knowledge, he answered simply:

“If I should really WANT to answer the foolish question you have just asked, or any of the other questions you have been asking me, let me remind you that I have a row of electric push-buttons on my desk, and by pushing the right button, I can summon to my aid men who can answer ANY question I desire to ask concerning the business to which I am devoting most of my efforts.” 

Trump has his row of buttons and is accustomed to demanding and getting results. His own ego dictates he succeed, and failure on the world stage is not an option. And to ensure that his new found political position doesn’t prove inadequate or failed in future history books, he has done what every successful businessman does, he surrounds himself with those who are successful and know their job.

Again, people like Trump are generally concerned with one thing: RESULTS. For people in those lofty realms of financial success are usually the ones responsible, answerable for their actions therefore they want the best.

In business when you don’t succeed, you go out of business, or, if you’re the president or on the board, you find yourself removed, relegated to some new position overseeing the basement steno pool of life.

In politics, it’s far less conclusive and damaging. Once in office, achieving is just staying there – not accomplishing anything. Rarely are politicians replaced for not doing anything, for when the final tally is in about that new law to better American and it didn’t pass? They’ll blame the Democrats or Republicans or not enough votes or it cost too much or some insane justification for their failure.

Even before taking office in the early hours of his soon to be presidency, brokering deals was part of his strategy. For whether it was jobs saved or created at Carrier, Ford, US Steel, Softbank or Alibaba, saving money on our government’s expenses, or just the positive mindset of people and businesses exhibited during the recent holidays, you can chalk it all up to…. The Trump Effect.

The view of America has been changing since that November 9th morning when the final numbers came in bringing his race for the white house to a successful close. America has seen a more positive attitude over the holiday season than it’s seen in years.

Donald Trump’s time has come and represents a change in our country’s desired, needed direction for leadership.  Barack Obama was elected because a majority of Americans hated Bush, but many also felt “it was time” for America’s first black president.

Hillary Clinton, Trump’s Democratic/Progressive/Socialist leaning opponent, was being pushed not only because of her own feeling of entitlement, but many believed again, “it was time” for dramatic change and America’s first woman president. Those thinking she would be another Margaret Thatcher or Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi were more blinded by ideology than controlled by facts and reason.

It was with trust and faith that most voted for Trump because of his “swamp draining” promise, also because – HE WAS NOT A POLITICIAN,  but a successful American businessman whose approach is needed in a wasteful, deceitful, inefficient, ineffective government.

Whether it’s his solving of the big chair problem at his California resort, fixing New York City’s skating rink debacle, or creating world peace… He seeks to engage and promote The Trump Effect.

His time in office will prove tough and demanding but with a good team beside him, his own logical thinking and the support and patience of the American public, this country could see the bottom line increase and America become great again.

In reality, time will certainly be the final judge, but maybe a little forethought, hard work at the desk instead of the golf course and dedication and love for the country will prove that life can be better, work can be productive, the nation can be secure and we’ll all benefit from the effectiveness of Trump, hence….. The Trump Effect.



Rep John Lewis Reminds Us Why We Need Term Limits

Can we stop pretending Representative John Lewis is relevant?

Rep Lewis got himself into a beef with President Elect Donald Trump, yet people are acting as if this beef actually deserves a spotlight. Way before I was born, Representative Lewis found himself on the front line in many dangerous situations fighting for civil rights. He clearly played a key role in desegregation of the south. I am just trying to figure out what he has done since then?

John Lewis has been a Georgia politician since 1987, yes 30 years, and has not brought forth one law to better the circumstances of black people in America. Lets go a bit deeper, he has not brought forth one law, period. He has organized demonstrations and made a stink about not attending inaugurations of president elects he doesn’t consider a friend. He has publically opposed a few bills, didn’t offer any fixes, but made sure to throw a fit. Basically, Representative Lewis throws temper tantrums that are seen by more than just people in a Walmart check out line.

I hate to be rude, not really, John Lewis may be one of the least effective members of congress. The 50-something democrats on the hill not attending this year’s inauguration claim they are being a voice for their constituents. Well, what about the constituents that voted for President Elect Trump? What message are you sending the Trump supporters in your district? Better yet, which finger are you waving their way?

Ron Boat asks…What’s In a Name?

If we regress to the 1590s, we’re introduced to an inquiry by ‘ol Bill Shakespeare. Act 2, scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet. In the thought of calling things by different names and the meaning thereof, would “a rose by any other name smell as sweet?”

In life, we’re all given names. I’m Ron, I have friends named Bruce and Lou, Marsha and Sue, Tracy and Tim. I know them by their names for the purpose of recognition and communicating. Names used to be… just names.

Names were/are distinctive identifiers telling who we’re talking about and who we know, who we were with or who did this and that. In olden days I would be Ron, son of Robert, and now we manage and make it through our daily lives with more simplicity and less formality. I remember being on a production once and there were 2 Rons running cameras. Yep, the shot assignments from the director got a bit messed up so… we started using our “nicknames.” I was/am RB or just Boat to my friends.

We can go back to England for the term “nickname” which meant: “also or added,” originally being “ekename.” But the term actually came from ancient Greece and Rome when nicknames were used as terms of affection: hupokorisma or meaning “calling by an endearing name.”

But soon, maybe in the early to mid 1900’s, names became less identifiers and more descriptive. An epithet of our lives. Joe Louis was the “Brown Bomber” and the feared “Louisville Lip” was Muhammad Ali. Charlie Parker was “Bird” and Frank was of course “ol Blue eyes.”

Some nicknames were taken from their appearance, some from their actions, capabilities or talents. But they were descriptions, describing the person with – or without – any implied affection.

I’d like to be “Ron the nice guy.” I know “Bruce the artist” and “Al the patriot.” But guys were also known for their personas such as “gentle Ben,” “Tom the jerk” or “Jerry that idiot.” Girls, it seems, have had a problem in that rarely do you hear about “Mary the genius” but more about “Sandy the slut” or “Jenny the whore” or Betty the tease”: Names with a more sexual overtone as well as negative implications.

A longtime friend and business partner saw life and people in forms of reality and truth. He told me in the 70s, “Ron, there are blacks and niggas, whites and honkies. It’s the individual that defines themselves not their race or color.” He himself was a black American and saw the good and bad in people coming from inside, not from their name or position in life, so it became a descriptor that labeled them usually by their own deeds.

There’s enough hated to go around in names like “Whitey” or “Cracker,” “Spic” and “Slant-eye” but when it comes down to it, stick and stones etc. etc. etc. It’s we the people, the individual, that must break out of any societal or self-imposed mold, make our mark, leave our impression and affect for good the status quo of society. It’s on us to be the best we can be whatever our name is.

We’ve certainly made a leap from Al Capone’s “Scarface” to Cordozar Broadus Jr. as “Snoop Doggy Dogg,” “Snoopzilla,” “Snoop Dogg” and now, “Snoop Lion.” Hummmm.

But now we find that, the “descriptors” assigned to people have taken on a more sinister, darker and more negative characteristic. Ones that can indicate and project implied danger or deceit. The political arena is increasingly replete with people known for their ways, their actions, and their destructive course, and “described” not just named.

When Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama was running for office, it was imperative that the middle name be dropped (to obviously escape unwanted, unintended associations and references?), but now in office it’s fully Barack Hussein Obama and we start to see how negative monikers can be applied, suggested – or earned. His past and present image and activities bring up nicknames such as Bathhouse Barry, Benghazi Barry, O’Dumbo and more.

Alliteration constantly weaves its way into our social and certainly political vocabulary with Michelle becoming ”the Mooch” or “Moochie” based on her extravagant, taxpayer fed spending habits. And “Harry the Hobbler” or the “Obstructer” is finally no longer the gatekeeper and in charge of blocking progress in the Senate, while “Benedict Boehner,” the “Traitor,” is continuing his unpopular stance as Speaker in the House.

A “Portmanteau” (a word you don’t hear much) is expressed in the names and references such as “Hitlery” and serve as a reference as well as associating some to others with less acceptability and more nefariousness in their actions and positions in the past – and possibly to their obscured, intentioned goals and purposes for the future.

So we might take note that names have made the natural – and possibly somewhat logical – progression from identifiers, to descriptors, to warnings. Barry the Destroyer or Obama the Tyrant, and associated names like “Socialist,” “Communist,” or “Progressive” all have their roots in reality and meanings that project an image of unwanted, forewarned impending futures for us as Americans. Add them to a proper name and the person’s documented (or hidden) history and agenda, and you see the implied and portrayed meaning of their personality and public façade.

We hear things in names and yet we’re also a visual people and we want to see things. It’s been said that the French eat with their tongues while Americans eat with their eyes. Meaning we are less influenced by the reality of some situations and experience a more “effected perception” through site and sound.

This is certainly evidenced in the fact that millions did not do their homework, their “reality check,” did not look beyond the “well spoken, clean African-American” candidate but instead took their voting lead from perceived and oblique benefits and goodwill portrayed in words and promises, rhetoric and the slogans like Hope and Change.

And of course the next slogan in the progression of political promotion for the American public in 2012 was a view ahead also known as Barack Obama’s newest campaign catchphrase, “Forward” – which also happens to be a Nazi marching song of the Hitler youth, Vorwärts! Vorwärts!

You can do your own research, find similarities that are not lost on these two world leaders with renowned names, but the effect on the American mindset, the uneasiness and uncertainty, the ultimate change in the American business and social landscape is occurring… and Mein Kampf is rapidly immerging through our leader’s words, actions, descriptions, names and directives. Democrats should learn that words (and names) have meaning.

Juliet said in the 1590’s: “’Tis but thy name that is my enemy.”

But for us today, America needs to open its collective eyes, see what is real, not hear what’s proclaimed, for the real essence of truth from William of old is: “what matters is what something is, not what it is called” be it a rose or a comrade.

Could a tyrant by any other name transform America as easily? We the attempts and hopefully our direction will change.

Meryl Streep: Why Women Shouldn’t Vote

Last night’s Golden Globe Awards were an absolute embarrassment. They were an embarrassment not just for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but for liberals everywhere.

The heroes and heroines of tolerance and acceptance displayed widespread intolerance and ignorance through the stage medium they were given last night. However, there were none so ignorant as Meryl Streep. She was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement last night. She took the stage gracefully, as only Meryl Streep could do and then spoke to the world in the poor, unrefined way that only a Hollywood feminist would.

Before she used her airtime to exploit a journalist’s disability, she pushed multiculturalism as a means to subvert the danger that globalization poses to the sovereignty of this nation. She went around the room and revealed which actors were born abroad as well as where they were born. Leave it to Hollywood to try and humanize the evil that is globalization and make anyone who opposes it into an intolerant monster.    Many nefarious aims have been imposed under the banners of multiculturalism and associated slogans such as “equality” and “human rights.” Like the word “democracy,” used to justify the bombing of sundry states in recent history, these slogans often serve as rhetoric to beguile the well-intentioned while hiding the aims of those motivated by little if anything other than power and greed. Power and greed are what fuel Streep’s desperate appeal to the emotions of the American people who feel as though they have very much in common with her, yet unfortunately have nothing in common with her.

This is the danger in voting with our emotions instead of our intellect. Streep is the epitome of that danger. She shows how the rejection of the facts can damage her stance and then eventually, the country as a whole. It is largely the reason that the Clinton campaign underestimated the American people so. They assumed that the people of this country were much more emotional, meaning they could have been more easily swayed by their rhetoric — they weren’t.

Women are more emotional than men. Plain and simple. To deny this would be to deny biology, to deny facts. Again, many people will criticize this because it hurts their feelings or offends them, but it makes it no less true. Male and female brains are, in fact, wired differently. This is why it is imperative that women consciously make the effort not to be swayed on appeals to their emotions and to stay vigilant and true to the facts.

Judging Crimes by Race

The story most dominating the news the past few days is that of the special needs teen being tortured by four young adults in Chicago. As usual, race is permeating the coverage. The victim is white and the perpetrators are black. The level of coverage is so high because the attack was recorded and posted on Facebook. Many conservatives are noting that had it not been for the video, the story would not have gotten so much coverage and the coverage still pales in comparison to what it would have been if the races were reversed. I have no doubt this is true, but this is not the point of my article.

I was listening to a black radio station that was discussing the topic. While each caller called the actions vile, reprehensible and inexcusable, there were two recurring themes that stood out to me:  the need to be sure not to internalize and the parallel of crimes committed by whites.

I am in agreement with those who say that blacks should not internalize crimes like these. I say the same about any crime. There is no plausible reason why as a black man I should take on guilt, societal judgment or shame for a crime committed by someone else simply because he is black. To expect me to or to say, “That’s how blacks act” would be foolish and the very definition of racist. Here’s the problem. Many mistakenly believe this is exactly what white conservatives do. This is not true. Saying that a certain percentage of crimes are committed by blacks, when it is factual and disproportionately high, is not the same as saying that all blacks do it or committing the crime is a ‘black trait’.

