The Frontline Fighters Against Sharia

With Dr. James Mitchell and Brigitte Gabrielle:

JAMES MITCHELL, author of Enhanced Interrogation: Inside the Minds and Motives of the Islamic Terrorists Trying to Destroy America:

  • Nature of the terrorist attacks in Britain
  • Terrorism and its connection to Islamic ideology
  • Attempts by Jihadists to implement Sharia Law in the West


  • The effect political correctness has on the mindset of Jihadists
  • How jihadists exploit Western values
  • 23,000 suspected jihadists under surveillance by British authorities


  • Political will in the United States to combat Islamic terrorists
  • Saudi Arabia’s role in the rise of terrorism
  • Solutions to the crisis the Western world faces

BRIGITTE GABRIELLE, founder and chairman of ACT for America:

  • Why the United States must engage Sharia supremacists
  • How Sharia law is manifesting itself in the United States
  • The movement against Islamism
  • Recommendations for the Trump Administration

Comey’s Friend Bob Mueller Has a Conflict of Interest


Last week, fired FBI Director James Comey showed why he is reportedly seen by FBI agents as a compromised or “dirty” cop. For starters, he acknowledged bowing to pressure from his then-boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, to intervene in the 2016 election to help Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

That cop got even dirtier when he acknowledged leaking confidential government records to secure the appointment of a special counsel, feeding the narrative that Mr. Trump obstructed justice when he sacked Mr. Comey.  The President adamantly denies doing that and is prepared to say so under oath.

Obviously, it matters that the special counsel who would receive and evaluate such testimony is Robert Mueller, an old and close friend of Comey’s.  That’s the very definition of a conflict of interest and can only be resolved by Mueller’s replacement with a truly independent investigator.

Comey: ‘Leaker in Chief’

With Pete Hoekstra, Daniel Horowitz, Kyle Shideler and Bill Gertz

PETE HOEKSTRA, Shillman Senior Fellow at the Investigative Project on Terrorism:

  • James Comey’s admits to leaking classified information to the press
  • Robert Muller’s close relationship with Comey
  • What Comey’s testimony means for Trump

DANIEL HOROWITZ, Senior Editor at Conservative Review:

  • President Trump’s amnesty for 125,000 illegals in 3 months
  • Importing ‘Middle East Values’
  • Next debt ceiling battle

BILL GERTZ, Senior Editor at the Washington Free Beacon, Inside the Ring columnist at The Washington Times:

  • Takeaways from James Comey’s testimony
  • Chinese build-up of military facilities in Subic Bay
  • Connections between Beijing spy agency and cyber security firm
  • Russian test of hypersonic cruise missile

KYLE SHIDELER, Director of the Threat Information Office at the Center for Security Policy:

  • Update on the Qatar-Gulf crisis
  • Qatar’s defense agreements with Turkey and Iran
  • Two American citizens arrested for being Hezbollah operatives

Britain – and the U.S.-U.K. Special Relationship – Require Theresa May’s…

While much of America was fixated yesterday on the something-for-everybody congressional testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, British voters massively repudiated their prime minister, Theresa May.

The implications are not yet clear.  It can only be hoped that the hapless Mrs. May will not try to cling to the leadership of her Conservative Party.  Clearly, Britain needs a new, hopefully far more charismatic and robust Tory leader to form a coalition better suited to fighting both Sharia-supremacism at home and the European Union over Brexit.

Those who understand the vital role the U.S.-U.K. “special relationship” plays in securing the Free World must now pray that – when the dust settles – both the British and the rest of us will be spared the once unimaginable and horrific alternative: a United Kingdom misled, and inevitably undone, by the Labor Party’s Marxist leader Jeremy Corbyn.