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Elephants All Around Us

Much has been made in recent weeks of Hillary Clinton’s failing health despite her refusal to acknowledge it.

The evidence is clear, and plain as day. Everyone can see it. You don’t need a medical degree for that.

Clinton’s disorders appear to be neither minor nor temporary. They certainly don’t seem consistent with qualification for the nation’s highest office. After all, we need a president who is not only morally upstanding and intellectually capable, but also physically fit. After all, it’s a demanding job—both intellectually and physically. In a word, Clinton simply doesn’t have what it takes on either front.

And yet the story is, for the most part, met with . . . silence. Crickets. If-we-just-don’t-talk-about-it-it-will-go-away awkward pauses and then nervous verbal stumbles back to easier topics like the economy. And race relations. And Vladimir Putin. And ISIS.

You know you’re in trouble when a conversation about ISIS is the easier one to have.

A giant elephant has plopped down in the middle of the political room and set up house, and no one is talking. We are in trouble.

The American people, led by an ideological and left-leaning (who am I kidding—left-careening) media, are looking the other way while the greatest scam in American presidential history is unfolding.

A Scandal of Silence

Already, the scandal of silence has claimed its victims. As I covered in a recent post, when popular CNN host Dr. Drew Pinsky so much as expressed concern for Clinton and her health care, he was summarily fired and his show canceled.

Pinsky and I do disagree on one point: Pinsky sees Clinton’s medical care as outdated—or at least that’s what he said on-air. I see her care as manufactured—by political operatives who don’t know enough medicine to make the story believable to those of us who do. I believe that Clinton, assisted by the liberal progressive left and the powers that gave us Barack Obama, will do, or say, anything to get elected in November. This includes falsifying and lying about her medical history.

More victims from the medical community are promised. As I mentioned in a post yesterday, earlier this week, the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS)—one of few national physicians’ groups devoted to conservatism in medicine and the defense of the individual physician—sent a survey to its physician members asking, “Is it appropriate to raise questions about the health of candidates running for President of the United States?”

Do we really have to ask—much less answer—that question?

I, for one, choose to answer that question in the affirmative. I choose to tell you the truth, come what may. I choose to be faithful to my own moral code and Hippocratic Oath by telling you what I know as a trained physician looking on. I choose to do my civic and moral duty by warning you of the medical and political scandal playing out in this most fixed of presidential elections.

There’s Always a Reason

There is a reason why Clinton’s symptoms do not make sense to trained physicians like Pinsky and me. There is a reason why her symptoms do not match her claimed diagnoses. There is a reason why her medications, in turn, match neither her symptoms nor her diagnoses. There is a reason why to us looking on as physicians, Clinton’s medical care appears both outdated and nonsensical.

That reason is that they are lying. They are lying about it all.

Clinton’s medical history is being written not by physicians, but rather by campaign staffers. And handlers. And political operatives. And pundits. And a media that we now know is untruthful, unethical, ideological, biased, and painfully desperate for a Clinton presidency—which, of course, would be a third, if not a third and fourth, Obama term.

In fact, those who currently control American politics from the left would be perfectly happy to elect Clinton president even if she were brain-dead. Actually, she might hold even more appeal for them in that case. After all, she could hardly oppose their wishes, as the presidential string-pullers, if she were physically and cognitively incapacitated. All they would need to do is medicate her heavily and parade her out every now and then in highly controlled conditions so as to reassure the nation—falsely—that she is in control. Which she will not be.

Sort of like now, on the campaign trail. Clinton only appears infrequently and in tightly controlled environments. If she gets into trouble, say, by having an unfortunate coughing fit—which she does daily now, it seems—the cameras wobble momentarily and then suffer “technical difficulties” or pan away from Clinton and her spasms.