There is simply no logical correlation to these thoughts on internalization, for anyone. However, there seems to be a constant demand from many on the left for whites to internalize, and in many cases apologize for, the Klan, slavery and other ills of ‘whites’. Are they saying that blacks should not be judged by the crimes of other blacks but whites are not afforded the same courtesy? This is at best illogical and at worst racist.

Speaking of the crimes of whites, there were also several callers who said the crime was bad but we’re exagerating it because it paled in comparison to the crimes of whites over the years. This is faulty syllogism. The existence of other crimes and the race of their perpetrators has no bearing on how a crime should be charged or judged. It’s like saying to a killer, “You shouldn’t have killed that man but fortunately for you, someone just killed two women and a child, that’s worse so you’re free to go!”

This is the type of emotional based thinking that led us to hate crimes to begin with. I understand how a criminal’s punishment can be adjusted based on severity of the crime, number of victims, method, or other factors but trying to determine someone’s motive or making a crime more extreme based on the characteristics of the victim is senseless. In addition to making some victims’ lives more valuable than others, it also portends to change the gravity of the crime. If you’re unsure, ask yourself if the crime these four youths committed would have been more or less severe if the victim were black? Obviously, the answer is no.

The solution is to stop seeing everything through a racial lens. As hard as this is for many, the easiest situations should be those involving crimes, especially heinous ones. We should all agree that this act was horrendous, sympathize for the victim and not assume all blacks act in this manner. The same goes for crimes committed by whites. There is no ‘groupthink’ on violent crime. As Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist and holocaust survivor whose wife, brother and mother were killed by Nazis, said when asked if he hated Germans, “No. There are only two races, the decent and the indecent.”

Written by:  RNR Guest Blogger C. Douglas Love

Read more about C. Douglas Love, and more of his work, on his website

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Prohibit Junk Food Food Stamp Abuse

On Thursday, December 15, Republican representative, Mary Bentley proposed a bill that would ban junk food purchases under food stamps in Arkansas. The bill would require Arkansas’s Department of Human Services to obtain a waiver from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which provides food stamps. Items like soda, chips, and candy bars would be disallowed.

Although I am not an Arkansas resident, I am in full support of this proposal and believe that it should become a nation wide policy. The money that goes to food stamps comes out of the paychecks of hardworking Americans, like you and I. Why should hard workers who have their own expenses be forced to pay for someone’s else’s unhealthy junk food?

I have witnessed recipients of food stamps abuse the program, first hand.

When I was completing my senior year of high school in early 2016, I worked at a convenience store in Michigan as a sales associate. A vast amount of individuals came in, used food stamps to buy pop, gummy bears, and candy, and then used cash for cigars, lottery tickets, and lighters. These are not people in genuine need of help while they seek employment. These are entitled people who are gleefully abusing the system and piggybacking off the dimensions of working people.

It’s very insulting that a percentage of my income goes to pay for other people’s extras. If you are receiving food stamps from the government, you should be doing everything to find work that will allow you to support yourself instead of relying on other people’s money. Some may argue that food stamps belong to the recipient once the government issues them, but this is erroneous. The money invested in food stamps is not the property of the program’s recipients. They did not work for it, so therefore, it does not belong to them. It belongs to all the hard workers of America. Government assistance could not exist without our economic labor.

The Special Supplemental Nutritional Program (or ‘food stamps’) is highly parasitic in nature. It relies on people who go to work everyday to support ourselves. It takes without giving and breeds an attitude of entitlement from those on the receiving end. What incentive do they have to work if everything is handed to them, free of charge?

This must end. I fully look forward to seeing all junk food purchases banned nationwide under food stamps.

Written by: RNR Contributor Gabrielle Seunagal

We are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians uniting to the right for Civics & Constitutionalism!  From one single Tweet to one BILLION Grassroots, Organic Social Media Impressions per month, Red Nation Rising™ is an Internet phenomenon which has transitioned to a serious, national, grassroots organization.

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Ron Boat Wonders; To God, or Not To God?

It’s not just the past Christmas season that brought these facts to mind, but a consolidation of emotions and thoughts that propel us toward a new year and a hopefully a less ungodly America.

We must, or should, admit that America is unique. Conceived in liberty – Born out of revolution – Based on forethought, reason and freedom. A country whose very essence and form of governance is like no other ever developed.

Forgive me while I digress factually for a moment. The tyrannical oppression of England, the burden of over taxation through the Sugar Act (1764), or the Stamp Act (1765), the controlling monopolistic policies of the Tea Act (1773) and the general concept of taxation without representation (They should see taxation WITH representation) all contributed to the desire for change. More and more regulations and taxes to pay for England’s debt from the French and Indian War (1763)… and the colonists didn’t like it.

These were a spark, the basis for change. It became clear that a separation was needed for many reasons. A new and better country based more on a sense of fairness, good, what’s right, strong religious principles, independence – and a desire for freedom, hence the foundation for our United States.

Our founding fathers were brilliant, thoughtful men of deep religious convictions based in the Bible and their Christian faith in Jesus Christ. Of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, nearly half (24) held seminary or Bible school degrees.

Adams and Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton, and many of their colleagues were men of exceptional European learning. They immersed themselves in the Greek and Latin classics, in the history of medieval and modern Europe, in British and French constitutional theory and practice. And they were men of action. They understood mistakes of the past and had a clear, intimate awareness of the special needs for a new America.

While in Turkey (Aug. 2009), President Obama casually rebuked the concept that the United States is a Judeo-Christian nation. “…we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values.”

How wrong and descriptively demeaning can one be? Where do the best, most solid “ideals and set of values” come from if not a foundation of true inner and religious beliefs – not in social justice ideology. And yes, the basis for our country was a belief and dependence on God and his own wisdom and guidance for us.

God has systematically been reduced, slighted and eliminated from our culture more and more over the last few years. The taking of the words “under God” from our pledge to our flag, the daily practice of even pledging allegiance to this flag and the country has been stripped from acceptance. And forget about prayers in school any more.

In God we trust” offends people who use our money. The mere presence of a nativity scene or “Christ”mas tree drives many to the local courthouse, the Ten Commandments are removed from view, and in 2007 (and with many maneuvering explanations) the monogram of “IHS” was covered from view behind the president during a speech at Georgetown University. When growing up this was predominant in our church standing for “In His Service” – or the service of God – even though it actually comes from the original Greek for Jesus’ name, being the first three letters of “ihsous.”

The following Christian quotes of the founding fathers stand as testament to their strong moral and spiritual convictions which helped form the fundamentals of our nation and our government. And these represent only a small sampling of their views, beliefs and many writings.

George Washington – 1st  U.S. President

While we are zealously performing the duties of good citizens and soldiers, we certainly ought not to be inattentive to the higher duties of religion. To the distinguished character of Patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of Christian.

John Adams – 2nd  U.S. President and Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Suppose a nation in some distant Region should take the Bible for their only law Book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited! Every member would be obliged in conscience, to temperance, frugality, and industry; to justice, kindness, and charity towards his fellow men; and to piety, love, and reverence toward Almighty God … What a Eutopia, what a Paradise would this region be.

And Adams wrote in 1813, a letter to Thomas Jefferson, excerpts being:

The general principles, on which the Fathers achieved independence, were the…general Principles of Christianity.” “Now I will avow, that I then believe, and now believe, that those general Principles of Christianity, are as eternal and immutable, as the Existence and Attributes of God; and that those Principles of Liberty, are as unalterable as human Nature…

Thomas Jefferson – 3rd U.S. President, Drafter & Signer of the Declaration of Independence

I am a real Christian – that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus Christ.

John Hancock – 1st Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual. … Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.

Benjamin Franklin – Signer of the Declaration of Independence & Unites States Constitution

Here is my Creed. I believe in one God, the Creator of the Universe. That He governs it by His Providence. That He ought to be worshipped.

As to Jesus of Nazareth, my opinion of whom you particularly desire, I think the system of morals and his religion, as he left them to us, is the best the world ever saw, or is likely to see.

Samuel Adams – Signer of the Declaration of Independence and Father of the American Revolution

And as it is our duty to extend our wishes to the happiness of the great family of man, I conceive that we cannot better express ourselves than by humbly supplicating the Supreme Ruler of the world that the rod of tyrants may be broken to pieces, and the oppressed made free again…and speedily bringing on that holy and happy period when the kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ may be everywhere established, and all people everywhere willingly bow to the sceptre of Him who is Prince of Peace.

James Madison – 4th U.S. President

A watchful eye must be kept on ourselves lest while we are building ideal monuments of Renown and Bliss here we neglect to have our names enrolled in the Annals of Heaven.

Rev. John Witherspoon, president of Princeton University when James Madison graduated wrote:

Cursed be all that learning that is contrary to the cross of Christ.” [Can you imagine such writings in liberal academia today?]

Add to the above even more words, references and beliefs from:

James Monroe – 5th U.S. President

John Quincy Adams – 6th U.S. President

William Penn – Founder of Pennsylvania

Roger Sherman – Signer of the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution

Alexander Hamilton – Signer of the Declaration of Independence and Ratifier of the U.S. Constitution

Patrick Henry – Ratifier of the U.S. Constitution

These men, while religious in their core beliefs, also knew that a governing body should have no demands on its citizens to worship a particular way other than to hold principles of value that enhance the lives of all men. Principles we have been losing through the social evolution of more recent time.

The 60’s brought its “social freedoms” of drugs, sex and rock and roll. And the “right” to do as we wish personally without regard to punishment or consequences. These are seen in the basic principles and actions of our current president and his selected team of “social sovereigns” – ideals born in the 60’s with views and actions toward man and not God. Even belittling or denying God.

People believe in many paths to God as is their privilege. So much a civil right that our founders established its steadfastness in the First Amendment to the Constitution: Two rights in fact.

The first part being known as the “Establishment Clause” which prohibits the government from establishing an official religion or showing preference of one over another.

The second is the “Free Exercise Clause” which prohibits the government from interfering with a person’s right to practice his or her religion. Religious freedom is an absolute right guaranteed and without government control, however this has been boldly abused lately and with Constitutional disregard.

My reasoning behind this exercise in history is straightforward. To show that we are drifting knowingly and deliberately, dangerously away from the basis of our foundation and the beliefs of our founding fathers which served us well for nearly 200 years – until modern society decided it knew better.

The concept of being a Christian nation is not limiting, not controlling or demanding of anyone to believe in a common path to heaven. Nowhere is it found that our founders expressed a Christian point of view for this purpose but yet, a set of values which guide our lives and actions toward others and… we are losing them. They talked of these principles in the terms of freedom, charity, law, liberty, kindness and duties of good citizenship.

Many will say that our founders were Deists and not Christians, but Deism is a position that God does not intervene in the “natural world” but allows it to run according to the laws of nature. I think one can clearly appreciate that our founders believed that God held the power and set the rules for a life above and beyond our mere existence.

As we embark on a new year, a future of questionable “retainment” of rights, freedoms and ability to live and enjoy in our personal and yes, our religious lives seems to have been answered. It’s important to recognize the eroding of these rights in the past; One by one – little by little. When government can dictate to and demand of established religions a change in their belief system to fit “changing social values,” can other more diabolical intentions be far behind for the betterment of a society gone askew from God?

As Thomas Jefferson said, “God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the Gift of God?” I sincerely take this not just as Jefferson’s belief, but a warning lest we remove God from our lives and society. And aren’t we daily doing just this?

America is a unique and well founded country that had everyone’s best interest at heart without need for changing its core beliefs. Unlike a recent rant by CNN’s Piers Morgan, it is not “time for an amendment to the Bible” and “the American Constitution is not inherently flawed.”

Whether Protestant, Jew, Hindu, Catholic, Buddhist, or of any organized religion, there are values and a divine guidance, something bigger and better than ourselves that can enhance our lives. I wish you nothing but happiness and success in this New Year and hope that whatever your religious basis, it brings you peace and contributes to the betterment of yourself, your family and the country we all love as conceived by our founders.

Big Govt Blue Dems, Fake News MSM Cohorts Are Real Hacks

Don’t trust the government or mainstream media regarding alleged “Russian hacking” which again recently took a front page position on the (Fake News) Washington Post.  This story is to report that the Washington Post’s original article from 3 days ago was nothing but a bunch of lies.  It also serves to attempt to defend the legitimacy of a recent government report that was supposed to prove Russia hacked the election. The report did no such thing.  That of course is tied to the Obama administration and the Washington Post trying to paint Donald Trump as a Russian stooge.  All of these things keep being exposed as lies.  That doesn’t stop the Washington Post and the government from spreading these lies purposefully. That is why I can’t trust the government or mainstream media on Russian hacking.  Nor should you.

