Is France & Germany’s Surrender To Islam, Subconscious Atonement For WWII?

With the recent, almost weekly Islamic terror attacks in France and Germany, and the total support/protection of Islam…anyone with a cursory knowledge of the history of WWII, might wonder: Is this a collective expiation for what their ancestors committed?

Islam, from its inception, is a hateful destructive ideology that seeks to conquer. It prefers to do so through invasion, submission (which defines Islam), enslavement or death. It’s founder was a bloody warmonger and thief that had NO tolerance for any dissent…and his record bears that out.

Though most Muslims do not have a thirst for infidel blood (predominantly due to illiteracy or never having read the Quran & Hadiths), it’s impossible to determine when a follower of Islam will become devout (aka radical – going to the root or origin of; fundamental). That impossibility makes it dangerous for any western government to put their citizens in peril by appeasing such a creed.

Since January of this year, there have been:

  • A total of 89 deaths & 244 injured in Jihad attacks in France and Germany.
  • There have also been 1,200 rapes by 2000 Muslim migrants in Cologne, GE on New Year’s Eve (the number of rapes & perps was intentionally underreported by the government and media).

The response of French & German officials, following the most recent Muslim Jihad attacks, is puzzling when considering their first concern should be National Security:

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel asserted that those fleeing persecution and war had a right to be protected, and that Germany would “stick to our principles” in providing shelter to the worthy.
  • French PM Manuel Valls stated, “Times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism, and we must face this together and show our collective sangfroid.” (spoken like a true insensitive coward)

So, here’s the question: Why are the governments of France & Germany opening wide their arms to embrace these savages who refuse to respect their host countries or the lives of innocents?

Is it possible the inherited guilt for their Vichy & Nazi ancestors has come to full boil and they have decided the only way to vindicate their false guilt is to destroy their people and Western Civilization.

One thing is for sure: As these leaders betray the people they serve by feeding them to the Islamic crocodile…they are simultaneously kicking the chair out from under their noosed necks.

Shalom through strength…




Western Leaders: Seeing Freedom-Loving Patriots As The REAL Terrorists

“And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.” ~Winston S. Churchill

Here we are…democracies throughout the world enduring the result of opening their borders and their lives to a savage horde nurtured on the violent verbiage of a 1,400 year old book, filled to the brim with hatred toward all who reject its content. Almost every other day we are seeing the blood of innocents being spilled. And yet our leaders appear clueless to the true source.

Although Islam has been rearing its hideous head since the 7th century…when Muhammed spread his totalitarian creed via the sword (because they didn’t yet have bomb-belts or airplanes), it’s only uprisings in history were when they perceived weakness by the Kuffar (non-Muslims). Since the followers of Muhammed were taught that Islam must one day rule the world by either conversion, enslavement or death of deniers…when they are tired of co-existing with the kuffar, they rise up against them and further the worldwide Ummah (community of Muslims).

How did we get here?

In a feckless effort to appease the hostile hordes of Allah, Western leaders have denied the source of every deadly Islamic attack. Since 9-11 alone, there have been almost 29,000 deadly terror attacks committed globally. And EVERY single one of these attacks were committed by Muslims diligently following the Quran. And how have our leaders responded?

  • First, they immediately deny the attacks had ANYTHING to do with Islam.
  • Second, they give vague condemnations for the acts and they falsely vow to protect the citizenry…but have no intention of ‘discovering’ the motivation of the perps.

But after a plethora of attacks, someone must be responsible…

Enter…the freedom-loving patriot…

  • Those trying to preserve their nation, culture and heritage…ALL built upon Judeo-Christian precepts. The ONLY foundation that has blessed millions upon millions of people for centuries.

Freedom-Loving Patriots: The supreme scapegoat for craven leaders who want to keep their necks and their careers, but are afraid of confronting violent masses of often inbred savages nurtured on the visceral hate of the Quran and Hadiths. Carefully beaten-down with white guilt for the evils of the world…the West is imploding by its own volition.

Western leaders have been demonizing their voter-base ever since Muhammed’s monsters made a resurgence. These reprobate rulers target those that are leading the charge to preserve the culture and protect the citizenry.

Prime examples include:

  • In the UK is Tommy Robinson…who was abused and persecuted by his government for telling the truth about Islam’s desire to take control of British society.
  • Also in the UK, a campaign of silence and avoidance on the part of authorities to an almost 2 decade old sexual assault on 1,400 non-Muslim girls by Muslim Grooming (raping) gangs. The cries of these innocent British children were ignored.
  • In the States, the constant persecution of/lies about author Pamela Geller for revealing the hatred and violence produced by devout followers of the Quran/Hadiths, especially concerning Islam’s assault on free speech.

Western leaders: As a consequence of your abominable cowardice and egotistical behavior, “ask not for who the bell tolls…it tolls for thee.” You may be feeding us to the crocodile for now…but eventually…he WILL eat you.

Shalom through strength…