And no one in the media will talk about the physicDave - Movie Poster - Dave_posteral incapacity that interrupted the interview. They awkwardly pivot to political talking points and nervously await the next commercial break. They run from this pitiful display of an aging, corrupt, self-deluded woman trying too hard to run away from the ultimate human foes—age, physical debility, and incapacitation—that have the advantage and that will, it appears sooner rather than later, overtake even Clinton. Her current refusal to acknowledge what is happening is both ungraceful and unrealistic. In a word, it is cringeworthy.

Even the media cannot protect Clinton from that.

And this is while she is still running for the presidency. How bad will it be if she actually wins the Oval Office? What is to stop them from hiding her away in the White House if she wins?

Life Imitates Art

As I said in a previous post, this situation reminds me of the 1993 comedy starring Kevin Kline entitled Dave. In the movie, Kline plays a presidential impersonator who is persuaded by the real president’s team to double as the president in public. He is first asked to do so in a ruse designed to cover up the president’s extramarital affair. In the process, however, the president suffers a massive stroke, leaving Kline’s character, Dave, holding the bag—and occupying the Oval Office.

I know . . . it’s all a bit, well, eery given Clinton’s conditions. Talk about life imitating art.

Since the movie is a comedy, it turns out well—better than well, in fact, as Dave comes to the country’s rescue and brings integrity back to a White House that was, on the inside, a corrupt house of cards. Something tells me that Clinton’s story—and ours—would not end so well were she elected as an ailing president.

House of Cards Poster 01 - House-Of-Cards-US-vs-UK

House of Cards

Something tells me that our own house of cards distinctly resembles the one underlying the hit Netflix series by the same name starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, which is an adaptation of the British hit mini-series of the same name. Something tells me that in that instance, our house of cards would come tumbling down, just as Frank Underwood’s is on the small screen.

The Manchurian CMovie Poster - The Manchurian Candidate 01 - Frank Sinatra - 514GE8H825Landidate

Finally, yet another obvious literary and cinematic reference springs to mind: The Manchurian Candidate. While hopefully, Clinton is not a trained assassin, the analogy is a fair one. After all, who better to manipulate through the Oval Office than an individual who is not only unable to oppose you because you know secrets about them, but who is physically incapacitated as well?

It is the perfect plot for the perfect scam. And it is playing out on a presidential campaign trail near you.

The Final Diagnosis

Because few physicians both can and will tell you the truth about Clinton’s health, and because I am neither famous nor a celebrity with everything to lose, I will tell you what we all are thinking.

First, a necessary caveat: As I have said many times, I do not know Clinton personally. (Actually, I have no desire to know her.) I have never examined her.

Even so, I can tell you this: Clinton suffers from some combination of the following illnesses: severe cardiac disease, stroke disorder, seizure disorder, another progressive neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease), and/or early dementia.

None of those conditions is mild. None is temporary. All are progressive, often rapidly so. All are potentially life-ending. All are most certainly ability-limiting, sooner rather than later. We are already seeing that in Clinton’s performance on the presidential campaign trail.

None of these conditions is consistent with holding the highest office in the land. None is consistent with serving as the nation’s commander in chief.

As always in these posts, I feel compelled to say that Clinton’s health is certainly not the only thing making her unfit for the presidency. Certainly, we need someone healthy. Clinton is seriously ill. But we also need someone who is honest, trustworthy, and principled. Clinton is none of those things. We need a leader. Clinton is not that either. We need someone who is capable. Clinton is as incapable as they come.

In fact, given Clinton’s recent scandals and her many contortions to evade responsibility for her actions, Clinton has painted herself into that most inhospitable of corners: American voters must now choose whether to believe that Clinton is: (1) a corrupt, crooked liar, or (2) grossly incompetent. Those are the only two options. And either alone—much less both together—should disqualify her from the presidency.

Now we can add physical unfitness to that list.

We need a leading man, or woman. We need a hero. What we don’t need is an actor playing out someone else’s script.

This is no dress rehearsal, and the curtain is coming up.

How will you vote in November?

Those are my thoughts. Please let me know yours.



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Rhonda M. Moorman, M.D., J.D.

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