I should start at the beginning of this, but I think I covered it pretty well in my Dec 26th ariticle and again in my Dec 30th article.  Both articles detail how the government under the Obama administration is trying to blame the loss of Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election on Russia. They claim WikiLeaks which released the Hillary Clinton State Department emails in March 2016, the DNC emails in July 2016, and the Podesta emails in October 2016 were all originally hacked by the Russians.  They ignore that all of the information in those emails is true.  The corruption exposed with the government and mainstream media collusion they don’t want Americans to read. Russian hacking excuses Hillary Clinton, who should be in jail, for losing the election because the Russians wanted Trump.

So we go to the story the Washington Post released Friday December 30th 2016.  This article now has a very revealing recently added editor’s note on it.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid. Authorities say there is no indication of that so far. The computer at Burlington Electric that was hacked was not attached to the grid.

The headline of the original article, “Russian operation hacked a Vermont utility, showing risk to U.S. electrical grid security, officials say” is an alarmist statement in itself.  The Washington Post appears to want to deflect from their previous fake news stories trying to link Trump and the Russians by printing new fake news stories to frighten the American people.  Maybe they think if Americans are afraid enough, they won’t look for the truth.  The problem is that Zero Hedge immediately exposed the Washington Post’s Dec. 30 article as false.  Just to be clear, the Washington Post in another retracted story because it was false, accused Zero Hedge of being a fake news website.

The irony isn’t lost as the supposedly legitimate mainstream media keeps getting exposed as liars by the alternative media who they claim are the liars.  Then if you go to the DNC and Podesta emails and read their contents, you understand the mainstream media and the government collude to lie to the American public.  The Podesta emails show the Hillary Clinton campaign wanted an ignorant and compliant public so she could get elected.  Of course they failed, but the lies and deception continue.

The implication that the Russians hacked our electrical grid is a particularly dangerous lie.  Think of the implications of a foreign power turning off the lights in America and they remained off for a week.  Most Americans don’t have any idea of how to survive without power.  People in the big cities would quickly find the stores empty.  Running water would stop because electricity is required to pump water into most of our plumbing.  People would would begin to panic after a few days, and 90% would begin to starve.  Even worse, most don’t have access or the knowledge of how to make potable water.  This means thirst, dehydration, and dangerous pollutants would quickly become a serious health concern.

Those are just a few of the problems with the power going out for a week. There are some pretty good doom and gloom videos that speculate on how quickly are large percentage of America would die without electricity.

They make a lot of good points that my own life experiences have trained me not to be personally concerned about.  In Liberia as a teenager we boiled and filtered our own water.  Growing up fishing, and working in the safari trade in Zimbabwe taught me a lot about hunting, snaring, and foraging.  I know how to purify water and find my own food.  I retaught myself those skills when I returned to America.  It also gave me fire arms and first aid training.  Then owning good camping gears is also part of my lifestyle.  This causes me not to fear for my own safety in a grid down situation so much, but I fear for the safety of family and friends.

The Washington Post, in an attempt to legitimize the Obama administration’s attempts to paint Trump as a Russian puppet, were willing to create panic with lies.  On this point, I am glad the American people are largely asleep at the wheel to the reality in their own country. Instead of massive panic, Americans largely enjoyed the New Year weekend oblivious to Washington Post’s attempt to create fear.  The Americans that are switched on and pay attention didn’t panic because good news sources like Zero Hedge quickly exposed the lies.  So did Forbes, Info Wars, and Breitbart.

Americans need to ask themselves a very serious question as these lies are repeatedly exposed.  Why is the mainstream media, Obama administration, and neoconservatives holding on to their Russia narrative? Why are they teaming up and being exposed as fools, but keep trying to legitimize their lies?

The simple answer is the American people rebelled and voted them out of power.  They fear what a President Trump may bring to the White House. Trump promised to “drain the swamp” or more simply put, reinstate the Rule of Law.  To the corrupt politicians, the fear of the gravy train coming to an end is horrible.  That they might face jail time for crimes they committed is terrifying thought.  A President Trump promised to make the elite accountable under the law, so they seek to stop him by any means they can get away with.

The Russian hacking lie was really an attempt to legitimize a coup against the election of President-Elect Trump in December.  The CIA leaked the story of Russian hacking originally to the Washington Post in an attempt to change the Electoral College vote.  That attempt failed like the protests after the election and the Jill Stein recounts failed.

This is something else they want to hide.  Project Veritas released a series of videos exposing organized Democratic operatives conspiring to commit massive voter fraud and to organize violent protests.  America got to witness those protests all through Donald Trump’s campaign.  The establishment keeps toting that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. They don’t want you to remember organized voter fraud of the above mentioned videos, illegal immigrants being urged to vote by Barack Obama, or that Jill Stein’s recount uncovered massive voting fraud in Detroit.  They want to hide that their efforts to delegitimize a Trump presidency have all failed.

The problem I have with the recent articles in the Washington Post is that it is just garbage piled on top of garbage.  They explain that although their previous article has been proven false, today they are reporting the truth.  Then they continue to push that although it is unproven, that Russian hacking is really bad. Due to the dangers the Russians pose, you can really trust the Obama administration and government agencies to protect the American people and tell the truth.  If we just move on from all the previous exposed lies, the Washington Post and government are going to be honest from this point on.

Of course they fail to report on Chinese hacking.  That allowed China to access government records and steal corporate trade secrets.  China destroyed the American steel industry by hacking their secrets.  Millions of American manufacturing jobs have been lost through many different industries due to Chinese hacking.  Yet the Obama administration and Washington post double down on the dangers of Russian hackers.


The Washington Post is trying to wash its hands of being exposed as liars, by reporting that they got caught lying.  I could go on for hours, but I think I made my point.  The establishment, as it the progressives, neoconservatives, their corporate masters, and mainstream media minions have been repeatedly exposed as liars.  They plan to double down on their lies to try and stop Trump.  The establishment fears a returning of the Rule of Law to America.

Will Trump “drain the swamp”?  I don’t know, we have to get him into office to find out.  The current establishment is pushing Russia aggressively in a campaign to sow fear.  They are pushing so hard that we risk war.  America needs to keep calling the establishment out on its lies to keep them destroying our country.

Written by:  RNR Guest Blogger Michael F. Martin

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Fake News CNN, Obama Absolute Fools re: Russia

Recently, over on social media I saw a CNN story that announced Russia was going to close the Anglo American School and American vacation datcha in Moscow. It was a shock, I spent 1979 -1982 living in Moscow when my dad was assigned to the American Embassy. I went to that school as a little kid when it only operated on a K through 7th grade basis. It was against policy for American personal to have teenage children living in the USSR. I also took vacations with my family and attended summer camp at that datcha. This was a nasty Russian attack against the families of Americans stationed in Moscow. Today I woke up to find out the CNN was again publishing “Fake News” for public consumption. They published an outright lie. This meant CNN and the Obama administration made absolute fools out of themselves with Russia.

Let’s be clear on where this started.  This started with the WikiLeaks release of the Hillary Clinton Secretary of State emails in March 2016.  That was when the “Russia is hacking us” narrative started.  With the release of the DNC emails in July and the Podesta emails in October, the democrats and Obama administration kept doubling down on the Russian narrative.  Now Russian hacking is being blamed on why Hillary Clinton was such an incompetent candidate and lost the Presidential election.

Back when our Electoral College vote was coming up, the CIA got in on the action and leaked that there is a secret report showing the Russians were behind the WikiLeaks email releases.  On Thursday Dec 29, the Obama administration doubled down again and expelled 35 Russian diplomatsand shut down two facilities. To justify the action they had the FBI release a report supposedly detailing the Russian hacking.  The report gets into the science of hacking but provided no verifiable evidence.  The fact that the report comes with a disclaimer makes it comical.

this report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within. DHS does not endorse any commercial product or service referenced in this advisory or otherwise.”

I’m going to unpack all of this because it is absolute silliness.  Expelled or PNGing 35 Russian diplomats is an unprecedented attack.  In the past when we got mad and expelled say a GS-13 level diplomat who was really a spy, Russia or back in the day, the USSR would retaliate by expelling an American GS-13 level diplomat who was a spy.  It has been tit for tat all through the Cold War.  They knew who our spies were with diplomatic cover and we know theirs.  35 at once and shutting down 2 Russian facilities is a sledgehammer blow.

You would expect the Russians would get mad and reply on a massive scale in return.  Instead this came as one of the first Russian replies.

I think the Russians have grown a sense of humor in the last 25 years. They showed utter contempt for the Obama administration and was laughing in their face.

Then a few hours later CNN published the story about Russia announcing the closure of the Anglo American School and the vacation datcha.

If the story was true, that would be Russia playing twice as dirty as the Obama administration.  It is the middle of the school year and the children’s parents would be scrambling to relocate their children to get schooling  People might quit their job in Moscow as a result to move their kids back home.  Worse, a husband or wife might choose to split the family and live apart while the other completes their posting to Moscow.  This wouldn’t just affect the American community, but the British, Canadian, and all the other countries that send their kids to that school.

As I said, if it were true. Russian officials replied to the CNN story.

Information on the closure of the Anglo-American School in Moscow spread by CNN is completely false, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, wrote on her Facebook page.

“U.S. officials ‘anonymously informed’ their media that Russia closed the Anglo-American School in Moscow as a retaliatory measure,” she said. “That’s a lie. Apparently, the White House has completely lost its senses and began inventing sanctions against its own children.”

If the Russians are trying to make CNN and the Obama administration look like absolute idiots, they succeeded.  The leak to the CNN came from and unnamed “US official briefed on the matter.”  That makes it sound like it came from the Obama administration itself.  Perhaps it did, maybe they thought the American public would get so outraged, that by the time it was disproved, it wouldn’t matter.  Obama really seems to want to push the Russians into a war.  Public outrage might give him the excuse to create and emergency to keep Donald Trump from taking office.

I can’t believe the Obama administration is that stupid though.  What I think really happened it the Russians punked a diplomat into leaking false information to CNN, therefore discrediting CNN and the Obama administration.  It was a rope-a-dope operation using the Obama administrations aggression against itself.

The concept is simple.  When Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats, mainstream press was waiting for Russia to retaliate.  So the Russian’s decided to have some fun with the situation to make mainstream media and Obama look stupid.  Russian officials at a cocktail party or in a bar or restaurant targeted an American diplomat they knew wasn’t very smart and was reactionary.  Within this diplomats hearing, they spoke about Putin ordering the closure of the school and datcha.  This leaves no paper trail.  The idiot diplomat then reports up the chain of command, and someone panicking over their children’s education calls a trusted CNN contact.

CNN being such a pillar of sound reporting fails to contact the Russian government for comment and publishes a bogus story.  Then idiots at Politico and other mainstream sources publish their own “fake news” articles siting the CNN story as their sole source.  In hours the story goes viral and it is tied directly to the Obama administrations aggressive anti-Russian behavior.

Then after several hours of hype, Russia comes out officially denying the story.  With a simple statement by an official Russian spokesperson, Russia just succeeded in not only making Obama look like a deranged idiot, they completely discredit Fake News CNN.


Well played Russia.  Well played.

As I said to my dad over the phone today, I had only seen the school closure story coming from one source, so I didn’t trust that it was true. Right after I got off the phone, I found the CNN story was a lie.  Russia walked out of the boxing ring a little dinged up losing 35 assets in America.  They are weakened in their spying capability because of it.  With a little disinformation campaign, they succeeded in letting the Obama administration punch themselves in the face.

Written by:  RNR Guest Blogger Michael F. Martin

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Has Florida Forgotten Jihadi Pulse Attack?

You would think Florida would be the last state that would welcome a Syrian Cleric who advocates the death penalty for homosexuals and holy war against Jews and those in the West. Apparently the Islamic Center of Pinellas County near Tampa, Florida has put the Pulse jihad attack behind them as they choose to invite this “world renown scholar” to speak January 6, 2017.

Syrian Sheikh Rateb Al-Nabulsi was welcomed by our State Department in 2014 to visit 17 different cities speaking and collecting money for the Syrian opposition to Assad. The Syrian American Council and Shaam Relief, partnered with the Muslim Brotherhood was integral in bringing him here to the US.

The approval of his visa occurred even though Al-Nabulsi was on video advocating for the death penalty for homosexuals, and was reported by the Inestigative Project on Terrorism as saying this,

“All the Jewish people are combatant. They do not have a career that a military rank does not encounter: doctor, pilot, engineer, for example, is a tank commander. Every civilian citizen. They do not have a regular army; they have a reserve army, and all the people can fight, so this is essentially an entirely aggressive entity from A to Z. This is the Sharia ruling.”

According to the New York Post the State Department defended their decision to admit Al-Nabulsi as one of their officials reported that visa requests especially from countries that sponsor terror get scrutinized. One official stated,

“Every visa applicant undergoes a screening to detect connections to terrorism, and that includes inputs from multiple federal partners.”

If these screenings are any indication of the scrutiny of the Syrian refugees are receiving, Americans should be extremely concerned for their personal safety and the security of the country.

If they can fail so badly when they have multiple sources of background information at their disposal, what kind of assurance do the American people have that they are making wise decisions with NO background information at all on the refugees and immigrants being allowed in our country?

