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battlefield300x300Chris Pilie was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and grew up in the New Orleans area. He attended several Catholic schools and graduated from Destrehan High School in 1992. He worked in the petrochemical business as a pipe fitter while studying Engineering and Construction Management at LSU and UNO. Chris also spent several years as a licensed stockbroker during the tech boom in the late 90’s. He would later return to the petrochemical industry where he currently plans and manages major construction projects for a $150 million dollar a year construction company.

Chris became politically active after noticing the profligate spending of George W. Bush late in his second term. Feeling that he needed to become more active politically to protect the future of his son, Chris created as a forum for collecting and sharing research. In 2009 after the famous rant by Rick Santelli calling for a Tea Party, Chris sought out a group of patriots in New Orleans. That group eventually became the Greater New Orleans Tea Party.

Chris volunteered his efforts to develop and manage the website. He spoke at the GNOTP’s first annual 4th of July picnic and participated in several events after. Chris then joined the Tea Party Patriots and Hot Tea Radio to produce a national radio show with fellow GNOTP member Trey Roberts. The show later called the Rock World Wide Show became the leading Tea Party Patriots radio program. Topics of the show contained content from Lanterns of Liberty which consisted of a range of issues from Secular Humanism, Socialism, Cultural Marxism, Progressivism, and Communism. The show became very controversial with the Tea Party Patriots leadership and eventually the program was canceled due to creative differences with Tea Party Patriots management.

Since becoming politically active Chris has co-written 2 books and is working on a third. The Machine: The Progression of Secular Socialism explores the origins of socialism and its introduction into the United States. The Emancipation Chronicles: Profiles of Black Patriots reveals black American patriots who have risen above the struggles of racial persecution. He is currently working on a 3 part book titled The Law of Nature: The Common Thread which is the precursor to The Machine. He continues to manage Lanterns of, produces educational video podcasts about current events, moderates the Lanterns of Liberty debate forum on Facebook, and manages the Battlefield of

Trey Roberts was born and raised in NOLA, Trey is an Associate Pastor at White Dove Fellowship in New Orleans in the Ministry of Christian Education. Trey works and guest hosts at WSHO 800AM in NOLA, is the SEUS Parent Contact for Growing Families International and has been a teacher, a coach and a Regional Vice President with Primerica Financial Services. Trey graduated from Southern University at New Orleans, an HBCU, with a BA in Social Studies Education and was a 4 year letterman on the Men’s Basketball team.

In 2008, Joe the Plumber and then candidate Obama, changed his life in a way that he never saw coming. With clear Marxist ideology spewed by the candidate, Trey committed to learning about conservatism from conservatives like Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Star Parker, Shelby Steele, Booker T Washington, Alvita King, Stephen Broden and many others. In 2009, Trey became a Charter Member of the Greater New Orleans Tea Party (GNOTP) where he met Chris Pilie and soon became friends and life long compatriots.

Trey has hosted radio programs for the Tea Party Patriots’ Hot Tea Radio network, hosted BlogTalkRadio shows, hosted radio shows on WSLA and WSHO, Red State Talk Radio, iCRN Conservative Radio Network, Red Nation Rising Radio and LIVE365. In 2011, Trey ran for Governor of Louisiana as a Pro-Life, Christian Conservative, Tea Party Democrat, collecting over 34,000 votes statewide.

Trey is a husband and father of two beautiful daughters and is currently ordained as a minister with the Great Commission Fellowship.

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Ron Phillips is the owner/operations manager for Red Nation Rising Radio and is the executive producer for The Conservative Cartel, The Gavin Mitchell Show, The Matt Locke Show and Powers & Kramer, all conservative talk shows using "new media" to broadcast on the Internet, on terrestrial affiliates across the country and via Facebook Live. Ron also owns Pinnacle Broadcast Holdings, Inc and specializes in New Media Productions for broadcasters (broadcast and production web hosting, talk show/podcast production and training, and social media broadcasting and training).