How can a State Department with access to these open-sourced videos and documents not make decisions in the best interest of the American people? Why does the State Department still extend an open and welcoming stance to a Syrian Cleric advocating for the death of homosexuals 8 months following an Islamic jihad attack on a gay bar in Orlando, Florida?

The answer is simple. We have been under the direction of an enemy in the White House.

Prior to the Pulse jihadi attack, Alan Kornman with The United West, brought another Muslim Cleric, Iranian Sheikh Sekaleshfar, to the attention of WFTV 9 News in Orlando. This man openly called for the killing of gays as the compassionate thing to do, and spoke in Sanford, Florida at the Husseini Islamic Center.

So, here we are once again having to swallow the absolute deception of a President Obama who speaks out of two sides of his mouth and a State Department that has become impotent when it comes to protecting this country. Obama sets the tone for his duplicitous manner when it comes to Islamic terrorism and gay rights.

On the one hand he drapes the White House in rainbow colors, appoints a gay man, Eric Fanning, for the Secretary of the Army and names Stonewall a National Monument for gay rights. On the other hand, he courts the Muslim Brotherhood/HAMAS by allowing hate-filled clerics like Al-Nabulsi and Sekaleshfar who advocate violence against gays, to come and whip up the Muslims attending these Mosques and Islamic Centers into carrying out more atrocities on the American people.

The good people of Florida need to speak up against the Islamization of their state and demand that clerics like Al-Nabulsi turn right back around and go back to where they came from.

It is time for a new Secretary of State to designate the Muslim Brotherhood and all those front groups associated with them as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Only then will our law enforcement be able to root them out and put a stop to the sponsoring of jihad promoting clerics and Imams from spreading their ideology of hate.

  • Al-Nabulsi Event Flyer: The Islamic Society of Pinellas County, “An Evening for Syria Dr. Mohammed Al-NabulsiMasjid Ebad Alrahman (904) 704-4381
  • Friday, January 6, 2017 at 7:30pm

Trump’s Promise, Congress’ Duty

Ask nearly any representative or senator serving in the U.S. Congress his or her opinion of term limits and you will most likely get the same response: “Term limits aren’t necessary. It’s up to the voters to decide how long a person serves in office.” Ah, if it were only that simple.

President-elect Donald Trump, in his Contract With The American Voter, pledged that on his first day in office, he would propose a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress. What a fantastic idea. And long overdue. The problem, of course, is getting such an amendment ratified.

On the surface, the knee-jerk response of these politicians that term limits aren’t necessary because “it’s up to the voters” sounds reasonable. After all, here in America – the world’s preeminent “democracy” (actually, a representative republic) – U.S. citizens of legal age have the right to vote and in exercising that right, decide collectively who they wish to represent them at all levels of government. So, from an intuitive perspective, there is nothing wrong with sending the same politician back to Congress term after term if that is the electorate’s will. The problem, of course, is that what is intuitive doesn’t always match what is reality.

Many members of Congress have a knack for getting elected and not much else. Most often these are the glad-handers – affectionately or derisively known as the “good-ole boys” (and girls). Armed with a permanent smile and an effervescent “never met a stranger” personality, these politicians win re-election cycle after cycle, not because of their legislative talents, but rather because of their singular ability to get people to like them and, therefore, to vote for them. As most voting is emotion-based, it is a reliable formula.

Once in office, there is the power of incumbency which, in a nutshell, is based in the fact that voters like to vote for a winner and having already won at least one election, the incumbent is most often viewed as just that, a winner. Of course, there is from time to time a wave of anti-incumbency, however, most congressional incumbents are able to schmooze their way through this occasional annoyance only to win re-election again, and again, until, ultimately, they become that dirtiest of all four-letter words – a career politician.

The problem with this system, which appears democratic on the surface, is that it tends ultimately – in the case of career politicians as least – to be anything but democratic. Why? One simple reason – the accumulation of power.

The longer a member of Congress stays in office, generally speaking, the more difficult it is for a newcomer to defeat him or her due to the simple fact of the power of incumbency. Further, the longer a member of Congress stays in office, in most cases, the larger his or her war chest becomes with regard to campaign finances. Of course, money isn’t everything in politics, just almost everything. Anyone who knows anything about campaigning knows that the person with the most money to spend has the best chance of winning, all other things being equal. Still further, the longer a member of Congress stays in office, the more likely he or she is to earn a powerful legislative position which tends to further insulate him or her from an effective challenge.

If the point of a democracy (or, rather, a representative republic) is to empower the voters, then such self-sustaining concentrations of power are antithetical to the essence of the “one person, one vote” concept of fair and effective self-government. Even Congress, itself, along with most state legislatures once realized the folly of allowing certain politicians to become entrenched in government by proposing and ratifying the 22nd Amendment limiting the president to two terms – this after President Franklin Roosevelt appeared determined to remain president forever or, well, at least until he died (which, of course, he managed to do).

If President-elect Trump keeps his promise to the American people to propose, on his first day in office, an amendment instituting term limits on members of Congress, he will have done something truly historic. If members of Congress support ratification of the amendment by the state legislatures, they will have done something beyond historic – they will have done their duty.

CIA Attempted To Assassinate President-Elect Trump’s Credibility

After the shock of the election of Donald Trump, the establishment was caught flat footed.  An attempt was made by progressive groups like to spark nationwide protests, but that effort largely failed. Other than the west coast, people lost interest after a few days.  Then a call was made for recounts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in late November.  Again the establishment failed to topple Trump.  Then December 9th, the Washington Post released an article naming a CIA source saying there is a secret report about Russian hacking that caused Donald Trump to be elected.  Pundits parroted the unproven information trying to affect the the electoral college.  In that failed campaign, I began to realize the CIA has bigger motives.  This unproven claim is the CIA attempting to assassinate President-Elect Trump’s credibility, and this will get interesting.

The December 9 article by the Washington Post makes the claim that Russia deliberately acted to undermine the American elections and get Donald Trump elected.  They make the claim that agents of Russia hacked and leaked the DNC and Podesta emails to WikiLeaks.  The language is vague in meaning and no actual evidence of this report is provided.  The article was initially designed to affect the upcoming electoral college vote. The strongest allegation of the article is that Trump is a Russian puppet. Although the electoral college was unchanged, if the CIA can make the American population believe this report, it will cripple a Trump administration. Without public support, it will get nothing done.

The effect of the article was immediate as the mainstream media announced it’s release as breaking news.  Rather than questioning the vagueness of any proof of the information, newspapers and broadcast TV news blindly repeated the information.  Then progressive and neoconservative Congressmen and Senators latched onto the Post’s story to call for hearings.  Nancy Pelosi’s daughter began a failed campaign to have the electoral college briefed.  The momentum of the information served to attempt to discredit Donald Trump as representing the American people. It painted him as a Russian agent.

The CIA and Washington Post have a problem though.  The alternate media is a real power in the spreading of real information.  Alternate media began printing and broadcasting articles with a counter narrative.  The first problem with the Post’s article is that the owner Jeff Bezos has a conflict of interest.  He is the primary owner of both the Washington Post and Amazon.  Amazon has a $600 million dollar contract with the CIA to build it a high tech “cloud” infrastructure for storage of data.  This contract can lead to future contracts of possibly billions of dollars.  The Washington Post should disclose this information along with their unproven article about the CIA’s secret report, but they didn’t.  Is Bezos willing to lie for the CIA?

That led me to the CIA’s second problem with this information release. The House Intelligence Committee called for a briefing on the CIA secret report on December 15.  The briefing was cancelled when the CIA refused to disclose the information contained in the secret report.  That raised the question of whether there actually is a report, or if the report exists, is the information factual or fiction?  Similarly, the electoral college never got briefed and few electors acted faithlessly.  Most that did, rebelled against Hillary Clinton.

That led to the third troubling factor for the CIA’s secret report.  Even the Washington Post was forced to report that the FBI disagreed on December 10 with the CIA’s report.  Six days later, after pressure could be brought to bear, the FBI reversed position and came on board to support the unproven allegation.  This reversal isn’t surprising, as I wrote in The FBI Is Staging A Coup Against The Elite Overlords, James Comey is not exactly a sterling character.  In fact James Comey is a carrier establishment insider.

To complicate the fact that the FBI initially disagreed with the CIA assessment and Washington Post story, is the other sources that disagree with it.  Julian Assange interviewed with Sean Hannity December 15 on Fox News.  Assange asserts that his source for the WikiLeaks documents is not Russia.  WikiLeaks has a 10 year perfect track record of only releasing real documents.  They have never altered content or published fake content.  The establishment claims Julian Assange is lying, but why would he mar a perfect record at this point?  Assange gains nothing by yet again defying the American establishment elite.

Even with all the problems proving Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta emails, the one thing the establishment doesn’t argue is their validity.  The information available to the public at WikiLeaks is real.  The establishment doesn’t want to public to read those emails because of what they expose.  They expose that the Democratic primary was deliberately rigged against Bernie Sanders.  It exposes the contempt the Democratic political elite holds for the American public.  They reveal that the political elite collude with the mainstream media to create propaganda.  Political insiders want an ignorant and compliant public.  It reveals secret agendas to deceive the American people.

That is ignored by the establishment elite.  Pat Buchanan wrote an excellent article on how the interventionist neoconservative and progressives in Congress and the Senate are seizing the false CIA narrative.  They are doing this to undermine the Trump administration before it takes office.  They reach back into the past to pull forward the ghost of the tyrannical USSR and paint that on Putin to stain President-Elect Trump.  The CIA and the establishment want to change the Trump narrative.  President-Elect Trump campaigned and won on not being bought and paid for by anyone. The establishment now wants the public to believe President-Elect was aided and installed by Russia and Putin.

The CIA, with the release of the Washington Post article, directly attacked their future leader.  The CIA has a long history of releasing information to smear individuals.  CIA insiders use both true and false information as a weapon against advisories.  They use the mainstream media as a weapon delivery system to protect their secret empire.  In the past they molded what the American public believed for their own cause.  Now they are trying the same tactics, but due to the internet and freedom of speech, the CIA is failing.

As big of a threat as the alternate media is by publishing the truth, the CIA has a bigger problem in a President Donald Trump.  If one thing the last year and a half has proved, it is that President-Elect Trump is a force to be taken seriously.  He understands the power of the alternate media.  He proved this by interviewing with Alex Jones on December 2 2015.  The mainstream media was appalled by this action as they view Alex Jones as an alarmist and conspiracy theory nut.  That interview has over 2.3 million views on that single platform.  How many of millions of views are there on mirror sites and other Info Wars platforms?  Donald Trump told millions of Americans that he understood their fears and concerns about our current bloated and increasingly tyrannical government.

Trump’s unabashed use of Twitter is another major offense to the establishment and mainstream media.  With over 12 million followers, President-Elect Trump uses the platform to escape mainstream media control.  In short 140 character bites, he can spread his message without outside commentary.  He uses other legacy social media platforms in similar fashion to create his own narrative.  The establishment uses the mainstream media as the gatekeepers of the narrative, Trump is exposing there is no gate.

Donald Trump does not bother with political correctness.  Political correctness is an establishment tool taught in the educational system that shuts down debate and discussion.  It created the constant narrative that white people only oppose President Obama’s policies because we are racist.  They use it promote the idea of Black Lives Matter as legitimate organization, rather than exposing that they are a hard line communist terrorist operation.  It seeks to create division to keep Americans in fear of speaking the truth.  They can’t outlaw the 1st Amendment, but they use social pressure as a weapon against the truth.  Trump’s lack of political correctness shows he doesn’t fear that social pressure.

This is where the CIA has very much to fear.  One of President Trump’s platforms that is deemed not politically correct is the “Drain the Swamp” platform.  Donald Trump knows the CIA is trying to assassinate his credibility.  Although there are rumors Trump is softening on his “drain the swamp” platform, his actions speak differently.  On Dec 18 he selected Mike Pompeo as his next Director of the CIA.  Like many of the other selections for posts, Mike Pompeo is not a great fan of the CIA or it’s unconstitutional actions.  He in fact is the leader of the Freedom Caucus in Congress and opposes the established elite.  Many of the Cabinet selections so far are placing people opposed to their organizations as now running them.  President-Elect Trump wants a man like Mike Pompeo running this secret organization so that Trump can receive accurate intelligence.

To make that possible Mike Pompeo will have dismantle the current Obama CIA.  The Obama CIA  is built on the Bush CIA that brought lies surrounding Iraqi WMDs and led us into the Iraq War.  Current CIA operations serve to destabilize the Middle East and arm terrorists.  These actions are criminal according to American law.  The career bureaucrats that hold high offices are now going to face new leadership.  By attacking Donald Trump on December 9, they now have left themselves open to Trump’s revenge.  If you are going to “drain the swamp”, Donald Trump will have to take on the deep state infrastructure.  His tool for this is Mike Pompeo.

What Mike Pompeo will do after taking his position after January 20 2017, I don’t know.  What I do know is that someone leaked to the Washington Post that there is a secret CIA report.  That means the report is classified. The release of classified information to a mainstream media is an illegal act.  Mike Pompeo can start by launching an investigation into what person or people leaked the document.  When he gains that knowledge, he can not only fire those guilty, but he can also criminally prosecute them.

Then Mike Pompeo can take a look at current operations and properly inform Trump of the truth.  If the current intelligence briefings that President-Elect Trump are dishonest, they can hold investigations on why.  That can lead to other bad actors that are currently sending false information to Trump.  People involved with the arming of terrorists can be prosecuted.  All in all, having an honest man in charge of the CIA can begin a dismantling of a corrupt deep state.  It will be a difficult battle to fight and win, but I suspect Trump will take on the challenge.


I think the CIA has bitten off more than they can chew by attacking Trump’s credibility.  It is going to be interesting watching after January 20 2017, as President Trump sends Mike Pompeo to Langley to clean up the CIA.  Many still suspect the CIA of being behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy today.  With the internet and the power of the alternate media growing today, I don’t think the CIA still believes it can pull off a similar action.  Instead they seek to assassinate credibility of the person rather than the person himself.

Judging from the articles I see on legacy social media, and the story I just wrote and will continue writing, I think the CIA is in deep trouble.  If a President Trump follows through with his promise to drain the swamp the CIA will be on the top of his list.  If Trump backs off, the American public will know as the alternate media will turn against such a betrayal.  One way or another, 2017  promises to be an interesting year.

Written by: RNR Guest Blogger Michael F. Martin

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We are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians uniting to the right for Civics & Constitutionalism!  From one single Tweet to one BILLION Grassroots, Organic Social Media Impressions per month, Red Nation Rising™ is an Internet phenomenon which has transitioned to a serious, national, grassroots organization.

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Election Rigging and Blue Dem Double Standards

At this point in American history, Democrats have trademarked hypocrisy and double standards. This has manifested in a plethora of ways from name calling to refusing to accept the results of the election and so on. Leftists have now reached a new low by suggesting that Putin and the Russians rigged the election in President Elect Trump’s favor while vehemently disregarding any claims of election tampering prior to Mr. Trump’s victory.

During the election, Mr. Trump suggested that potential fraud existed in Mrs. Clinton’s favor. When you consider that dead people are registered to vote and election machines are altering votes from Trump/Pence to Clinton/Kaine, the allegation holds precedence. However, Democrats completely dismissed the issue and labeled Mr. Trump as fear mongering and delusional.

While campaigning at a Hillary For America event in Miami Gardens, Florida, President Obama said the following: “When you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people’s mind about the legitimacy of our elections, that undermines our democracy. Then you are doing the work of our adversaries for them.” It is most unfortunate that Mr. Obama does not hold this same view after seeing his party crash and burn on November 8th.

Fast forward a month and a half later and the rhetoric of the Left has utterly contrasted. The same President who lectured about “sowing seeds of doubt about the legitimacy of elections,” also stated that the United States would “retaliate” against Russians for “meddling in the election.” There’s never been a situation more fitting for the phrase “sour grapes.”

In an Oprah interview, Michelle Obama said, “We’re feeling what not having hope feels like.” I, along with my fellow Patriots, beg to differ. We do feel hope. We feel more hope than we’ve felt in eight years. We feel hope that our current President-Elect will reverse the damaging policies that have caused taxes to skyrocket, home ownership rates to plummet, and food stamp recipients to increase. Democrats really believed that they were going to easily win this election. They were beaten big league and now their heads are exploding.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time that the Left has used Putin and the Russians as a scapegoat when things were not going in their direction. At the second Presidential debate, Mrs. Clinton implied that Wikileaks were a result of Russian hackers. This has been proven to be false by Craig Murray, a Wikileaks operative, who revealed that appalled Democrats were behind the leaks, not the Russians.

Interestingly enough, when Republicans lose elections, unlike Democrats, we don’t throw tantrums. When Obama won in 2008 and 2012, we didn’t riot, make false claims of hate crimes, or claim that a foreign leader rigged the elections. We accepted the results like mature adults and went to work the next day.

Leftists still fail to grasp that they are responsible for their loss. A Muslim woman was recently arrested for lying about being the victim of a hate crime perpetrated by Trump supporters. Hollywood actress, Lisa Edelstein used Alan Thicke’s death to take a classless shot at the President-Elect. “Seems everyone’s checking out before the Trumpocalypse,” she tweeted. This nonsense is what millions of Americans voted against. As long as the Blue Dems promote racism, division, hatred, and fear mongering, they will always lose.

Gabrielle Seunagal is a young, outspoken conservative woman.  Passionate about politics and currently residing in Alpharetta, Georgia, Gabrielle is a Republitarian/Constitutionalist Red Nation Rising Contributor and writes editorial/opinion articles.  On Twitter she is @ClassySnobbb.


We are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians uniting to the right for Civics & Constitutionalism!  From one single Tweet to one BILLION Grassroots, Organic Social Media Impressions per month, Red Nation Rising™ is an Internet phenomenon which has transitioned to a serious, national, grassroots organization.

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Case Contradiction: Should Partial-Birth Abortion Technically Be Legal?

In 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States changed the face of the nation when Chief Justice, Warren E. Berger, voted to legalize murder so long as the victim had yet to exit its mother’s womb. On the same day its sister case, Doe v. Bolton was decided, Roe v. Wade ruled that denying a woman an abortion was unconstitutional because it denied her 14th amendment right to privacy under the due process clause of that amendment. In the constitution, there are due process clauses in both the fifth as well as the 14th amendments. Due process clauses were included in our Constitution in order to protect citizens from the subjective denial of life, liberty and/or property by the government, outside of its own authority and power.

In this ruling, the Supreme Court immediately contradicts itself by citing the reason for the ruling as, “protecting [the people] from the governmental denial of life,” while simultaneously taking the right to life away from millions of unborn children. Furthermore, the decision is void of any legal standing, otherwise known as the ability of Jane Roe [Norma McCorvey] to demonstrate to the court sufficient connection to and harm from the law or action challenged to support that party’s participation in the case. When Norma McCorvey became pregnant with her third child, she went to Dallas to receive an abortion after she was ill advised, by close friends, to lie about being raped in order to receive a legal abortion in that state. However, her request was denied due to the fact that there was no police report authenticating McCorvey’s rape claim. Following her failure to falsify the means by which her child was conceived, she sought an illegal abortion at a facility that had since been shut down. She was then referred to two local lawyers, who brought the case to the Supreme Court of Texas and, later, the Supreme Court of the United States. Therefore, by the time the Supreme Court ruled in her case, she had already given birth, thus proving that she did not have legal standing in order to assert the rights (or lack thereof) of other women. Additionally, McCorvey never actually presented the Supreme Court with a legitimate grievance and a plea for liberation from said grievance. Justice Byron White was the senior dissenting justice at the time and, subsequently, stated that he could, “see no constitutional warrant for imposing such an order of priorities on the people and legislatures of the States.”

Although it seems as though Roe v. Wade could not possibly be contradicted more than it has already been by itself, let us fast forward 34 years later to 2007 and the case of Gonzales v. Carhart. This case upheld the ruling against the use of partial-birth abortion in the United States unless the mother’s health presented to be in danger. The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act was implemented in 2003 by then president Bush who deemed partial-birth abortion unconstitutional in the United States of America. Justice Anthony Kennedy voted to uphold the ban stating that partial-birth abortion still was unconstitutional.

Ironically, just a few decades earlier, the legality of abortion was affirmed and did not specify when a child could be legally murdered. Until the ruling of Roe v. wade is overturned because of how unconstitutional it is, then the ruling of Gonzales v. Carhart makes little to no sense whatsoever and directly contradicts the 1973 ruling—plain and simple. If a woman can have an abortion at 8 weeks, what is the difference if she has one at 8 months? Constitutionally, scientifically, and morally speaking, it is the same child inside of her—both at the second it is conceived up until the second it is born. Therefore, if the government is willing to rule that it is legal for the child to be murdered inside the safest place it will ever know, then who’s to say when the mother can do so? After all, it is, in fact, her body both at the time of conception and at the time of birth. It is a contradiction of one case to another to say that at an indiscriminate point in the pregnancy the baby becomes its own person and no longer is part of the mother’s body. The admission that partial birth abortion is unconstitutional is the admission that a baby in the womb is a person with rights just as the rest of us.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Ever since the beginning of politics, there has been a left-right spectrum containing the various political positions. As we know, communism is considered to be extremely far left whereas fascism is considered to be extremely far right. One may look at this and believe communism and fascism to be polar opposites, but in reality, they are merely two sides of the same coin.

Communism and fascism both thrive on enormous government being in absolute power. The two ideologies place a tyrannical leader in place to make all of the important decisions and ordinary civilians are deemed unfit to have the right to govern themselves. Both systems are the antithesis of freedom, individualism, and democracy. Communism and fascism both originated in Europe and gained popularity in the 20th century.

Another parallel between these two systems is they are each socialistic in theory and antagonistic towards capitalism. Essentially, communists and fascists both believe that civilians should be at the mercy of dictators. Both regimes prohibit citizens from gaining property or wealth of their own. There is no “middle class” under communism or fascism.

Ironically, communists and fascists claim to loathe each other, even though they are almost identical. Adolf Hitler, an infamous Nazi and fascist, claimed to abhor communism. Hitler believed communism to be “the scourge of the world” and “a cancer to be cut out of the world,” in his book ‘Mein Kampf.’ These beliefs of communism are paradoxical to fascism in a plethora of ways.

Fascism is a scourge and cancer because it suppresses free speech, invades privacy, promotes racism, sexism, and slavery. Fascism violates every human right imaginable and history has proven that fascism is a nightmare that results in the genocide of millions.

In closing, it is worth noting that in the majority of cases, extremes on either sides of the aisle are dangerous, and this is especially true on the political spectrum. You can only go so far left or so far right before you reach disaster and destruction.

Gabrielle Seunagal is a young, outspoken conservative woman.  Passionate about politics and currently residing in Alpharetta, Georgia, Gabrielle is a Republitarian/Constitutionalist Red Nation Rising Contributor and writes editorial/opinion articles.  On Twitter she is @ClassySnobbb.


We are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians uniting to the right for Civics & Constitutionalism against the Blue Dems destroying our country!  From one single Tweet to one BILLION Grassroots, Organic Social Media Impressions per month, Red Nation Rising™ is an Internet phenomenon which has transitioned to a serious, national, grassroots organization.

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Hillary’s Mask of Virtue

It is, perhaps, one of the greatest lines ever uttered in a Hollywood movie – “Villainy wears many masks, none so dangerous as the mask of virtue.” Spoken by Johnny Depp in the 1999 film, Sleepy Hollow, that one line describes the very essence of Hillary Clinton and her long, tortuous, and failed – thankfully – effort at becoming president of the United States.

What America, and the world, witnessed during Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign was nothing less than the culmination of her 40-plus year assault on “truth, justice, and the American way” (to borrow a phrase). And it was all done in the name of virtue.

Yes, virtue. After all, Hillary Rodham Clinton has always claimed to be for the “little guy.” And what could be more virtuous than that? When it comes to Clinton, however, with regard to her being for the little guy, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, she has said so herself on numerous occasions, such as the time, while addressing the National Automobile Dealers Association in New Orleans in 2014, she explained that she hadn’t driven a car in the past 18 years, – not the smartest choice of venues to make such an admission.

No, Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t for the little guy. In fact, she probably doesn’t even know any, so long has she been isolated in her elitist, jet setting, $25,000-a-plate fundraising dinner world. Truth is, she can hardly tolerate little guys as she demonstrated so clearly during her White House years when she once openly berated a White House electrician, there to change a light bulb, by shouting at him that all work was to be done while the First Family was away.

As a paragon of virtue, however, Hillary should be allowed such excesses, right? In fact, the former secretary of state’s virtue knows no bounds according to her ever-present entourage of star-struck assistants, fawning reporters, and assorted sycophants, wanna-bes and hanger-ons. Consider her virtue as demonstrated in its many forms throughout the years. There was the dutiful wife, virtuously standing by her husband as he cheated on her again, and again, and again, when, in fact, she was actively targeting his accusers with threats and character assassination campaigns; there was the committed progressive, virtuously promoting gay rights while, at the same time, accepting millions of dollars in donations from the Saudi government – the same government that sanctions the execution of homosexuals; there was the exalted stateswoman, jetting around the world, virtuously defending America’s interests abroad while at the same time selling influence through her and Bill’s sham philanthropy, the Clinton Global Initiative.

And the list of her virtues goes on, and on, and on – Whitewatergate, Filegate; stolen furniture from the White Housegate; cattle futuresgate; I was shot at by a sniper on the tarmac in Bosniagate; I once attempted to enlist in the Marinesgate; I was dead broke when I left the White Housegate; all of my grandparents are immigrantsgate; I am of Jewish ancestrygate; I thought I was allowed to use an illegal, secret, unsecure, personal server to send and receive top secret government emailgate; the 33,000 emails I deleted were personalgate; and, last but not least, what does it matter that four Americans were killed in Benghazi because I was an incompetent U.S. secretary of stategate.

Ambition can be a virtue when the goal is to improve one’s life and/or the lives of others. However, when the goal is self-aggrandizement and the accumulation of power for personal gain, ambition can be one of humanity’s darkest and most dangerous vices. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” said Lord Acton. In Hillary’s case, she wasn’t corrupted by power. Her pursuit of power was the result of an original corruption, a darkness that began long before her assent to power. During that climb, she likely attempted to cover her dark motivations with many masks. In the end, Hillary chose the most dangerous mask of all, a mask of virtue.

Never Trumpers And Holier Than Thouism

In their unrelenting attacks on conservatism, angry liberals utilize a literal arsenal of weapons – disinformation (a euphemism for lies), smear tactics, mislabeling, name calling, race baiting, transference, media bias, paid protesters, class warfare, propaganda, and various and sundry forms of deceit and deception. In fact, during the 2016 presidential election cycle alone, the Left persistently referred to conservatives as racists, bigots, xenophobes, misogynists, sexists, liars, cheats, opportunists, traditionalists, hacks, thugs, loons, crazies, Nazis, murderers, ignorant, stupid, intolerant, thickheaded and, worst of all in their minds, holier than thou.

The Left’s tactical objective is to convince voters that all conservatives are something that most aren’t. Their chronic failure to reach this objective is rooted in a persistent incongruence between their words and their actions. For example, it has now become commonplace for liberal protesters holding “Love Trumps Hate” signs to physically assault passing Trump supporters. Nevertheless, in all their childish rants, angry liberals have finally gotten it right with regard to at least one sub-group within the conservative movement. By referring to Never Trumpers as “holier than thou,” Lefties finally hit the nail on the head.

First of all, to be fair to the Never Trumpers, I understood their aversion, early in his campaign, to the billionaire developer with the wispy, nutmeg-colored comb-over coif. That’s because, up to that time, my impression of Trump – a loud mouthed, self-absorbed, narcissistic, womanizing, ostentatious, spoiled brat – was based upon various news snippets and sound bites regarding his often outrageous, in my opinion, behaviors. I mean, what kind of a man actually refers to himself as, “The Donald,” and requires others to do the same? Having grown up on a small farm in rural Georgia, the son of parents neither of whom had the opportunity to graduate high school, I couldn’t relate to a flamboyant, mega-rich New York City slicker on any conceivable level.

However, as the 2016 presidential campaign progressed, and the more I began to pay attention to Trump, the more his persona began to make sense to me – in the rough and tumble world of big city real estate development, pulling off big deals requires big personalities, a la The Donald. Eventually, it became clear to me there was more to him than pompous bloviation. Trump doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs; he is an extremely hard worker; he adores his children (all of whom are hardworking and successful in their own right and none of whom have been in drug/alcohol/sex rehab like so many children of the Left); he converts dilapidated properties into showcases; and he creates jobs and promotes economic opportunity. Sure, he has his faults, but who on the Left or among the Never Trumpers is qualified to cast the first stone? Not a one of them.

No one likes a liar (unless, of course, one is a liberal and the liar is Bill or Hillary Clinton) and, even worse, no one likes a hypocrite. And that is where the Left makes hay in their assaults on conservatives – by painting all conservatives with the Never Trumper holier than thou paint brush, liberals portray conservatives as rigid, judgmental, intolerant, sanctimonious, overly pious, and even hyper-religious. That shoe may fit Never Trumpers, but it doesn’t fit all conservatives.

At most, Never Trumpers should have viewed Trump as the sick view unpalatable medicine – sure, it tastes bad but, in the end, it’s for the best. However, holier than thouism wouldn’t allow it – Never Trumpers needed Trump to be something none of them ever were or ever could be – perfect. Of course, principles are important and no conservative should have been expected to discard his or her core beliefs and make a deal with the Devil just to win an election (though most liberals seem given to no such compunction). However, considering what was at stake – a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency – Never Trumpers should have quickly gotten over themselves after the Republican primary and immediately supported Trump with great passion and gusto. At the very least, they should have kept their mouths shut. Their tacit support of Crooked Hillary through active efforts to undermine Trump’s campaign bordered on the politically traitorous. If The Donald proves to be a miserable failure as president, Never Trumpers will have their victory at the nation’s expense. But, if Trump succeeds, Never Trumpers will be served a nightly dinner of crow sprinkled with the bitter seasoning of holier than thouism.

The Real Face Of Racism In America

The Smithsonian Institute is a perfect example of the real face of racism in America. I have said for decades that when it comes to racism, one not need to look any further than the Democrat Party. Also, there are numerous progressive groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center where members, just like those in the Democrat party pretend to love black people. In reality the feelings of Democrats and others like Southern Poverty Law Center members are fully exhibited in the horrendous policies they continue to either foist upon or promote for black Americans. The Black American community has been decimated by the effort of racist white progressives from Margaret Sanger to Lyndon Johnson to con blacks into accepting a lifestyle that is destructive through welfare and deadly via abortion.

Other evil sub groups including academia and liberal churches that have abandoned their ordained mission of true salvation, have led literally millions of Americans (particularly Black Americans) astray from the wise council and guidance of the God who shed his grace and blessings upon our republic. In fact, many church leaders have in recent years been acting as if there was no commandment calling for us not to lie, especially concerning what is right or wrong according to God’s word. It seems as if people on the progressive left have no conscience when it comes to any topic whatsoever.

I will never forget the high level of anticipation a few years ago so many people including myself had waiting to see the movie Lincoln. Because of the level of understanding I have of the life of president Lincoln and the time in which he lived, I just knew for certain there would be at least a reference to one of the greatest American historical figures, Frederick Douglas. Not only was he a widely recognized abolitionist, but arguably the greatest orator of the 19th century. Douglas overcame insurmountable odds to succeed in business, as a successful author and friend of Lincoln as well.

I stupidly thought, surely Douglas would receive a modicum of respect. I was utterly disappointed beyond belief that Frederick Douglas was not even mentioned in the movie. I could not help but laugh at the fact that the racist gaggle of progressives that created the otherwise well done movie gave focus to a historically insignificant black female who was making one of the white male characters happy in bed.

The bigoted slight against Frederick Douglas spoke volumes about what the progressive who run Hollywood, like most democrats think about great American men who happen to be black. The reason behind such a liberal oriented slight is a bit more complex than just surface level disdain or bigotry. Historically, the movie industry along with history book editors have seen fit to engage in a mission to keep from view, positive images and stories about real Black American male historical figures such as Lewis Latimer or Frederick Douglas. For another example, the media never, ever told Americans about how Lewis Latimer perfected the filament in Thomas Edison’s light bulbs so they could give light for much longer than a few minutes. For the life of him, Edison could not figure it out, but thanks to the media blackout against Latimer’s achievement, Edison was free to take credit for the long working light bulb.

To add insult to injury recently, the Smithsonian Institutes progressive bigots purposely omitted Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from the African American Museum. After a bit of a reaction to their bigoted act, they gave him a little mention in a comment about Anita Hill. I do know that if Justice Thomas supported the harmful progressive policies that have devastated the quality of life in the American black community he would have been granted a prominent spot in the museum. I look for the soon to come day when the progressive, bigoted people and their wicked philosophy will no longer have any influence upon the black American community or our republic overall. The progressive bigots must not be allowed to continue to wreak havoc in our nation, because they intend to ultimately cause societal demise. The results of the bigoted motive of destruction in America’s black community must be reversed and not allowed to permeate the rest of our republic. Because progressive bigotry anywhere can lead to progressive bigotry everywhere. If you don’t believe me, simply refer to the awful progressive inspired bigoted media coverage during the 2016 presidential campaign. You can enjoy The Ron Edwards Experience talk show Fridays at 5:00 PM ET, 2:00 PM PT on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nev. And My special guest will be Matt Bruce, host of The Captain’s America Third Watch radio talk show.

Why the Blue Dems Lost the Election

Why Democrats Lost the Election

By Gabrielle Renee Seunagal

On the early morning of November 9, it was announced that Donald Trump won the Presidential election. Many were shocked, many were overjoyed, and many were incensed.

There has been a disposition of outrage from the Left. “WHAT IS HAPPENING” and “#WTFAmerica” were a few of the top trends on Twitter when Mr. Trump was officially called President-Elect. Now there are violent riots occurring across America and Trump supporters are being assaulted.

I find it mildly amusing that leftists don’t understand that they are completely to blame for losing the election. Elite Democrats chose to nominate the most unlikable and corrupt candidate to ever seek public office. WikiLeaks revealed that the DNC was very disapproving of Bernie Sanders, even though he would have easily beaten Donald Trump. It’s quite ironic. Democrats were their own undoing during this election. They chose to block out the one candidate that would have won the Oval Office because he wasn’t supportive of Wall Street donors or big corporations.

Furthermore, the Left truly shot themselves in the foot by nominating Hillary Clinton. She was under FBI investigation during most of her campaign. She was on record stating that she has a private position and a public position on the issues. She labeled Trump supporters as “a basket of deplorables,” called African Americans “superpredators,” and she epitomized big government and the same old status quo. Who in their right mind would vote for that?

The Left is infamous for attacking conservatives and anyone who does not share their views. According to the Left, if you’re a white person who supports Trump, you’re “racist”, you’re “sexist,” you’re a “bigot.” If you’re a person of color who supports Trump, you’re a “coon,” a “self hater,” or a “racist.” Not everyone who endorses Trump is a racist or a sexist. There are a plethora of people from different social classes and races who supported him because of his policies and success in the business world and real estate.

Leftists must learn that name calling those who disagree with them will not help their cause or win them any elections.

Gabrielle Seunagal is a young, outspoken conservative woman.  Passionate about politics and currently residing in Alpharetta, Georgia, Gabrielle is a Republitarian/Constitutionalist Red Nation Rising Contributor and writes editorial/opinion articles.  On Twitter she is @ClassySnobbb.


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Planned Parenthood Club Shouldn’t Be Welcome At High School

Cecile Richards greets participants at the Rally for Women's Health on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on July 11, 2013.

Cecile Richards greets participants at the Rally for Women’s Health on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on July 11, 2013.


Planned Parenthood isn’t happy unless they are harvesting body parts and ending the lives of perfectly healthy babies. To make sure they have a never ending supply of  fetuses they establish student groups on high school campuses to influence young impressionable girls. A recent addition is at a public high school in Richmond, Va.

The Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School is funded by Virginians’ state taxes. The esteemed school’s mission is,

“…to provide comprehensive educational opportunities that advance gifted students’ understanding of world cultures and languages. Our diverse and supportive community develops students’ character and ability to contribute, collaborate, and lead.”

The Governor’s school must consider Planned Parenthood to be a beacon of light to their students. Certainly the women’s reproductive center will help young students understand the character needed to undergo an abortion, not to mention the sacrifice of a human being in order to contribute to the greater good of the organization, which is all about the money.

Not only will the club educate the girls about their abortion rights, but will actively involve them “in the political process to win elections and pass pro-reproductive freedom legislation.”

Excuse me, but what the hell does that mean? Planned Parenthood is anything but PRO-reproductive. They are for killing babies, and making money no matter what. To top it off they harvest the baby’s internal organs for a handsome price. Has the country so soon forgotten the videos plainly showing their executives advocating for this?


This barbaric organization has no business stepping foot on public school grounds, not to mention being sanctioned as an upstanding club. I guess the parents who send their students to this school must heartily agree with the political leftists who are running it, or there would be a massive pushback against the formation of the club.

There is no doubt in my mind those who send their kids to these types of progressive schools are probably graduates from prestigious universities and other places of higher learning.

I wonder if the parents consider the health risks and emotional trauma to women and girls who undergo abortions? It is not only well documented throughout the world, but also common to hear of the regret when talking with those who have personally gone through them. In fact reports about a case study in Finland that states,

“The Finland researchers found that compared to women who carried to term, women who aborted in the year prior to their deaths were 60 percent more likely to die of natural causes, seven times more likely to die of suicide, four times more likely to die of injuries related to accidents, and 14 times more likely to die from homicide.

Researchers believe the higher rate of deaths related to accidents and homicide may be linked to higher rates of suicidal or risk-taking behavior.”

The fact is that abortions have many negative ramifications and predisposes those who have had them to psychological struggles later in life.

As a nurse who sees many patients taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, one wonders why parents would allow an organization access to their children who encourage practices that increase the chance of health risks down the road.

This is what happens in schools across the nation when parents fail to get involved in their children’s education. Whether it be the lack of understanding of the contents in the textbooks, to what kind of clubs are offered at the school, parents need to stay on top of what is being taught these days. We certainly can’t trust the liberals involved to make the right choices.

What is ironic and even more telling is the video embedded on the Wilder School’s website. It appears to be footage of a past graduation ceremony with someone singing Jim Croce’s “I Got a Name”. Interestingly enough, if you listen to the song, the lyrics say this:

“Like the north wind whistlin’ down the sky

I got a song, I got a song

Like the whippoorwill and the baby’s cry

I got a song, I got a song”

The sad thing is this school will be giving a foothold to an organization that wouldn’t allow the opportunity for that baby to utter one cry in this world. No, they would have snuffed the life out of him/her before that could take place. Apparently Planned Parenthood doesn’t believe everyone deserves the right to sing their song.

If anyone wants to talk about the real war on women, the war on humanity, I’ll be here waiting.

  • Those interested in contacting the school may find the info in an article by Rick Buchanan, in Fauquier Free Citizen.

Zuckerberg’s Folly: The Rising Threat of Chan Zuckerberg Science


As any of you who follow me on Facebook know, as a relative newcomer to the platform—and to social media in general—I am no fan of Mark Zuckerberg’s. In fact, for some time now, I have said that I am considering leaving Facebook, going away as quickly and quietly as I arrived a few short months ago. I am still seriously considering doing so.

Recently, the young, uber rich millennial again proved that my concerns are justified.

Mark Zuckerberg has done it again. Having spent his short life promoting social media, he has now set his sights on a new goal: to cure all human diseases.

Say what?

The Rise of Chan Zuckerberg Science

In yet another self-involved, self-promoting, delusional move, Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, a pediatrician, arranged a presentation in a massive hall complete with a gigantic screen as a backdrop. After taking the stage, like a child bursting at the seams to tell a secret, the young couple smiled broadly as they looked out at the considerable audience in attendance. They then pledged a total of $3 billion to “cure all diseases in our children’s lifetime.” They are even calling the endeavor “Chan Zuckerberg Science.” I kid you not.

Even Zuckerberg had to admit at the unveiling of the . . . ahem . . . donation to yet another of his own pet projects that it “doesn’t mean no one will ever get sick.”

Really? Then what do you mean by “cure all diseases,” exactly?



The Riddle of the Billionaire Cheapskate

Perhaps the most telling thing about this latest self-promotion campaign is that Zuckerberg and Chan apparently think that $3 billion is enough to end human disease as we know it. Is it just me? Doesn’t it seem that this power couple—who are richer than rich thanks to the timely rise of social media and Zuckerberg’s astute and ruthless pursuit of its control—should be well-versed enough in Big Finance to know that $3 billion, while an awful lot to you and me, barely rises to the level of chump change when talking about managing—much less curing—human disease?

Even the notoriously liberal National Public Radio (NPR) recently admitted that $3 billion is barely a “drop in the bucket” compared to annual federal taxpayer-funded medical research and development. It is also little more than a blip on the bank account screen compared to the more generous—and far less self-promoting—routine donations of Zuckerberg’s fellow have-it-alls—which, by the way, they have been doing for generations and generations.

And yet here we are, still, suffering from and fighting that most daunting of all adversaries, human disease and disability. Just look at Hillary Clinton. Money, and power, and influence aside, she will die of Parkinson’s disease just like all of its other victims. If, Heaven forbid, she is elected president next month, she will not hold that office for long. She will not be able to, because she is dying. While she admittedly looked better than usual on last night’s debate stage, that is the nature of Parkinson’s disease. It comes and goes until, one sad day, it sticks around. Judging from her current symptoms, which include a complete collapse at the recent 9/11 Memorial Service, that day is not far enough away to allow Clinton one term in the White House—much less two. To read my thoughts on Clinton’s health, please check here and here and here. You can also check out my archived radio shows from September 7, 14, and 21 by going to our website at

Please do not misunderstand me: All of the generous rich and not-so-rich, including Zuckerberg, who have given money have helped in the common cause of combating illness and alleviating human suffering. For that, we are eternally grateful—no one more so than we practicing physicians, who use the tools their money has purchased to improve and save lives on a daily basis.

Still, when it comes to Mark Zuckerberg, something is amiss . . .



Celebrating Parenthood by Donating to Planned Parenthood

Apparently, Zuckerberg understands all too well how not far $3 billion goes these days. In 2012 and 2013 alone, he and Chan donated almost $1 billion—each year, for a two-year total of almost $2 billion—to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, a major supporter of Planned Parenthood.

Even so, Zuckerberg and Chan now claim to have been motivated to donate their latest $3 billion check out of love and concern for their baby daughter, Max. And yet they openly support Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading provider of both legal and illegal abortions and its only professional middleman in the trafficking of the body parts of the very babies it murders. The same Planned Parenthood that is now peddling panic over the Zika virus in an effort to dupe unsuspecting women who truly want to become mothers to abort their innocent babies—babies every bit as healthy, and beautiful, and full of potential as little Max.

Hmmm . . . Am I the only one who sees a disconnect?



Big Wallet, Bigger Dreams

It gets better—or worse: Apparently, Zuckerberg and Chan were so overcome with emotion at the late 2015 birth of little Max that they pledged what is claimed to be 99% of their wealth—to the current tune of over $45 billion—over the course of their lives “to join many others in improving this world for the next generation.”

At least they dream big. The problem is that they are neither alone in that quest nor preceded by generations of dunces who simply were not as smart, or capable, or concerned, or rich as them. With all due respect to Zuckerberg’s generosity, which is commendable, the quest to “improve the world” has been going on for centuries. It is also likely to continue for centuries after Zuckerberg and Chan—and Max and her children and grandchildren, for that matter—are long gone. If, that is, we as a society survive for that long, which is becoming increasingly uncertain.



A Tale of Two Mark Zuckerbergs:

When the Prince of Social Media becomes the King of Censorship

At the expense of looking even further into the gift horse’s mouth by throwing even more cold water on Zuckerberg’s charity, I would add a final but exceptionally important wrinkle:

Keep in mind that Zuckerberg ostensibly created Facebook so as to allow average Americans to communicate openly, free of charge, from the comfort of their homes and offices (and now tablets and cell phones), and without restrictions in the setting of an electronic community forum. Talk about great ideas that everyone could get behind. And everyone did get behind Facebook. Through hard work, ingenuity, and, we now know, more than his share of piracy and ruthlessness, Zuckerberg cornered that burgeoning market. In return, he became a multibillionaire in his twenties.




So far, so good. Zuckerberg is living The American Dream. Good for him.

But wait! There’s more . . .

Years later, Zuckerberg, now an all-grown-up liberal progressive ideologue, has a problem: It seems that regular folks, angry over the debacle of the Obama presidency, exhausted from years of America-rejecting, white-bashing, and race-baiting, and concerned for the country’s future, are actually daring to log into their Facebook accounts and make “right-wing” statements that offend Zuckerberg’s liberal progressive, safe-space-loving millennial mind. I do just that routinely.

It is the ultimate dilemma faced by any young liberal holding the keys to the communication kingdom: What to do when the free speech you created and espouse to suppot—and that made you a billionaire many times over before the age of 30—doesn’t agree with your own personal philosophy?

In Zuckerberg’s case, he simply deletes the offending communications from the site. He and his minions routinely suspend, even ban for life, users who offer one too many politically incorrect views from the right. Somehow, offensive remarks from the left—even the white-bashing, police-hating radical left—are never deemed, by the “Facebook police,” to rise to the level of removal and/or sanction.

A Case in Point

To use a concrete example among many, this is even true where the communication involves a despicable, horrifically graphic cartoon depicting a kneeling, uniformed police officer being beheaded by a hooded ISIS assassin. To this day, I regret having innocently stumbled upon the cartoon. I truly wish that I had never seen it. And I’m a 51-year-old emergency medicine physician who has seen a lot, including more than my share of human violence, carnage, blood, and gore. The cartoon is that graphic.

Demands for Facebook to remove the cartoon poured in. And yet Facebook left it up, having determined that it did not run afoul of the company’s so-called “decency standards.” It goes without saying that many of us were left wondering what would be graphic enough, and despicable enough, to warrant administrative removal from the site. We did not have to wait long. Apparently, simply saying that Black Lives Matter is not a real political movement suffices. Post deleted. User suspended if not banned.

Go figure.

In fact, to the extent that you and I say anything negative about the Black Lives Matter Movement—much less any of the far-left liberal agendas being shoved, hurled, and rammed through by a runaway executive branch unimpeded by an impotent Congress and a consenting Supreme Court—we do so at the risk of being censored by the likes of Zuckerberg. We “little people” in “flyover states” have no right to comment. We must remain silent while they bash us repeatedly and create an alternative world more to their liking in which we are the ignorant villains and they are whatever they wish to be, all the while living off of the fruits of our labor.

It is a typical, delusional liberal progressive millennial dream. The problem is, Zuckerberg actually believes his own garbage. In that, he is very much like another young dreamer and champion of eloquent yet empty promises who likewise does not wish us conservative Americans well: my former law school classmate Barack Obama. More on that in a bit.

An “Orwellian” Threat to Free Speech


In his never-ending quest to stifle conservative speech, Zuckerberg earlier this summer joined with other social media outlets, including Microsoft (run by Zuckerberg’s mentor and fellow tech geek and multibillionaire Bill Gates), Twitter, and YouTube in entering into a formal agreement with the European Commission, the unelected executive branch of the European Union (EU). The purpose of the agreement is “to respond to the challenge of ensuring that online platforms do not offer opportunities for illegal online hate speech to spread virally.” The agreement purports to set forth a “code of conduct” while requiring that parties crack down on what it calls “illegal hate speech.” It advocates “criminalizing” offenders and “promoting independent counter-narratives” that the EU favors. It also purports to provide a platform for the “re-education” of politically incorrect users.

The agreement has been branded “Orwellian” by Members of the European Parliament. Some characterize it as “a frightening path to totalitarianism.” Others decry it as designed to “not just curb hate speech but free speech as well.” Numerous digital freedom groups have declined to join in and have pulled out of further discussions with the Commission.

Asked about the initiative, Zuckerberg stated that he had to join so as to combat the two greatest threats plaguing the social media community: (1) the online social media radicalization of Muslims and the resulting rise of ISIS; and (2) “far-right extremism.”

“Far-right extremism.” Hmmm . . .

On our side of the pond, that could easily be construed as the speech of middle-class, white, conservative America, of those who come from backgrounds just like, and who look and sound just like, Zuckerberg himself—only we disagree with him on so much. He already deletes our posts and bans us from his site—and the conversation. Will he prosecute us next? Perhaps “re-educate” us? Why? Because he says so, that’s why. And so does the EU to which we do not belong. By so doing, they shut us down and shut us up, both inside and outside of Europe.

In joining this thinly veiled attempt to curb free speech both here and abroad, Zuckerberg gave himself away as nothing more patriotic, idealistic, and American than a self-important liberal progressive ideologue and elitist soaked in the hypocrisy of political correctness and globalism.

So much for free speech. And honesty. And the truth. Thanks, Zuckerberg.

The Inherent Threat of Chan Zuckerberg Science 

What worries me is that in the event Zuckerberg gets his tentacles into the American health care system, he will do the same thing. Indeed, given his latest donation and public spectacle of an announcement, coupled with his long-expressed infatuation with both Barack Obama and Obamacare, it is more likely than not that what Zuckerberg is actually doing is paving the way to not only unfathomable future wealth for himself and Chan, but also unbelievable power as the agents of the health care rationing that we know is coming (and that in fact has already begun).

If you don’t believe me, consider this: There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of existing research institutions and charitable foundations that focus upon every human disorder and disease imaginable. Many were started, and are currently maintained, through the generous donations of the rich. Others are financed by federal and state taxpayer dollars. Many are considered tax-exempt, which in reality amounts to a taxpayer subsidy. Many are a combination of these and other structures.

Rather than simply donating to these existing institutions, Zuckerberg and Chan chose instead to donate the money to their own newly formed Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, controlled by—you guessed it—Chan and Zuckerberg. Admittedly, the money is not slated to sit for long. Indeed, their most recent donation includes a $600 million commitment to fund a new research center at the University of California, San Francisco, which will be run in collaboration with UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Because as we all know, all of the major medical research takes place within 40 miles of San Francisco.

They have already named their “independent research center.” Like something out of an episode of Star Trek or Dr. Who, it will be called “Biohub.” How very fitting for a millennial technology nerd.

Biohub, no doubt, will also be controlled by Chan and Zuckerberg. But never fear: They have surrounded themselves with the best. That includes Biohub’s designated leader, Cori Bargmann, a neuroscientist whose claim to fame is her research on the behavior of a tiny worm named C. elegans. That’s a relief. You know, just in case we decide to turn our attention—excuse me, I mean just in case Zuckerberg decides to turn our attention—from human diseases to worm diseases. In that case, we’re all set. Thank goodness for Biohub.

Wisecracks aside, all of this should concern you. It certainly concerns me.

He who controls the researchers and their laboratories controls the future of medicine. He also controls the people—all of the people, all of the time. Just ask any Holocaust survivor, if you can find one still alive. Though it is politically incorrect to say so, we are literally allowing folks like Obama and Zuckerberg to do exactly what Adolf Hitler did a few years before ascending to power and forcing brutal Nazi rule on its unsuspecting and apathetic—not to mention defenseless—people. Sound familiar? 

There, I said it. No doubt, Zuckerberg would delete this post and ban me from the Internet were he able. Thankfully for me, the good folks at Red Nation Rising actually believe in telling the truth. But I digress.

Big Promises, Big Caveatsmark-zuckerberg-goofy-blue-01-mark-zuckerberg

And what about Zuckerberg’s and Chan’s stated desire to “cure all diseases?”

It seems that promise, too, comes with a caveat. And it’s a doozy.

Zuckerberg and Chan are amazingly transparent about their agenda—which does not, in fact, seem related to curing any specific diseases, much less all of them within a lifetime (theirs, of course). Recently, they stated that their goal is “not to focus narrowly on specific ailments, such as bone cancer or Parkinson’s disease” (funny choice of disease given the current situation with Hillary Clinton), but rather to “do basic research.” As an example, they outlined a plan to create “a cell atlas that maps out all the different types of cells in the body, which could help researchers create various types of drugs.” They also espoused a goal of approaching medical and scientific research from the standpoint of employing “world-class technology.”

Right. If only we had thought about these breakthrough mark-zuckerberg-looking-down-blue-01-mark-zuckerberg-050211-croppedideas of yours. Thanks, Zuckerberg.

Hmmm . . .

Where do I begin?

First, we already know the different types of cells in the body, and we already use that information in developing, producing, testing, and administering drugs of all types. You would think that Zuckerberg—wunderkind of social media without to my knowledge one iota of formal scientific or medical education or experience—had also, in his spare time, discovered the human cell in his parents’ garage.

Second, with all due respect to Zuckerberg’s technology experience, I am told that we already employ “world-class technology” in the medical and scientific research institutions that currently exist and that would have benefited greatly from a portion of Zuckerberg’s largesse. As a practicing emergency physician who has trained and worked at some of the country’s best healthcare institutions, I know for a fact that to the extent that it exists, we already employ “world-class technology” on the treatment side of the equation.

mark-zuckerberg-angry-01-zuckerbergThird, call me paranoid and ungrateful; but Zuckerberg’s plan sounds an awful lot like that of a guy looking to develop tools upon which the pharmaceutical industry will over time become dependent, then hold them over a barrel—perhaps suspend or ban them from the “Chan Zuckerberg Cell Mapping System”—if they develop drugs that Zuckerberg himself does not like. Or if they charge too much for their drugs, making Obamacare even less affordable than it already is. (Consider what Congress just did to the CEO of Mylan, the company that makes the EpiPen.) Or if they actually try to develop medications for sick folks who are suffering and dying today rather than spending all of their time developing futuristic tools that will make Zuckerberg even richer and more powerful than he currently is.

In other words, my fear is that Zuckerberg—having inserted himself and his money into a system upon which we all depend for our health if not our life—will do to the pharmaceutical and other health care-related systems exactly what he has done in the social media arena: censor, control, and punish those who do things with which he personally disagrees. And profit—greatly—from his efforts and our suffering.

Think I’m being unfair? Consider this: Upon announcing his new initiative, Zuckerberg argued: “We spend 50 times more on health care treating people who are sick than we spend on science research.” If that doesn’t make you feel better, all of you who are out there sick and in need of care today, well, I don’t know what will. At least we can say that we were warned.

In singing his young protégé’s praises, Zuckerberg mentor and Microsoft founder and fellow multibillionaire and liberal progressive philanthropist Bill Gates gushed that through their initiative, Zuckerberg and Chan will lead the way to cure disease, and thereby to “lift millions out of poverty.”

Hmmm . . . Read the wrong way, that could sound a whole lot like redistribution. And redistribution, as it turns out, is a major goal of Obamacare.

It’s all beginning to make sense.



Zuckerberg: Kardashian or Obama?

I wish that this were a story of the conceit, self-involvement, and self-importance of the millennial super rich. I wish that I were comparing the conceit of Mark Zuckerberg to that of, say, Kim Kardashian. Or her mother Kris. Or her step-father-turned-step-mother Caitlyn (formerly Bruce Jenner).

Unfortunately, I am not. The two are quite different in an extremely important way.

While Zuckerberg and the Kardashians may have started out with the same optimism, perhaps even some of the same goals, Zuckerberg’s story is much darker and more sinister. While it may not have started out that way, it is that way now.

I am reminded of the British Lord Acton’s famous observation, made over a century ago, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Mark Zuckerberg is as clear an example of that as my former law school classmate—and Zuckerberg’s good friend—Barack Obama.

I am also reminded of the observation of the black conservative economist Thomas Sowell that what makes Obama dangerous is the fact that Obama really thinks that he can change the world. According to Sowell, that blind self-delusion makes Obama far more dangerous than a mere crooked politician.

The same may be said of Mark Zuckerberg. Again, the danger of Mark Zuckerberg, as with Obama, is that he actually believes his transformative garbage.

Personally, I fear that there is an endgame for Zuckerberg—and it has nothing to do with curing disease. Rather than giving away his fortune, he is leveraging it. The two are very different.

Whereas the Kardashians are all about the Kardashians and their ongoing quest for publicity and wealth, they are harmless, even laughable. Indeed, they have become the poster children for American self-absorption, self-promotion, and excess. They happily perform in the voyeuristic circus that is reality television, and we reward them with our tweets. And our likes. And our time. And our attention. And, of course, our money.

At least the Kardashians are honest about what they do. They prostitute their lives for public consumption. In return, we make them rich and allow them to live lives of excess despite the fact that since the 2003 death of the family patriarch, attorney Robert Kardashian, not one of them has done anything besides reality television and all that comes with it, including modeling and personal endorsements. Self-promotion, for the Kardashians, is a full-time gig. It also pays extremely well.

Zuckerberg is another matter altogether. You see, Zuckerberg is after something quite different. Zuckerberg, as Obama whom he so admires, is after control. Having effectively gained control over the social media conversation, Zuckerberg now seeks to control the American healthcare development and delivery systems. Or at least to police where—and upon whom—their resources are spent. As does Obama, Zuckerberg no doubt hopes thereby to control you and me.

And who is going to criticize him for whatever he does as one of the post-Obamacare powers that be in health care? He’ll just delete your post. Or ban you from his cell research thingamajig high-tech platform. You will be left with nowhere to turn. So will your doctor. Like me.

Remember what Saul Alinsky said: “Control healthcare and you control the people.”

For his part, Zuckerberg has much more in common with Obama than the Kardashians. Now that Zuckerberg—like Obama before him—has trained his well-heeled eye on your health care, you should find that very concerning, indeed.

A Final Request

Mr. Zuckerberg, while you mull over this latest step in your quest for power through money, and in all of your 32-year-old wisdom, please do us all a favor: As you are having press conference after press conference to pat yourself on the back for your charity, please do not condescend to indicate that what we in medical science lacked for all these years, in the eternal quest for better human health, was the right social media and technological and financial support. Please do not tell us that what we lacked was you. Because that would be a lie. As you will one day learn when illness or injury strikes you or someone you love, all the money in your oversized wallet cannot buy victory over the human condition.

Disease is part and parcel of that human condition. Can we combat it? Certainly! Should we strive to do so? Of course! May we expect to make astounding progress in the future? I certainly hope so—though the chances of our doing so are significantly reduced given the onerous restrictions, punishments, control, and rationing of Obamacare. That will certainly be the case if Zuckerberg is in charge.

Perhaps the most surprising thing of all is that Chan, who again is a pediatrician, has gone along with Zuckerberg’s folly. Although I do not personally know Chan, judging from their apparently blissful union, I would guess that Chan is above all else a liberal progressive ideologue just like her husband. She is also no great fan of the Hippocratic Oath; for she and her husband are most certainly on the dark path of doing harm. To so many.

Will Mark Zuckerberg lead the way in the quest to better human health? Not likely—unless there is a lot more money where that $3 billion came from and unless Zuckerberg in all of his wisdom is able, in the meantime, to deliver us from the human condition. Perhaps he should go back to his parents’ garage and get to work on that.

In the meantime, I won’t hold my breath. A rich millennial—even one who controls the conversation—can only do so much.

A Final Warning

Welcome to the real, all-grown-up Mark Zuckerberg.

Welcome to what he represents: the four-way marriage of Obamacare, Wall Street, EU globalism, and social media (and therefore the media). Theirs is the most dangerous of liaisons joining in unholy matrimony a federal government-administered healthcare system, the biggest and most ideological of Wall Street fat cats, unelected European globalists who care nothing of America or us except inasmuch as we can serve as their slaves and indentured breadwinners, and the media that controls the conversation about what they are doing to us and why.

The fact that Zuckerberg is a baby-faced boy in faded tee shirts and jeans who loves his wife and kid doesn’t change that fact.

Oh, and one more thing: You’re going to hate what they together do to you. And me. Because to Mark Zuckerberg, it never really was about us. We should have learned that by now.

Those are my thoughts. Please let me know yours.




Intelligence Officer Wants Answers From Comey

James Comey, FBI Director

James Comey, FBI Director

Letter from Jim McKinney, recently retired Army Foreign Area Officer.

Dear Director Comey,

I respectfully ask you to please clarify some things for me, and for the tens of thousands of security professionals who serve our nation every day. In reference to the former Secretary of State Clinton’s private email server, I read on CNN that you claimed in a memo that “…there really wasn’t a prosecutable case.”   Would your position stand for me if I had done the same?

I am a retired intelligence officer. If I ordered my staff to place an un-cleared private server in my home, had them forward my official government emails to that server, used unsecure remote devices to access that server, wouldn’t I be in violation of law or government security policies? If in those emails, held on that server, I either received or sent classified material, knowingly or unknowingly, wouldn’t I be in violation of the National Security Act? Wouldn’t I be risking national security? If my predecessors did the same would that exonerate me, or them?

I served as a Senior Defense Official/Defense Attaché during Secretary Clinton’s tenure, twice as a Security Assistance Officer at US Embassies, and in Counter-Terror and Special Operations organizations. I served in some of our nation’s most sensitive programs under the NSA, the NRO, and I worked with the CIA, FBI, Treasury and allied nations routinely. In 2013, I received the National Intelligence Award from the Director of National Intelligence, GEN Clapper, for intelligence operations.

I was also trained as a Special Security Officer (SSO) in the control and handling of classified material. In fact, the FBI SSO was in my SSO training class at the Defense Intelligence Agency. Her training was the same as mine. She was a good student, and honorable person.  I am pretty sure the FBI, as with all U.S. government agencies, still keeps a pretty tight handle on classified information.

A few years ago, a State Department colleague was given a security “violation” from our Embassy’s regional security officer – 2 or more “violations” will get you relieved. He wrote the 4-digit code to his door on a sticky note in his wallet, in Chinese.

His door was behind three locked doors, a Marine Guard detachment, a guarded exterior gated wall and video surveillance – all to protect Confidential (C) and Secret (S) data in locked safes, often sent from HQ in SEC Clinton’s name. A little extreme, but this security violation met security requirements under then SEC Clinton.

From all my experience, all my professional training, and all my expectations that our leaders would do the right thing to protect the security of our nation and the integrity of our government, I am confident I would be removed from my position, my clearance would be suspended, I would face prosecution and a likely conviction if I acted the same as SEC Clinton. I hope this would be the case for anyone.

What changed in three years since I retired? Has Congress changed our national security laws to allow incompetence? Has our government changed so much that we are now willing to provide exceptions in handling our most sensitive relations with foreign governments?

I am one of those “…people no longer in government…” you referenced as chest beating. I am not chest beating. I am truly trying to understand. I wonder why you had to send a memo to your staff to explain your decision. Shouldn’t it stand on its own? I wonder why you referenced former government officials. Do former government officials have no knowledge of these lenient new laws, or no right to speak? Is this a warning to those still in government service to toe the line?

You are an intelligent man. You must understand that by sending such a memo you are indirectly (or directly) sending a message to your staff to shut up and follow, regardless of their legal knowledge of the rules for handling classified materials and national security.

There is grave danger when a leader enforces loyalty over integrity. It’s not the best form of leadership. Loyalty over integrity undermines organizations, and it undermines confidence in government.

For me, every policy I followed, every risk to life I took, and everything I defended under five presidents is called into question with your decision to not recommend penalties for one of our national leader’s negligent acts.

How do I, and many Americans, keep faith in our government if there is such an appearance of gross inequality in our justice system on such a grand scale? I would humbly like to know. Your people in the FBI need to know. Those risking their lives for this nation today, and every day, need to know.